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Katy Perry & Juicy J Are Fiery Satanists As They Perform Dark Horse At The 2014 Grammys! Watch HERE!!

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Katy Perry absolutely KILLED it while performing Dark Horse with Juicy J at the Grammys!!

Dark Horse is our FAVE!!!!

Gurlfriend was on FIRE…literally!!

Though, we hope KP's parents weren't too mad at that Satan-themed performance!

Ch-ch-check out the performance (above)!!!

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18 comments to “Katy Perry & Juicy J Are Fiery Satanists As They Perform Dark Horse At The 2014 Grammys! Watch HERE!!”

  1. MizzBooBoo says – reply to this


    WannaBe Lady Gaga..

  2. AmandA says – reply to this


    Very glad to see you called her out for what she has become. She is a satanist. Sad to see that this is what she thinks she has to do for success.

  3. Donovan says – reply to this


    hey perez its witch? wicca not satanist

  4. @v@ says – reply to this


    Great song. Well done. Visually stunning.
    Doesn't remind me of Gaga at all. Besides, Katy's broken charting records far beyond
    what Gaga has done. It would actually be the other way around if anything.

  5. NickStC says – reply to this


    you guys are idiots. She likes American Horror Story Coven.

  6. Tezza says – reply to this


    not satanic at all, and def NOT lady GaGa, Katy is her own, she doesnt need to be anyone else with her talent.

  7. Maddy says – reply to this


    Was it just me or did her stomach look a little bigger than usual? Maybe its just the normal belly or maybe she's pregnant……

  8. NE1 says – reply to this


    best performance of the night.. she deserves a grammy by now.

  9. 9

    Thanks to the costumers, dancers, the makers of the stage props (including the cool horse), the pyro-experts, and Juicy J- all who work so hard to distract our attention from the fact that Katy Perry's talent isn't that great.

    Also, if Katy is so concerned about the violence in our world, she probably shouldn't sign off on lyrics like "eats your heart out like Jeffrey Dahmer."

  10. EJ says – reply to this


    It's you

  11. witchy says – reply to this


    her performance was a snoozefest like the others in the first half. and she will never win a grammy. mark that down.

  12. Kansas says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton knows nothing about so-called Satanists.
    And Katy Perry knows nothing about witchcraft.

    If Katy knew how disrespectful she was being to ACTUAL witches in this song/video/performance, etc, and also to WOMEN, I'd like to think she'd get as far away from the industry propelling her to do these actions as fast as she could. But she's dense, so probably she wouldn't.

    In WICCA (real witches, although not all witches follow Wicca to the letter) there is NO DEVIL, no SATAN.
    And Satanists tend to know jack about what they're actually doing. Most "satanists" are ignorant clods who feel that they're supporting the devil instead of god, and tend to be uneducated sociopaths who are using the symbol to piss people off.
    An upside down pentagram does NOT represent the devil. It represents the Horned God in witchcraft; reversed to symbolize the duality inherent in nature… light/dark, good/evil, etc.
    Christianity - in its attempts to remove women's power from religion, took the symbol of the pentacle, standing for the elements Fire, Earth, Water, Air and the 5th, Spirit, and turned it into a "negative" symbol for their own ends.
    Christian leaders decreed it meant the devil, in an attempt to put fear into the people, and gain control of them.
    Witchcraft is NOT to be related to Satanism. Never was, never will be.

  13. Kansas says – reply to this


    And the fact Katy is letting the industry further brainwash the masses into believing women are "dark horses," "bad witches," or "satanists" shows that she has been brainwashed but good. She is a pawn in yet another twisted demean women/further Christianity agenda.

  14. 14

    I'm sorry, but what the hell about this was Satanic?? This was WAAAY freakin better than Beyonce and Jayz.

  15. BusyBeatLab says – reply to this


    Belief in anything other than GOD is a mental illness-Cure Yourself Today!
    5 minute mental illness therapy

  16. joe mama says – reply to this


    Ooooooh spooky trees and witches with brooms! If that's the devil, better not watch any Scooby Doo episode, ever.

  17. ohfly says – reply to this


    Re: Kansas – You are so right , witchcraft and satanism are not to be related. People just came with the conclusion that her performance was satanic or whatever because of all the darkness , red cross , the brooms and other stuffs. More then half of the people say it was a satanic performance because of all the "symbols" , but i bet that that half doesn't even really know what satanism is all about and just believe that what people say in movies,bogs,ect is believed to be satanic because well all have this image that everything we see that's different or dark or looks evil to us is satanism .

  18. Wake Up says – reply to this


    She is carrying out the Illuminati agenda by further putting out Satanism in the "Sheep" faces, Meanwhile the "Sheep" remain asleep and cheer on this "art" … the 1% is very real and they laugh at the masses for not even realizing they are living a lie