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She might've grown up a Disney girl, but don't be confused about what kind of lady she is now! Miley Cyrus has done plenty to distance herself from the k… Read more…

18 comments to “Miley Cyrus Shades Disney! She No Longer Gives "A Sh*t" About The House Of Mouse & She Makes Sure We All Know It!”

  1. Jynn says – reply to this


    i dont hate you, i simply wish you'd take a long sudden drop…

    twerking queen? thats like saying honey boo boo is the diet queen, completely opposite of the truth.
    i genuinely cannot wait till shes 2 years older, her half ass attempt at being sexy will finally be ignored cause everyone will be like "dude, grow the fuck up".

    and seriously miley, right now skanking it up seems fun, but in truth women view u as objectifying our sex into objects of male attention, and you seem to have little to no understanding about life, self respect or actual goals.

    but hey, if you want to be a cum dumpster you whole life, when other artist with actual talent strive, by all means keep it up. maybe god will do us a solid and crash your bus into some antiseptic. again, loose used whore

  2. 2

    Every time she opens your mouth, she shows the world how immature she is. Does she not realize that without the fan base she accumulated with Disney she would be nothing? A mature person would show a little respect.

  3. Jake says – reply to this


    This girl is fucking delusional. Almost in a Kanye West sense. Disney tries to be universal because they want to appeal to every part of the world, in every race, gender, and religion. You are trying to be outlandishly crude and outrageous to sell shitty records and get attention. Not every person who outwardly disapproves, or what you call "hates", on you is jealous, especially not by a talentless girl who only has what she has because of her father. People disapprove because it's a literal shame upon the human race that someone so ignorant, so classless, so utterly disgusting can have the world at their feet and can quite literally lead a nation into amazing things chooses to promote sticking their coated tongue out and "twerking." And finally, anyone who thinks someone is below them for such an arbitrary reason is the lowest of the low, and your money and fame cannot make you rise above it. Put on some clothes and go to school.

  4. Amelie. says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – Thank you. Disney shaped her career. She should be kissing their ass because NO ONE would know who she isn't if it wasn't for Disney. It will be sad to see her decline when no one cares about her anymore. Bonus points for irony if an up and coming star from Disney takes her place and has a higher maturity level to have people respect them and give their career the longevity that she only has by showing her bony ass.

  5. 5

    her and kenye would be perfect together.

  6. Jynn says – reply to this


    Re: Jake – marry me? :D

  7. laura says – reply to this


    shes pathetic, without disney she would be nothing, sucks for her that shes so far up her own ass to realise that

  8. 8

    Re: laura – i think she's done damage to Disney.

  9. uheardme says – reply to this


    She is a CHILD. Period.

    Hey Miley…once you grow up, you'll realize it is very important to watch your words in life, because you can never take them back. And, sidenote…Disney got you where you are…you shouldn't diss them, because you meet the same people on the way up as you do on the way down.

  10. at says – reply to this


    This privileged bitch needs to shut her mouth. If it wasn't for Disney, she wouldn't be anywhere. Don't bite the hand that fed you in the beginning days. Talentless whore.

  11. hahaha says – reply to this


    You bunch of people calling her a child, immature, slut, attention whore, pathetic and saying she needs to shut her mouth??


    Who's the PATHETIC ones now?? You bunch of haters, GET A LIFE LOSERS. It's so sad you waste your time for someone you hate so much. Can you say LOSEEEEERRRR. hahaha

  12. REALLY? says – reply to this


    Re: hahaha

    i havent seen anyone calling someone a slut…immature yes, the problem is psychological and you could clearly see that she wasn't raise appropriate maybe because of her parent separation she's lashing out ?? well we never know but one thing i do know a child who was raised with a silver spoon beliefs that she doesn't owe anything to anyone and acts in way you and her are acting very confrontational, a mature person wouldn't say no comments about the perspective or just say it in a way it wouldn't insult the person or company that made them famous in the first place (disney), or maybe we should just blame her PR and in that case she should get a new one because everyone is talking negatively about her… is not because of "hating" because she is rich or famous but because of her actions…and most of her fan base are still young, so her example is horrible, if not then look at the people who are close to her, parents divorce, cheating, Liam leaving her because of her craziness, and so on…you could have all the money in world but that wouldn't make anybody happy if you are alone so she lashes out…..

  13. 13

    Ungrateful lil twit! Does this girl have a brain to go with that a$$? Really, she talks so stupid.

  14. KDN says – reply to this


    twerking queen?! LMAO!!!
    she can't speak proper English huh?

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    Her thinking is juvenile and materialistic if she actually believes that people who find some of her behavior lewd and disgusting are 'just jealous of what she has.' Uhm, nope.
    She seems like she'd do anything for fame and a buck, including tossing her dignity.

  16. Zzzz says – reply to this


    Re: hahaha – It's even more pathetic to comment on other people's comments, especially when you're on the very same gossip board doing the very same thing. It only takes a few minutes at the most to leave a comment and move on–not much valuable time wasted here. I imagine, however, that it took you all day to come up with those zingers.

  17. shadehater says – reply to this


    stop saying shade in every fucking post! it doesn't even make sense.

  18. skyhifun says – reply to this


    Hope she realizes that lots of former fans no longer give a s**t about her after her transformation to a 2 bit slut for the almighty dollar.