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51 comments to “Madonna & Macklemore Will Make Musical Magic Together At The Grammys?!”

  1. 1

    That's nice that Macklemore volunteered to help the crippled old hag up on the stage.

  2. The Perez Hater says – reply to this


    Can someone invent a walker with high heels for the arthritic old fossil?

  3. Boston Girl says – reply to this


    Why???? I actually like this song and now it's ruined. When will this old hag go away?

  4. 4

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  5. 5

    I love Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. If this is true, then their careers are pretty much over. Anyone who associates with this decrepit old Corpse is doomed. This irrelevant has-been is bad luck.

  6. @v@ says – reply to this


    Interesting combo.

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    Hillary@1 - Crippled hags just don't have the body of a sprinter. Try again.

  8. 8

    Re: Boston Girl – The Corpse's career has been dead since the mid 80s. She's just been clinging on to it desperately. Hence the embarrassing stunts. but, yeah, she's repulsive.

  9. 9

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  10. 10

    whats the deal? one woman (paula deen) has her career ruined for the stupid n word and another woman (who actually has black children) call her white child the n word and she performs on the grammys.

    I guess it just depends on who you are. hypocrites much?

  11. 11

    Madonna always makes magic.

  12. 12

    Re: divinah – Dead since the mid 80s? What crack pipe are you smoking? Lets see what albums came after the mid 80s for Madonna….True Blue, Like a Prayer, Her song Vogue, Ray of Light, Music, Confessions on a Dancefloor not to mention 8 world wide sold out world tours. Madonna was the highest paid celeb in 2013. Ummm so yeah. Learn the facts before you pull shit out of your ass. You bitches are just jealous because Madonna has been ruling the world for over 30s and your favorites could never. Guinness Book of World Records certified Best Selling Female Recording Artist of ALL Time. SUCK IT HATERS!

  13. 13

    Re: JBG1998 – Crackpipe you say? I'm NOT the one doing immature things on Instagram.
    Nobody cares about your forgotten statistics from THE ANCIENT PAST. They've all been surpassed by Rihanna.
    I understand that in the Third World (where you are), has-beens like The Corpse are still considered cool. Here in America, she's just a laughing stock and butt of jokes

  14. nelson says – reply to this


    Re: divinah – who was the one makeing the most of them all??? thank you. Jz and beyonce together made 90 mil. Madonna herself 120mil….. ouch///

  15. *** says – reply to this


    Re: JBG1998 – She still sucks!

  16. JC says – reply to this


    Re: nelson – What are you "ouching" about? Like you'll ever see $90 million dollars.

  17. Rebel says – reply to this


    Hmm..I seem to remember the last time she performed at the Grammys, it was with the Gorillaz, and it was kind of awkward, and frankly, quite booger. It will be interesting to see how she performs this time.

  18. 18

    Re: *** – And she is still the Queen no matter how much shade you throw. Piss off hater.

  19. 19

    Re: divinah – Madonna has been surpassed by Rihanna? LMFAO!!!! Now THAT is a good one. Madonna has more top 10s in the US than any artist in history with 38. Rihanna was sold over 200 million albums like Madonna? Nope. Rihanna hasn't. Rihanna is the biggest female touring act of all time? Nope. Madonna has that one as well. Rihanna took Madonna's place in the Guinness Book of World Records at the most successful and biggest selling female recording artist of all time? Errrr. Nope she hasn't. And she never will. Again. Stay pressed hater because your favorite which seems to be Rihanna WILL NEVER! Like Rihanna will ever be seen as a legend like Madonna. LMAO! Now THATS a good one.

  20. 20

    Re: divinah – And I live in America and don't even have an instagram you dumb ass.

  21. 21

    Rihanna wishes she had a career that looked like this…

  22. mauroc says – reply to this


    Re: The Perez Hater – So envy ..just still cryiong for your loser motha monstah…hahahaah …queen pop rules bitches

  23. maurco says – reply to this


    Re: divinah – hahaha..litle monster more hate not gonna help your mother monsta floppy career…Madonna is the queen..remember the superbowl…hahahahaha lady who?

  24. 24

    ARTPOP is a FLOP! Even MDNA has sold more than it worldwide. And MDNA had NO promo and wasn't released during the holiday season unlike ARTFLOP. Poor Gaga. Only 5 years into her career and cant even outsell a woman that's been at it for over 30. Madonna = One and ONLY Queen!

  25. *** says – reply to this


    Re: JBG1998 – She's the Queen? How gay of you! Queen of what? Suckage? The only thing I care that my "faves" do is that they make good music. Numbers don't impress me, and I don't go around calling artists "Queens," but then again, I don't consider Madonna an artist. Piss off? How about I just keeping on you, because that's how much your opinion is worth to me.

  26. 26

    Re: JBG1998 – America my ass. You cant even comprehend what I said in simple English. Dumb Third-Worlder

  27. 27

    Re: *** – The fans of the Corpse are people from the Third World who believe that their decrepit, rotting mummy of an idol is still cool. They still live in the early 1980s . . . and probably still uses Walkmans and cassette tapes, which they swear are the LATEST marvels in technology. Just read how out-of-this world comments. Poor things

  28. Tucko says – reply to this


    She's Monster .

  29. Raider Nation says – reply to this


    Why adopt in Africa ,if she feels that way about African people
    i don't get it .

  30. 30

    LOL at all the continuous ageist comments. Madonna loves pushing your buttons and this proves she still does! FYI - there is no difference in being ageist than there is being racist, homophobic or any other type of prejudice. So when you make a comment slagging off Madonna simply because of her age, your no different than someone slagging off another because of the color of their skin.

