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Cate Blanchett Responds To Dylan Farrow's Open Letter To Her & Hollywood About Woody Allen Molestation Claim

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cate blanchett woody allen responds to dylan farrow

This is just such a horrible and difficult situation.

We're not even sure how those questioned in Dylan Farrow's open letter about Woody Allen's alleged molestation of her should react, but Cate Blanchett is trying to address it.

The actress, who has been nominated and been winning this awards season for her work in the Woody film Blue Jasmine, was questioned in Dylan's letter along with a number of other Hollywood stars who have worked quite a bit with Woody in the past.

And now, Cate has stepped up to react to the terrible and heartbreaking letter. She said:

"It’s obviously been a long and painful situation for the family and I hope they find some resolution and peace."

We respect that she did say something about this difficult situation.

It couldn't have been easy to approach the matter since she wasn't directly involved and likely doesn't have knowledge of everything that might have occurred.

We just hope that those involved do find peace.

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17 comments to “Cate Blanchett Responds To Dylan Farrow's Open Letter To Her & Hollywood About Woody Allen Molestation Claim”

  1. 1

    So easy for a A list actress who's nominated for best actress in his film to say….

  2. 2

    Her comment is trite and generic. If she is not going to address her participation in Woody's films, she shouldn't bother saying anything.

  3. 0000 says – reply to this


    Hollywood doesn't mind child molsters, like Roman Polanski, Errol Flynn, Michael Jackson the guy that molested Cory Haim ect

  4. 4

    Hollywood just gave the perv the lifetime achievement award so it appears to me their feelings about what he does to his children is not a factor to them at all.

  5. Esin Emko says – reply to this


    Dylan Farrow is a known liar and gross exaggerator.
    And she is a class 1 drama queen.

  6. 6

    Yes, he cast her in a movie and she might feel some loyalty toward him for that. But what would she know about what happened? Why make a statement at all? Grandiose.

  7. 7

    But even her comment was a typical BS-politically correct polite nice-ity. Why doesn't anyone else SPEAK UP FRANKLY? I think we seriously need to start talking more consistently about this stuff. It’s interesting in us humans, that we tend to turn away. Child abuse, even if caught on TAPE - gets the silent treatment once the initial uproar in any community is gone.

    None of us can turn away and say it's not our business. Don’t you think that the ugliest events need our attention the most? Us, collectively. Otherwise, we are continuing to fail as human beings.

  8. 8

    Interesting that everybody believes someone whom the judge declared the statements incoherent. I'm talking about the girl.

  9. 9

    Re: overthere – Yes, traumatized 7 year olds don't always make great witnesses. Pedophiles love that. That is why they are often so hard to convict.

  10. annainparis says – reply to this


    They should have moved on with a conviction, an appeal, etccc… otherwise, let it go. If Dylan didnt do it on time, because she was too young, etc…then Mia didn't take her interest at heart, then MIA IS GUILTY for letting him get away with it. She should have done it at the right time and not let go of him (trials after trials, etc…)There is no use doing this 30 years later. Besides Cate has nothing to do with this, Woody is one of the best and Jasmine is the perfect role for Cate. Why the fuck would they want her to negate her work, her craft….they are really selfish too. Woody has been quietly with the same woman so if you were CARELESS at the right time you are JUST as guilty for not pursuing him to his grave.

  11. 11

    I wish ONE f'ing famous person who isn't a member of Dylan Farrow's family would speak up for her. Even say something like "if this is true, then I really don't want to work w/ woody allen anymore." Have a backbone!!!

    This woman was terrified and molested as a child. It took many years of therapy and now a good marriage to her husband to find her voice. No one would continually make up this story. No one. She could have easily disappeared. But, she wanted to speak up. She was too afraid when she was young to testify, so now she's at least testifying in public.

    Woody has never sued once. Never. WHy? because to be successful on a claim of defamation, you need a FALSE STATEMENT! This accusation is over a decade old. This isn't new news. And, he's never sued. He is guilty as sin and married to his other daughter! What more proof do we need?

  12. ericmtl says – reply to this


    Take note Mario. One day it'll be your ugly son writing an open letter about the many years of molestation under your pedophile care.

  13. RUBYROSE says – reply to this


    Hollywood turns their back on drug addicts, child molesters, etc…I know for a fact…Cops turn their backs…If you're a celebrity, you have a Free "GET OUT OF JAIL PASS". Doesn't anyone remember when Woody Allen had naked pictures of his now wife when he lived with Mia Farrow???? It was on the news…How normal is that????? I don't see that resurfacing…Cate Blanchett has her head in the clouds..or, she's afraid she will be blacklisted…Think about it!

  14. Rick Kelley says – reply to this


    Sherrie Shepard is wrong on so many levels. If she would only get her facts straight. I have no horse in this race however, I get very, very angry when someone jumps on the bandwagon without proper information. I realize it makes for good TV and, I suspect that's the only reason Ms. Shepard is still on The View. Todays Woody Allen out burst is just another reason that causes me to wonder when The View became the Sherrie Shepard Show? I've watched it from the beginning and only this year have I finally given up. So very, very sorry.

  15. 15

    *situation*. uh huh. she should have just stayed mum.

  16. pember says – reply to this


    She was ASKED to comment by Jeff Wells on the way inside

  17. Guest says – reply to this


    Re: RdRydngHd
    Why don't you inform yourself you twit? she was ASKED to comment. And she graciously responded, as opposed to giving the insensitive and expected "no comment".

    How about Perez posts the brash response Alec Baldwin gave?