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EXCLUSIVE! Scarlett Johansson Was NOT Unfairly Photoshopped In Her Captain America Poster! See The Pics For Yourself HERE!

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scarlett johansson captain america

If there's anyone whose body doesn't need to be photoshopped, it's Scarlett Johansson!

But it seems not even superheroes are immune to body image distortion.

ScarJo's new Captain America: The Winter Soldier poster has fans up in arms, and rightfully so.

You don't have to look for distorted mirrors to find photoshop here. You just have to know that the human body houses a certain number of internal organs, and that they take up at least SOME space.

But this Black Widow hourglass figure ain't got time for that!

Maybe the idea was to make it look more like the exaggerated poses and bodies of comic book art, but why?? The reason comic book art tends to exaggerate the human form is to pop visually so they look less static.

But real people don't have to be stretched and squeezed like that! Especially not ones that look like Scarlett Johansson!

We love how badass she is, but please! Give the gurl her body back!

CLICK HERE to see the far less body conscious posters of ScarJo's co-stars Chris Evans and Samuel L. Jackson.

EXCLUSIVE UPDATE!!!: Inside sources tell us ScarJo's waist was NOT at all altered for the Winter Soldier poster.

The sources did reveal, however, that the film's producers are constantly trying to digitally enhance her breasts to make them bigger… even though her team would prefer that they didn't.

[Image via Marvel.]

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12 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! Scarlett Johansson Was NOT Unfairly Photoshopped In Her Captain America Poster! See The Pics For Yourself HERE!”

  1. fid says – reply to this


    Doesn't look like photoshop, looks like they've animated her body and even her face a little.

  2. Nate says – reply to this


    This airbrush shit needs to stop. Unless it's intentional, some new form of viral marketing?

  3. jj says – reply to this


    Funny how no one raises a stink about -male- models being photoshopped all the time.

  4. sky76 says – reply to this


    She is choosing every day to minimize her insecure "pretty" self to a mere thing random men fap to and so she succeeded. This is just a natural consequence of the life she is choosing. It's pathetic, if you ask me..but then again, we all create our own destiny..My heart goes to young girls of this era…

  5. B says – reply to this


    What's the big deal here? They gave her a smaller waist and longer hair. Is that such a crime? I really don't have anything against photoshopping.

  6. Ashley says – reply to this


    Such unrealistic expectations… She is already gorgeous so they need to calm their tits

  7. bigfoot says – reply to this


    Bigger breasts…. are rotten… imagine her at 50 60 70 80 years of age and then think about if you'd still like big breasts… Example Carrie Fisher…

  8. Vitrm says – reply to this


    Re: Ashley

    Her face is larger than her waist, and looks like she has lost her ribs. Yes, it is almost a crime to make a wonderful woman like her look like a deformed barbie doll.

  9. kara says – reply to this


    I cant see one thing NOT being Photoshopped here lmao.. she grew 3 feet as well? She's a troll, she's not that tall. They should have Photoshopped her IQ, I hear she's pretty d u m b…

  10. TC says – reply to this


    It's significantly skinnier and smaller in the retouched pic.

    LOOK AT THE DISTANCE BETWEEN THE SEAMS OF THE JACKET! Either it's a different jacket or they completely rebuilt the seaming in PhotoShop because it was altered too much to leave the original seams there.

    They are straight-up lying about her waist not being reduced at all—maybe they were trying to not say we removed half of her hip bones by saying the waist was untouched. I think they were just trying to cover their butts. I'd love to see a contact sheet from the shoot to back up their claims.

    I do this stuff for a living and saw a pic of her on the red carpet in front of that pic and immediately thought it was ridiculously photoshopped. ScarJo is so lovely and she has an impossibly tiny waist already—no need to go so extreme in the post production.

  11. whywhywhy says – reply to this


    She doesn't need retouching. It's obvious that they inflated her breasts and hips in the poster. She looks like a comic book character and I don't mean that in a good way.

  12. Will says – reply to this


    I hear they totally photoshopped Mark Ruffalo's muscles in the Avengers movie too! And made him green for some reason. Theyre promoting completely impossible male body standards