  31. Dex says – reply to this


    Re: anewlow – Is the "new low" to which your name refers your IQ? Seriously..you're comparing the comments on a gossip board about Madonna's age (who, btw, is a bigger ageist than the ones of which you're complaining) to racism and homophobia? When has Madonna ever suffered any discrimination or setback because of her age? Come at us when she endures some real suffering because of how old she is, and I'm not talking about breaking her foot. What a tool!

  32. Dex says – reply to this


    Re: anewlow – PS. Before you reply that radio stations aren't playing her music because of her age: radio stations aren't playing her music anymore because her music it just hasn't been that good. Peace!

  33. X says – reply to this


    Re: JBG1998 – Of course MDNA has outsold ARTPOP. It's been out longer. Duh! But why is Gaga even mentioned? She has nothing to do with the story.

  34. The Perez Hater says – reply to this


    Re: X – Dimwitted fans of stinky old bag Mad Donna cannot comprehend that there exist people who don't like their rancid old Queen (of nothing). They assume that such dislike can only be engendered by worshipping some other (false) Queen e.g. Lady Gargoyle.

  35. X says – reply to this


    Re: The Perez Hater – Exactly. It's their version of sports. Since they could never play and can't comprehend actual competition, they have to make everything about Madonna a competition.

  36. matthew John says – reply to this


    Followers of this site are dumb. same profiles repeatedly bash everyone. Did u know along time ago we were living for hundreds of years before we became consumers and lived like cattle. why on earth would you respect someone young and dumb at 20 years old rather than someone who's older wiser and more talented. She's the most interesting person in showbiz, not only that her her voice has responsibility! it always has. her words never go down to the discussing level of some of today. Just proves this world is in a bad way when dead zombies make stupid dumb ass comments of bitterness and hate. u all just sound depressed and unsatisfied in your own lives. madonna is a great inspiration and if u followed her music and actually listened to her world you'd see she teaches love, forgiveness and teaches you how to be happy within. You lot follow ur bimbos of today teaching nothing but to loose respect for yourself.

  37. fafa says – reply to this


    Re: JBG1998 – already done ! madonnass never had a world tour sold out, in france only 3 tina turner, prince, rihanna , south africa, only rihanna made it 13 number one hit in america for rihanna, the biggest igital seller of history, the first icon award, rihanna 150 000 people in mawazine ! morocco), ………………………what are you talking about, rihanna broke every records and that is a fact, that's why she receyved that icon but true madonass is old !!! she doesn't want to retired !

  38. face it .. says – reply to this


    who gives fuck about 90 million dollars if your getting sued for 600 million !

  39. karim says – reply to this


    ,it doesn't look right for her daughter is bad example ,she still acts like teenager

  40. Yo Boy says – reply to this


    Re: Dex – Lol

  41. mlington says – reply to this



  42. TIMS says – reply to this


    Re: matthew John – Oh, please! If Madonna preaches this love & compassion that you proclaim, it's certainly lost on her fans. They're one of the most hateful and mean-spirited fanbases out there, much more so than the people leaving nasty comments you're condemning on here. Sad part is, some of them are old enough to know better, yet the ancient ones are the worst ones. Calling people dumb doesn't make you sound smart (and someone really needs to hand you a grammar book), and FYI, Madonna is the one who inspired all these female artists that you're calling bimbos. You might want re-read your own comment before you hash advice, Ms. Thing. I may sound like an asshole, but I'll own up to it.

  43. MizzBooBoo says – reply to this


    Re: fafa – lmao rihanna aint no icon, she got an icon award from the amas which those awards are not highly respected. Rihanna is the best selling artist in digital history because digital music has only been available for the past 5 years. Others will surpass her the older it gets. One year it was JB then it was Gaga now its rihanna and soon it will be someone else. 13 #1 SINGLES that other ppl made before her. she just STEALS the credits. only 1 out of 7 #1 albums.. how shitty. oh and her tour didnt sell out ! lmao especially not in france, lying sack of shit. Rihanna sucks ass. shes only famous cuz ppl feel bad that she got her ass kicked by her boyfriend

  44. Moral Obligation says – reply to this


    Re: mlington – IM NOT WATCHING !

  45. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: divinah – Your Madonna comments indicate a shallow view for an artist with a decades long and successful body of work. She has a massive fan base built up by years of hard work, and these are people that don't bandwagon jump to the latest trends just because they're the latest hyped thing. They sell out her shows. You have a right to your very ageist opinion, but you might consider incorporating something you sorely lack into your glue factory value system…Respect, for someone who has worked her art and ass off for decades and has racked up the numbers to show for it. As a some time musician, she didn't always produce my buying kind of music, but as a witness to the enormity of her well executed and dedicated career, I tip my hat to her. Anyone with a functional brain would.

  46. Joe the plumber says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – HA! I agree lol

  47. 47

    Re: nelson – She is "joke" to complete jokes like you. Everything she does forces you complete morons to fly off the handle and attack her. Madonna has been playing you apes incredibly well for the last 30 years. Every time you go off the handle about her it forces others like you who aren't completely bat-shit insane to question themselves and evolve…that's if they're not a total goner like you. Keep living in your delusions.

  48. 48

    Sorry that was obviously meant for divi-whatever above Nelson.

  49. JC says – reply to this


    Re: FauxNews – Sorry, dear, but the only JOKE last night at the Grammys WAS Madonna. You're either not too evolved yourself or just completely up her ass (I'm guessing both) to realize that.

  50. sorry Pal . says – reply to this


    Re: JC
    She looked terrible the meat in her face is just falling ,didn't she just had some wok done ??what happen to her

  51. 51

    next time instead of getting more plastic in her face she needs to fix her gap tooth