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Amanda Knox Story Explained Through Hayden Panettiere's Portrayal In Lifetime Biopic — AND GIFS!

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wild ride

This whole Amanda Knox ordeal is turning into a WILD ride!

She's found guilty, her ex-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, is caught fleeing Italy after the verdict, and Amanda has spoken out about how scared she is!

However, the whole situation from waaaay back in 2007 has confused many people.

Well, lucky for you, Perezicious readers, there was a Lifetime Original Movie starring Hayden Panettiere made about Amanda's whole ordeal, titled Amanda Knox Murder On Trial In Italy.

Which was pretty much based on the book Angel Face: Sex, Murder and the Inside Story of Amanda Knox, a book written & published before Amanda was found to be innocent.


So, in order to help you anyone who may be confused about her whole story, we've explained the whole timeline of events with GIFs from the AH-MAZE (lolz) movie.

If you're confused, ch-ch-check out the whole story…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

September 2007 - The girls met each other & were roommates! Yay!

yay roommates

October - The girls enjoy everything Italy has to offer!

italy nothing forbidden

November 7th - Meredith Kercher's body is found lying in a pool of her own blood stabbed 40 times!

dead body

November 22nd - Amanda writes a note and doubts her "confession" due to exhaustion & shock and says the Italian police hit her on the head! Which is also, apparently, why she did cartwheels in the police station.



December - Rudy Guede is tracked down in Germany, vaginal DNA confirms he was at the scene of the crime. He is arrested.

arrest of guede

July 11th 2008 - Italian Prosecutors formally charge Amanda, Raffaele, & Rudy Guede with murder.


September 6th - October 28 - Rudy Guede asks for his own trial and is found guilty. He gets 30 years in prison.

i cant believe this is actually happening

January 16th 2009 - The trial begins & Amanda is accused of prancing in like a beauty queen.

entering court room(1)

June 12th - Amanda testifies and maintains her innocence!

not true

angel face

December 4th - Amanda & Raffaele are found guilty on all counts. Amanda gets 26 years & Raffaele gets 25.


November 24th 2010 - The appeals process begins, Amanda has been in prison this whole time.

locked up

December 11th - Amanda breaks down in tears while maintaining her innocence during the appeals process.

i didnt do anything

June 22nd 2011- The forensic scientists decide to re-examine the evidence.


May 21st - The appeals trial begins.

hate me

June 29th - July 25th - After re-examining evidence during this time, the scientists say finally state that the DNA evidence is unsound/inadmissible.

horrible mistake

October 3rd - Amanda & Raffaele's 2009 sentence is overturned. They are innocent. Amanda returns home to Seattle.

i love seattle

March 26th 2013 - Italian judges decide that, surprise, the overturned sentence is wrong and Amanda & Raffaele are to be tried again for the same charges.

insane system

cant believe it

September 30th - Retrial begins with both Amanda & Rafaele absent!

happy smiling during trial

Dec 17 - Amanda sends an email to the trial maintaining her innocence once again.

writing in journal


January 30th 2013 - A verdict is reached and Amanda & Raffaele are found guilty again!


Future: The guilty (again) verdict is to be tried at the court of Cassation.


Should they find Amanda & Raffaele guilty, Italy will, apparently fight for the US to release Amanda back to them.

you cant be serious

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13 comments to “Amanda Knox Story Explained Through Hayden Panettiere's Portrayal In Lifetime Biopic — AND GIFS!”

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  2. Maria D. says – reply to this


    Wow.. I can't believe you're actually making fun of this situation.

    This is low, VERY low.

  3. Chari says – reply to this


    Who's idea was it for this post? What if it were you family member that was murdered or relative on trial? Would you think this post was appropriate? A murder trial in GIF's ..this is a shameful post.

  4. Hipsta Please says – reply to this


    disgusting. the girl was murdered, her murderer is free, happy and rich with all this money from the book and the movie… SEND THIS MONSTER TO ITALY ASAP IDIOTS!!!

  5. R. says – reply to this


    not funny…

  6. PEREZISAFOOL says – reply to this


    Everybody saying she's innocent she wasn't found innocent of all charge. Her verdict was just over turned like court do so based on sloppy evidence collection. What kind of person whose supposedly not guilty kisses her boyfriend in front of the house where her roommate and supposedly best friend is lying there dead in a pool of blood

  7. mel says – reply to this


    she is innocent. No physical evidence found. none.

  8. 8

    Maybe she did it? We really don't know for sure? She should go into hiding, change her looks and get a new name etc…… At some point she is headed back to Italy and prison farm for woman.

  9. mangymutt says – reply to this


    I have read a lot about the evidence they had against amanda knox. If you throw out the DNA evidence as being to small a sample ( it came up positive for dna traces of meredith and amanda but was so small a sample it couldn't be retested) there's still a ton of evidence against her. Her timelines and alibis are all lies. She conveniently uses the, " I was high and can't remember what I did last night" excuse. She is guilty. I don't believe she murdered her roommate, but rather was present with Guede when he did murder her. She and her boyfriend brought Guede to the apt. that night to party with drugs, guede decides to mess with the roommate who wants nothing to do with him, he gets mad and kills her. The whole time amanda and her boyfriend are in the house. They decide to cover up the murder and make it look like a break in and make up alibis of what they were doing that night. They just didn't realize there was evidence to show their alibis are lies.

  10. 10

    I read Amanda Knox's book their were only two red flags that came up for me when I read it . One was after the murder she was so shook up she took her head and slammed it on her hand several times,she said she's done this before when something went screwy in her life. Ive worked with a lot of nutjobs that slam their heads on cement walls when they don't get their way! So she could be a borderline sociopath but I dought it.And she admitted that she dosent believe in God although while she was in prison there was a priest that she talked to every day that gave her comfort and faith in her predicament. I would like to read the prosecoution evidence against her and Raffelle . what Ive read hasent been shit the knife that had raffelle's dna and Merridth's dna was like a speck and the wounds didn't match the size of the knife there was mainly potatoe on the knife.Amand's dna was no where near that room where she was killed, but the procequeter giliamini saidshe was outside the room giving direction which can only be based on theory if your not there!

  11. 11

    I've never been able to make up my mind about her guilt or innocence.

  12. 12

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  13. Kristin says – reply to this



    No one ever said that they were best friends. They had only known each other for 2 months!