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Dylan Farrow Pens A Tragic Open Letter About Woody Allen! Read Her Words HERE!

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Dylan Farrow writes an open letter about Woody Allen's sexual abuse

Maybe this will get Hollywood to listen…

It’s been a topic that has been danced around for decades, but Dylan Farrow wants everyone to know exactly what Woody Allen did to her all those years ago.

The open letter, printed in the The New York Times, is very heartfelt, matter-of-fact, and to the point. In fact, it starts out like this:

“What’s your favorite Woody Allen movie? Before you answer, you should know: when I was seven years old, Woody Allen took me by the hand and led me into a dim, closet-like attic on the second floor of our house. He told me to lay on my stomach and play with my brother’s electric train set. Then he sexually assaulted me. He talked to me while he did it, whispering that I was a good girl, that this was our secret, promising that we’d go to Paris and I’d be a star in his movies. I remember staring at that toy train, focusing on it as it traveled in its circle around the attic. To this day, I find it difficult to look at toy trains.”

Wow. Srsly heavy stuff. And it only got harder to read when Dylan talked about how she felt after she told her mom, Mia Farrow:

“When I asked my mother if her dad did to her what Woody Allen did to me, I honestly did not know the answer. I also didn’t know the firestorm it would trigger. I didn’t know that my father would use his sexual relationship with my sister to cover up the abuse he inflicted on me. I didn’t know that he would accuse my mother of planting the abuse in my head and call her a liar for defending me. I didn’t know that I would be made to recount my story over and over again, to doctor after doctor, pushed to see if I’d admit I was lying as part of a legal battle I couldn’t possibly understand. At one point, my mother sat me down and told me that I wouldn’t be in trouble if I was lying – that I could take it all back. I couldn’t. It was all true. But sexual abuse claims against the powerful stall more easily. There were experts willing to attack my credibility. There were doctors willing to gaslight an abused child.”

This is so horrible! We can’t imagine going through anything this traumatic!

Then things got even more intense when Dylan names Woody’s most loyal members of the glitterati , saying:

“What if it had been your child, Cate Blanchett? Louis CK? Alec Baldwin? What if it had been you, Emma Stone? Or you, Scarlett Johansson? You knew me when I was a little girl, Diane Keaton. Have you forgotten me?

Woody Allen is a living testament to the way our society fails the survivors of sexual assault and abuse.

So imagine your seven-year-old daughter being led into an attic by Woody Allen. Imagine she spends a lifetime stricken with nausea at the mention of his name. Imagine a world that celebrates her tormenter.

Are you imagining that? Now, what’s your favorite Woody Allen movie?”

We’d be interested to see what those celebs have to say about this too! Maybe they just hadn’t thought of it from that point of view before.

If you’re feeling really down now, Dylan did talk about the positives in her life too! She explained:

“Today, I consider myself lucky. I am happily married. I have the support of my amazing brothers and sisters. I have a mother who found within herself a well of fortitude that saved us from the chaos a predator brought into our home.”

Good! We’re glad that Dylan has finally found happiness after all of these years with people who truly love her!

Now, we wait and see what happens with Hollywood and Allen’s Oscars nomination.


[Image via BauerGriffinOnline.]

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72 comments to “Dylan Farrow Pens A Tragic Open Letter About Woody Allen! Read Her Words HERE!”

  1. 1

    Wow. Good for her. I hope those stars she mentions read this and really think about how they can justify working with him.

  2. 2


  3. JJ Jewels says – reply to this


    This is disgusting and not at all surprising. He MARRIED his own DAUGHTER for God's sake. We can only hope his career is finally over. Any star who would work with him after this will loose a ton of fans.

  4. 4

    I smell bullshit. I think she's mixing up Frank Sinatra (Ronan's real father) with Woody. You know good ole Frank likes them young.

  5. 5

    Anyway. Woody was never tried nor convicted. This is all nothing but allegation. Until then , people can't simply punish the guy because they think he did something.

