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6 comments to “State Of The Union Star Reactions! See What Celebs Are Saying About President Obama’s Big Night!”

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    that was the lamest SOTU ever. the speechwriter for GWB was on Fox and thought it was interesting that after years of dissing GWB he plagiarized GWB 2007 speech in parts word for word.

  2. dewudare says – reply to this


    Can anyone say plagiarism. I love it when the president states that millions of Americans have quality health care insurance now because of healthcare reform. I work in the health care field. Now we have millions of Americans who are being subsidized by the government and given insurance. But, they have high deductible plans and are coming in to doctors offices around the country and stating that they can't pay their deductibles. I was told today by a patient, "Why do you think I get Obama care for $4 a month? If I had money to pay my doctors then I wouldn't be getting free insurance. No one told me that I was going to have to pay to come to the doctor." I wish that Obama would explain to these millions of Americans what the term deductible means. Not sure about you, but it is easy to play on people's emotions and parade these sad people and stories in front of America. But that is not helping America or the American people. In fact it is sad to see that President Obama is painting a picture and trying to deceive the American people and play on sympathies so that the real issues never come out!

  3. 3

    Oi the two brain dead women whining about women making less is false. The gender wage gap may be true, but they aren't making less because of discrimination because they're women. Those studies always universally fail to factor in any other variable except looking at men, looking at women and going "men make more"

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    Did not watch.
    I have a very good Medicare supploement plan that does not cost me a penny, it is an HMO but they have a very good directory of doctors and will also drive you to and from the Dr. office. They are subsidized by Medicare.

  5. sheen says – reply to this


    Re: dewudare
    Stop demanding free things

  6. 6

    Obamy is so desperate to lift sagging approval ratings he would say anything to get his base excited but come on America. Tine to wake up and recognized this failed administration for what it has done for America. His base likes him I know but if he were white with such a terrible record as president people would be crying impeachment. I wanted Hillary to be the democratic nominee last time. I hated the way the democratic party threw Bill & Hill under the bus. We have talk show fatty Oprah Winfrey to thank for using her power on the talk show to get people to voted for the handsome, young well spoken black senator. The sad part is that he was NEVER presidential material. He does not have the right stuff to be commander & chief and skin color should never play a role in electing a president. ne can ONLY hope America has learned that with num nutz Obama.