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American Horror Story: Coven FINALLY Unveils It's New Supreme! Get The Wonderifically Witchy Deets On The Biggest Reveal Of The Season HERE!

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Surprise b*tch, Ryan Murphy FINALLY chose a Supreme!

Okay…before that happened, death, destruction and Stevie Nicks singing The Seven Wonders occurred—which was pretty kick ass!

Miss Robichaux's Academy was transformed into an epic testing ground for the four remaining witches—Misty (Lily Rabe), Zoe (Taissa Farmiga), Madison (Emma Roberts) and Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe).

So the games begun, and on a pretty level playing field!

But then, swamp goddess Misty couldn't bring herself back from hell, forcing the girls to move on to the next test—where the remaining three took a stab (literally) at a game of teleportation tag.

This test left Zoe accidentally empaled on a fence post, which we really couldn't feel that bad about considering Myrtle Snow warned her about acting like a child!

Since Zoe didn't technically die while performing one of the Seven Wonders, Cordelia ordered Queenie to bring the fallen witch back using her powers, to which she couldn't!

After demanding Madison prove herself in that same way, she revived a dead fly instead of her sister witch and vowed that she was the new Supreme!



Myrtle (before insisting to be burned at the stake) realized that Cordelia had royal blood in her this entire time because of her mother Fiona!

Delia whizzed through the tests, Kyle strangled Madison to death, Zoe was brought back to life, and the new Supreme was crowned!

The end of the episode was sweet and meaningful as Fiona (who we totes thought was Axeman dead) came back to pass away in her daughter's arms—giving complete power of the coven to Supreme Cordelia!

We thought the witchy madness was wrapped up nicely, as witches all over the world were now seen as cool and not a total threat to society!

Happy ending for a change, no?!

What did U think of the ending to American Horror Story: Coven?!

Did it live up to all of your witchin' fantasies???

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10 comments to “American Horror Story: Coven FINALLY Unveils It's New Supreme! Get The Wonderifically Witchy Deets On The Biggest Reveal Of The Season HERE!”

  1. Fuck Ryan Murphy says – reply to this


    Yeah - we could not tell Cordelia was the supreme from episode one - Ryan Murphy sucks ass at story telling -it was like a hyperactive 14 year old was handed over the reigns to this show. It was one of the worst seasons ever put on TV. The only reason to watch was Kathy Bates LIES and Gabby Sidibe hilariously struggling to act (and breathe)

  2. Wewho[[R]]]NOTASOTHERS says – reply to this



  3. SURPRISE BITCH says – reply to this


    if there is blood running down guy leg ,
    and she's screaming for more ,trust me IS SUPREME KODAK MOMENT STATUS ,

  4. 4

    LOVE American Horror Story, but this season Coven was a complete let down. I give it a 4/10. With the amazing actors they have and cool characters they developed this season they could have done SOO much more. The finale especially was a boring watered down version of anything amazing that it could have been. Season One and Two were so great but this one was a flop due to the story line. I think they lost focus on what the story was this season, which is pretty sad because its only one season long. At very least as a final twist, Fiona should have killed her daughter and walked down the staircase youthful and beautiful again and said Cordellia's line "Open up the doors girls" to the shock of the two remaining girls. Over all a let down of how amazing this season could have been.

  5. #1 IN HER LIFE 4EVA says – reply to this


    i feel 17 again !

  6. LJS says – reply to this


    It just made the 13 weeks I invested in this show seem like a waste of time. The show started off promising, but then peaked for me mid-season. Too many unnecessary subplots, minor characters that were never really explained, and flashbacks that never really connected to the main story, and plot holes big enough to fly a 747 through. The characters became so unlikeable, at one point I didn't care who became the supreme. Just like Glee, which was awesome the first season, but fell flat after that, Ryan Murphy's shows have a tendency to go to great lengths to introduce a character or storyline, only to forget all about it for the rest of the season, while major plot twists are introduced rather hastily and sloppily.

  7. 7

    Ryan Murphy cant write a decent finale. it was so lackluster. the seven wonders were boring and pretty uneventful. the whole season was a mess, too many things going on and no decent finish. the season lost focus.

  8. what a let down says – reply to this


    Such a great cast. Such a promising beginning. But alas it was not to be. The finale was booorrring!!! But I have to admit that I am looking for the dress Cordelia wore in the last scene.

  9. 9

    I liked how Kyle became the NEW houseman in the end…

  10. Mydoona says – reply to this


    waste of time in the storyline….next-door neighbours ,axeman, mute butler, could have fleshed out the main characters more without these interruptions.