  6. k10ason says – reply to this


    Love and Death

  7. 7

    Sick and disgusting! A father marrying his own step daughter. Creepy.

  8. Strangeasitmay says – reply to this


    WTF? Just sad sad and No icky icky fucking poo? Woody Allen might be a decent film-maker but he's horrible human being, who obviously is a pedophile through and through. and he's just plain weird all around.

  9. fairmaiden says – reply to this


    I have always thought the guy was a bit creepy. Have never and will never support his movies not matter how "fashionable" it is to star in them. Hopefully it will become "unfashionable" now.

  10. gaboo95 says – reply to this


    I find it a little unfair of Dylan Farrow to ostracize actors for appearing in Woody Allen films. Sure, the guy is a perve, I mean look at him, but after reading this article, I'm not sure who to believe. He's creepy, yes, but I feel like Mia Farrow was bitter enough to say anything to damn him. There is no excuse for sexual abuse, but Dylan shouldn't shame actors fo not boycotting him based on an accusation. I feel like that whole family is tucking crazy. Mia Farrow seems to have a bit of a Mommie Dearest thing going on. She collects kids!

  11. moomyfish says – reply to this


    The states attorney found probably cause to charge him but dropped the case due to the victim being "too fragile" to go through a trial. He would not have had the witness he needed to convict the scumbag. So he skated. Good for Dylan to be speaking out now. I feel for her and the daughter he had with his daughter.

    Not too twisted, is he?

  12. moomyfish says – reply to this


    Um, that should be "probable" cause. I was a little upset while typing….

  13. 13

    Is there a statute of limitations on rape? I hope he goes to fucking jail.

  14. 14

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  15. b.b. says – reply to this


    There;s no evidence against him that;s why he wasn;t convicted in the first place.

  16. moomyfish says – reply to this


    Re: b.b. – He wasn't convicted because he wasn't tried. That is not the same as being innocent.

  17. ... says – reply to this


    I do not understand people who claim surprised at these results?
    I mean. Was this not a obvious?
    Any thing that tries to move away from God (like thos who preach in favor of atheism) turns constantly, unsurprisingly, as a great disappointment…

  18. deb says – reply to this


    It seems like everyone has forgotten that he is married to one of their children! I think that answers almost all the questions that could be asked. I think she is courageous.

  19. Redneck Rog says – reply to this


    Re: adg100 – Well, let's look at his behavior - he married a GIRL who used to be his partner's daughter and for all intents and purposes, was kind of like his step-daughter. Do you remember how old she was when he was having her post nude for him? He revealed he was in a relationship with her when she was 21 but has also revealed he slept with lots of naked pictures of her. He was her mother's partner for 10 years before that. Do you think this just developed when she was 21 or he just waited until she was 21 to tell the world to save his ugly scrawny neck from being labeled as the pedophile Ted Nugent was. Do the Math.

  20. Doncha Just Know says – reply to this


    Re: … – Perhaps God will help you with your spelling some day.

  21. melissa says – reply to this


    Re: deb – Yes, once he married his daughter it became clear that he was and is a predator and now he has 2 adopted girls. God Help Them! Dylan is brave and Mia is a strong mom and person. Ronan has to be Sinatra's child because he thankfully looks nothing like Woody. A wonderful family who ousted a pervert!

  22. AP says – reply to this


    I have never been a fan of his movies. I do remember hearing about this back when it happened but the bigger headline was his relationship, and subsequent marriage, to the other "daughter." It's disgusting that there were never any consequences. Even more so that he continues to be celebrated. Bravo to Dylan for overcoming this.

  23. purplehaze says – reply to this


    EVERYONE needs to read this article before they jump to conclusions.

    If we stayed on our moral high horse then we would reject everything Michael Jackson ever did, we'd shun Elvis because his fiance was 14, and Jerry Lee Lewis because he married his 13-year-old cousin. There's lots fishy about Mia's story and she is definitely not consistent.

  24. purplehaze says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – Read this article

  25. purplehaze says – reply to this


    Re: KIKA01 – read this article.

