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American Horror Story Reigned Supreme This Season: 15 Lessons Learned From The Coven In GIFs!

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We know you've been slightly obsessed with the bitchin' witchin' goodness that was American Horror Story this season!

As soon as Ryan Murphy announced the third installment was going to deal with witches, we all squealed with spellbound delight!

Many lessons were learned while Fiona was seeking endless youth, Cordelia was feeling sorry for herself, and all the girls were hoaning their exceptional powers.

We've collected a few of the show's take-away points, so you can catalogue them into your spell book!

Surprise b*itch, we're about to be ON POINT!

1. Blood masks can be used to maintain youth (we’re looking at you Kim Kardashian) but materials should never be obtained by harming animals or people. cc: Madame LaLaurie


2. We get that Marie Laveau sold Papa Legba her soul to be flawless for all eternity, but how does the actress Angela Bassett do it?!

lluminati? Foreskin cream? TELL US YOUR BEAUTY SECRETS.


3. Patti Lupone is seriously scary as an over-bearing religious mother who gives bleach enemas to cleanse the soul! We didn't realize how satisfyingly terrifying it was until she drank it—but what a way to go! Kids- do NOT try this at home!

tumblr mz799ooxbm1rrl0mgo1 500 tumblr mz799ooxbm1rrl0mgo2 500

4. Hell isn't actually fiery and grim! Once the man upstairs decides to put you there, it's you're own personal terror, realized—like a crusty chicken shack or a farm house with an axe murder!


5. Witches can bring a lot of people back from the dead. Literally. Almost every main character died and returned to the show.

tumblr mwqoh2stlg1rztsifo1 500

6. Their hat styling is exceptional…

tumblr n00pnznazh1s1uh8wo1 500

7. But your one true fashion icon should always be Myrtle Snow! #WrapDressForever

myrtle snow

8. Apparently, girls that kill boys with their vajayjays can have sex with Frankenstein'd men on the reg without causing any bodily harm! Happy thrusting!

tumblr mutn8rruig1rxifz8o1 250 tumblr n04vo6aly31tol76co1 500

9. Never use gardening sheers to remove your own eyes. Not too sharp-minded, Cordelia!

tumblr mzj78ojwhz1rrl0mgo1 500

10. Or a melon baller for that matter…Ha!

melon baller

11. Emma Roberts NEEDS to play Regina George's little sister in a Mean Girls reboot.

tumblr n077px68ty1s9mg7jo1 r2 500

12. Fiona has no heart, but you still somehow love her bitter bad-assery. She's the most terrible, likable person..EVER!

fiona tumblr n07cyeakqp1s763p8o2 400

13. Spaulding could be the most creepily doll-loving misunderstood characters of all time…But he provided the most comic relief as a HIGHlariously mysterious ghost!

tumblr mzh8os6ktg1qk08n1o1 500

14. Mortals complain about the SATs, but The Seven Wonders seemed like a total b*tch!

tumblr mzv4d9yhzn1t0q7zlo1 250 bitch

15. And the only thing that really mattered this season was Stevie Nicks!

tumblr mz7o72fxjm1s4jr0no1 400 tumblr mz4cr2u0z71s9l6yxo1 400

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4 comments to “American Horror Story Reigned Supreme This Season: 15 Lessons Learned From The Coven In GIFs!”

  1. fancypants66 says – reply to this


    I am a HUGE fan of this show. Loved the first season, and the second season was so good and scary, I had to have someone else in the room to watch it with me! Absolutely one of the best shows on tv. However, I was VERY disappointed in the third season. It had it's moments, but it was not even close to the first or second season. I only hope that the fourth season has better writing. Love Jessica Lange - she is so good.

  2. 2

    Re: fancypants66 – Absolutely agree with you and the ending SUCKED! I couldn't believe it!

  3. Daniel says – reply to this


    if you wanna watch American horror story episodes directly to your mobile phones FREE go to nymeriaTV.com try it you wont regret it.

  4. Brooksie says – reply to this


    I felt the ending was a little campy but I loved this season. This show is so good! And you never know who's going to show up!