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Woman Gets Her Hand Stuck In A Car Trunk For 18 Hours!

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This just goes to show that you should never insert any bodily parts into your vehicle!

An Oregon woman in her 70s had a terrifying ordeal when her arm got stuck in the trunk of her car for 18 straight hours! She had to stand up the whole time, AND it was snowing!

So scary! It's like 127 Hours…minus about 109 or so.

She was stranded in a remote part of the state when her hand became lodged in the derriere of her automobile due to a gust of wind! Uh, thanks a lot wind!

The real thanks go out to the multiple layers that she was wearing! Looks like she was armed with clothing!

She managed to survive the grueling ordeal, which ended with neighbors hearing her cries on horseback from an estimated 3 to 5 miles away, and getting her hand free! Talk about a hand job done well!

To put that in context, it took rescuers an hour from when they started hearing cries to get her free and, later, in an ambulance!

We're just thankful she made it out okay. We've got to hand it to her!

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3 comments to “Woman Gets Her Hand Stuck In A Car Trunk For 18 Hours!”

  1. Agree says – reply to this


    grammar police:

    You're story reads; " neighbors hearing her cries on horseback", which states her cries where on horseback. It should say, " neighbor's on horseback heard her cries". See the difference? I had a visual of her cries on a horse.

  2. 2

    You are a horrible person Perez. Making fun of a poor senior citizen who could of died from the elements in a cruel and inhumane way. This is one of the lowest of your selfish and sick ways. You are a vile and cruel person. Would you have written this post the same exact way if it was your mother who was in that situation? That women is someone's mother, sister, grandma etc. You are terrible.

  3. Local says – reply to this


    Her story was updated yesterday - she ended up losing her hand, but she is in good spirits.