  26. b.b. says – reply to this


    Re: moomyfish – He wasn't sent to trial because there was lack of evidence.He passed the lie detector while the other part refused to takethis test.Just check the facts,it;s very unlikely all thats true

  27. 01 says – reply to this


    Re: deb – actually Andre Previn is Mia's father,not Woody

  28. 01 says – reply to this


    Re: 01Re: 01 – sorry,I meant Soon Yi's not Mia's..

  29. deb says – reply to this


    It disgusts me how Hollywood forgive this man time and time again. I'm so sorry for Dylan and hope that this letter finally gets through to these Bimbo stars. Cate Blanchet and other's should answer to Dylan and explain why she has been forgotten.

  30. karla says – reply to this


    He is not the biological father of the girl he married. It is odd, but they have stayed married. We don't know how crazy his ex-wife was. Why would you adopt so many children like they are puppies. 4 is more than enough. It would be more important to know if had abuse other children, I don't take this girl word because Mia is obviously still bitter. Why would her son bash the director like that. The ex- obviously put things in their heads. I get it, how humiliating is that your husband cheats, leaves, and marries someone you adopted. The worst part is that that have stay apparently happily married.

  31. karla says – reply to this


    I am not saying the director is innocent, he should have use his common seance and say, it's wrong, she is too young and we adopted her. But the "victim" is not acting like a victim, she seems happy. So we don't know if she enticed him, "get me out of this house". Mia's don did an interview where he says it was crazy growing up with all these children from different countries and disable. Obviously he looks just like Frank Sinatra but 10 times better, Mia should put him to sing.

  32. speak white 666 says – reply to this


    Re: Doncha Just Know – I would love to see all those who criticize the spelling of others write and speak a language other than their mother tongue.
    Do it my champion, write me so in Chinese or Italian or even that we laugh all…

    Ah it's true, you'll use the good old lazy replica of the kind: this is an English language blog…
    You are too predictable.

  33. Mazzy says – reply to this


    Re: adg100
    OJ was not tried or convicted and yet people still have opinions on his guilt.

    Your comment is especially dangerous considering so much abuse that happens to young children is never brought to justice.

  34. karla says – reply to this


    I am not from the US so my spelling is imperfect, who cares I can still fight haha my opinions.

  35. 35

    For anybody saying that she is lying because her mother is crazy- think about how ludicrious that sounds. The young girl is now an ADULT and is telling the same story. Believe me the conflict between the Mia and Woody has died down. The only thing keeping it fueld is the allegations against Woody. Woody had NAKED PICTURES of his step child AND had her pose for him. If your step father had you pose naked for him…. would you think that he is capable of being a pedophile….. YES, YES AND YES!!!!! Open your eyes!!

  36. 36

    This man should be castrated

  37. 37

    And to Gaboo95- you need to get over the whole "conflict between Mia Farrow and Woody Allen thing", it was decades ago. The only thing keeping it alive is the fact that he alledgely molested Mia's 7 year old daughter. Now that, the 7 year old is an ADULT, she is still telling the same story. What does she have to gain by making him look bad- Winning a Fight? ….that happened like 30 years ago? Makes no sense. Mia Farrow didnt brainwash her daughter. You cant just brainwash someone especially at the age of 7- And i would know im in a psych/clinical phd program.

  38. ... says – reply to this


    Re: karla – I also would like to be an American, so I could write a bunch of crap unhindered by any genious who will come and tell me that I write poorly and in a way, discredit me. hohoho

  39. Lizartist72 says – reply to this


    Child abuse is RAMPANT in hollywood. I know a man who was abused by a woman at 8 years old during a callback for a commercial. I was asked by a modeling school manager, in a room, by myself at 16 "what would you do to be a model? Would you do anything?" as he sat back in his chair and wheeled it out from under his desk. I was naive and didn't "get it." The girls that did "get it" were given contracts and special education. Celebrity is a horrid business, and the casting couch is as much for men and children as for women. Glad Dylan is speaking out and healing.

  40. karla says – reply to this


    I just Google the whole thing. I don't know anything about it. Yes, pedophiles are everywhere, not only Hollywood. Yes the naked pictures are disturbing. Yes there is a chance he is a pedophile. However there is no proof other than an accusation about something that happened decades ago. How about false memories? Who knows what happened, I personally would like to know his behavior after he married his adopted child. The girl he married is just as guilty as him. I am not saying that Mia is crazy, I don't think someone adopting all these children is that sane. Something to consider is that the adopted girl saw it as a way out, maybe she is the one the wanted a husband.

  41. 41

    Hitler was right. They should be rounded up and death with.

  42. 42

    If I was up for an oscar and so was he I don't think I could stomach accepting one knowing these ppl support someone like this

  43. justise says – reply to this


    I feel for Dylan, her mother & family. I can't stand Woody Allen, never have been able to bear looking at him & I wasn't even aware of his alleged sexual violation of Dylan. I just have this 'internal 'radar”for evil. Have been sexually violated & so was my son. Nobody did a thing for me & no one supported me with my son including people/women who were supposedly working in the field of sexual violence. In fact it was 2 sons of 2 such women who sodomized my son. No one gives a damn to this day. Predators prey on sole woman raising their children. Hollywood disgusts me when they glorify evil people like Allen. Don't stop Dylan. Shout it out loud because that is the only justice you will get. Allen obviously knows no shame!

  44. justise says – reply to this


    Re: karla – Wow u jump to a lot of ugly conclusions based on the dumb assumptions inside your own head. Mia did a good thing adopting children, I bet the kids love & appreciate her. Allen is a predator who sexually violated one daughter & married the other-no matter that she was not his biological daughter. He violated the trust that Mia gave him within her family & he shit all over her and Dylan. Typical sexual predator behavior. As long as there are people like u, sexual violence will continue unchecked. Those women who star in his films should get their heads out of their ass!

  45. justise says – reply to this


    Re: purplehaze – Actually what Michael Jackson, Jerry Lee Lewis & Elvis did was morally wrong and if u had been violated u would get it. Imo, what they did wrong will always overshadow their successes. And take a look at how Elvis & Michael lived as drug addicts & then died! Says it all. What goes around, comes around.

  46. karla says – reply to this


    Since is a blog I am allow to jump to conclusions just like you have. The truth it's they are the only ones that know. Yes it's insane to adopt more children that you can provide emotionally and financially. It is not good nature but a sign of mental unsuitability. I know for sure since I am one of too many. We can accuse anyone of anything. We can believe it too. It's up to the justice system to find them guilty. Until proven innocent we can't condemn someone just because of emotions. If she believes this is true, then do something about it, until them it's just a he/ she said.

  47. moomyfish says – reply to this


    Re: b.b. – I did check facts and stated them. The DA found probable cause to charge him but did not because the victim was too fragile to testify. Her mother agreed with him. The pedophile's team did their own investigation and found no evidence. There's a surprise. If she was not able to testify the DA would not have had much of a case. It's really a sad statement about society when an adult victim of child abuse comes forward and people make the comments about the "innocence" of the predator. What about hers? She is an adult now and has maintained all the way through these things happened. Mommy isn't brainwashing her anymore if that is an excuse some want to use in his defense.

  48. Karla Homolka says – reply to this


    Re: karla – You still don't know nothing, since you weren't there when it happened and yet you are always there to defend chimeras all right outputs of your imagination. All this in impeccable English. You disgust me! XD

  49. Karla Homolka says – reply to this


    Re: karla – Mia Farrow and her bastard of sons illegitimate child of Sinatra, disgusts me with their hatred towards this poor genius, who's Woody Allen! I am quite sure that at the base, these two there are after him only by revenge, because they inherit nothing of his immense fortune.

  50. ehhte says – reply to this


    Re: adg100 – your sick-why would any adult claim abuse-guess what-they dont-you are sick.

  51. karla says – reply to this


    Re: Karla HomolkaRe: Karla Homolka
    Fuck off, English is not my first language and I still manage to write, how many languages have you learned on your own? Moron are slow? Idiot read, I am not saying he is innocent or guilty. It's up to the law to decide that with REAL evidence. No I don't think poor genius, what he did is wrong, but turn around and look at the daughter. I do find weird that they adopted 2 girls. Until he is found guilty it's just a rumor.

  52. 52

    Actually his wife was never his adopted daughter nor was she ever his step daughter. They started dating when she was 19, a legal age, and never lived with her prior to that. so get your facts straight before you attack. Sorry but I don't believe this story at all. The accusations came out by Mia in the middle of the custody battle, and then had the daughter make the claims too, like seriously if it was true they wouldn't have waited until then and not proof was provided and her story kept changing during the interrogation. Just because a girl cries sexual abuse doesn't make her survivor and it doesn't make him a monster. No proof was ever found, no charges were ever brought forth. If it was really true, after the custody battle and Mia kept the children it just all went away like it didn't happen. Like fuck off idiots

  53. Karla Caca says – reply to this


    Re: karla – Moron are slow? Idiot read, " I am not saying he is innocent or guilty. It's up to the law to decide that with REAL evidence." ( Okay..) No I don't think poor genius, " what he did is wrong",

    You say clearly that you do not judge him and yet, in the next sentence you say clearly that what he did was wrong?
    You know or you don't know?
    Hello consistency… and it is me the moron, the idiot?

  54. karla says – reply to this


    He cheated, and dated the adopted daughter of his wife. That's wrong. He should have divorce, waited, then try. To say that because he made a huge mistake (creepy), he molested a seven year old is a huge leap. Exactly, why didn't they persuade the investigation? Didn't they find any evidence? Do you think they all admire him? I only have watch one of his movies. No is not a conspiracy plot. If his new wife knows he was a molester why would they adopt two girls? Who knows. It's a crazy story, this is it.

  55. 55

    Let me ask this. We all have that inner gage-the one where despite anything else you just know. Does that mean one shouldn't weigh all the facts? Of course not! Fact: We all know he has a definitive thing for little girls as he courted one in public view. It is not easy or a thing for fame when a person gathers up all the courage within to free ones own betrayed inner child. Case in point; She is happily married, a mother and has the full support of her grown siblings. Woody Allen to me has always been more than mere quirky. I would love to see him polygraphed so we could know how many victims are really out there at his hands. I have never liked him he makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up and my stomach queasy, just at the mention of his name.

  56. b.b. says – reply to this


    Re: moomyfish – If he hadn't left her for Soon Yi none of this would have happened.She was and is extremely bitter for being cheated (and I don't blame her) and she got the kids involved in this.Open letters aren't proof,if they had some evidence they should have taken that to a judge,but they don't.So they just accuse him whenever they get a chance. BTW Moses Farrow has changed his mind and now supports his father and that tells me sth…

  57. ginger says – reply to this


    Her mother brought him into the home. her mother had affairs while dating him. His wife
    was never his daughter. Mia is riddled w jealousy. She has injured those children by passing
    on her rage.

  58. 58

    Here goes Kate Blanchet's chance to get the Oscar. Before accusing her or any other actor who has worked with him, Mia Farrow should answer why was she married to him for so long and why did she adopt so many kids with him? Why were they ever granted adoption? It's so upsetting to see so many celebrities with shady pasts enabled to adopt kids. $ is not only what a kid needs. Nobody talks about it but Government services are to blame first.

  59. 59


  60. 60

    We seriously need to start talking more consistently about this stuff. It’s interesting that we tend to turn away. Child abuse, even if caught on TAPE - gets the silent treatment once the initial uproar in any community is gone. Yet, 1 out of 4 girls, and 1 out of 6 boys experience some from of sexual abuse by 18 y.

    And no, Alec can't - none of us can - turn away and say it's not our business. The entire phenomenon of using any kind of negative force over someone needs our attention, be it: Manager/employee. Parent/child. Teacher/child. Nanny/child. Group/individual. Majority/minority. “Normal”/different.

    Don’t you think that the ugliest events need our attention the most? Us, collectively. Otherwise, we are continuing to fail as human beings.

  61. stephanie says – reply to this


    I am so sick to my stomach. saying prayers for u Dylan. The courage you have shown is inspirational. XO

  62. Survivor says – reply to this


    I believe it. As a survivor of sexual molestation, you can't tell by looking at a man if he is an abuser. My abuser is an executive in business. But the fact he married one of his girlfriends adopted daughters should really make you go "WOW YEAH THAT MAKES SINCE THEN THAT HE WOULD DO IT". Only a sick fucker would molest a child and an even sicker one would marry their girl friends CHILD. And YES she was a child when they met. Plus do people really thing he would say "YEAH I Molested her" ? No He would deny, deny, deny. Not a fan of his and never will be.

  63. Intheknow says – reply to this


    Some of you are ignorant of many facts, stating things like "Allen married his own daughter so it's clear he's an abuser."

    Fact One: Allen was NOT Soon-Yi's biological father nor was he her step-father. Soon-Yi considered him merely her adopted mother's (Mia Farrow) boyfriend.

    Fact Two: Allen and Farrow were NEVER married. And they were not common law husband and wife either because NY state does not recognize this. They themselves never considered themselves common law partners either.

    Fact Three: Allen and Farrow never lived together but maintained separate residences throughout their dating time.

    Fact Four: Soon-Yi was of legal age when she married Allen. They did nothing illegal.

    Fact Four: Mia claimed Woody was in therapy over his attraction to Dylan. False. Allen WAS in therapy but not over this. He had been in therapy since his 20's. In other words he did not go into therapy over Dylan.

    Fact Five: Allen passed a lie detector test with flying colors, concerning his alleged molestation of Dylan.

    Before you crucify him, learn the facts and stop spouting that he married his daughter, and all the other nonsense.

  64. Nick says – reply to this


    Re: adg100 – Really? Learn more abouut it before you make ill-informed comments. Shame on the actors who support him and the ignorant public.

  65. jc says – reply to this


    I am so surprised that no one in the media is talking about Mia Farrow's 1997 book, "What Falls Away." I have not been able to stomach a Woody Allen movie since reading that (and I truly loved his movies!) If I remember correctly, Farrow tells about his having nude photos of Soon Yi when she was only 15 years old, and discusses his inappropriate behavior with Dylan. Farrow also makes herself look bad in the book for allowing this to happen. If she had been a stronger person, he might be in jail or at least on a sex-offender list today. I lose respect for every actor that decides to be in his movies.

  66. 66

    Please help Sharmila (recording arist/siger-songwriter) frombeing killed by forced drugs. Her human rights have been violated and still are being violated.

    <script type="text/javascript" src=" class="care2PetitionEmbed" rssPath=" adSize="small" publisherId="1249" grabbed="0" flags="#000000" buttonColor="#22489c"></div>

  67. 67

    This is so sad,how could someone do this to a child? May Love guide this girl and her family.

    We are so easy to accept these"stars" as role models and people to admire,why because of the money or is it because we assume that they live a life different than ours. They are people and they are people who have fame and power;which for most ends in failure and drugs. Honestly, I view these "stars" like I would view a taxi driver or a waiter; a person who is doing a job or service. Their job is to entertain,nothing more and nothing less.

  68. Junior'sMommy says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – The statute of limitations on Rape is 2 years.

  69. 69

    What I want to know is if there was a rape kit done when she was 7 years old to determine if penetration even happened. If it didn't happen it would have discredited the story told.

  70. ahahahaha Woody Allen says – reply to this


    Re: Karla Homolka

    Don't know nothing????? Sorry, that's a double negative. Your "impeccable English" sucks just as bad, bitch. :)

  71. Special Effects says – reply to this




    ….said the pedophile

  72. Special Effects says – reply to this




    death and hell
    to people like you and him
    and not soon enough