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Lifelike Statue Of Man In Tighty-Whitey Undies Gets Erected At All-Girls College! See The Pics HERE!

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underwear statue 3 watermark

Check out the new big man on campus at Wellesley College!

Too bad Wellesley is an all GIRLS school!

That’s no student though…that’s a statue!

The incredibly lifelike art installation features a fully proportionate grown man walking around in his underwear!

Cover your eyes, ladies!

The prestigious school welcomed the sculpture, titled Sleepwalker, as part of an official exhibit that opens on campus this week.

But while college officials and many art enthusiasts applaud the realism of the piece, some co-eds aren’t digging the new eye candy!

An online student petition has been formed to have the statue removed off school grounds, and over 300 have already signed their names to take this nearly naked dude down!

According to junior Zoe Magid, who started the petition, this artwork has become:

“…a source of apprehension, fear, and triggering thoughts regarding sexual assault!”

The exhibit that Captain Underpants is a part of won’t be leaving campus anytime soon either! The installation is expected to run until July 20th!

At least it won’t be so cold outside by then!

What do you think, Perezcious readers? Is this art acceptable to be on an all-female campus or is this statue just stupid??

[Image via Twitter.]

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17 comments to “Lifelike Statue Of Man In Tighty-Whitey Undies Gets Erected At All-Girls College! See The Pics HERE!”

  1. Shiloh says – reply to this


    Perez, this is just disgusting to have anywhere. Are they trying to say rednecks are fashionable at this private ivy league school. This alleged art is pedestrian. Show us something to stir our imagination, to help us appreciate the wonders of life.. The first thing most will think of is sexual assault… second thing… pathetic frumpy middle aged man with bad breath and probably drunk. Don't even tell me that the alleged intellegentsia of the art community are trying to shove this down anyone's throats that this is art?… If they are trying to stir emotions, why not just do a lifesize image of a naked girl getting raped and crying.. or a bloody human after a terrorist attack. Again, pedestrian. Kudos for the likeness but why not go to the Madame whatever museum?

  2. Nora Nalle says – reply to this


    Women apply to women's colleges for various reasons, for the comradery, the inherent sisterhood, a feeling of safety, the studious environment without the "distractions" of men and the patriarchy. However men do exist on women's campuses, as professors, staff, and lovers. Having an art installation involving a man, in my mind presents no issues. Having an art installation that causes "trigger warners", or students to feel apprehension or anxiety whenever they see it is a issue. Students should always be made to feel that they are in a safe environment, where they can reach their full potential as students. Having such a statue, even if it only upsets a certain populous of students, should be taken into account by student life admins. Victims of past assault shouldn't have to feel afraid, let alone on a women's college campus.

  3. TermonTooDoo says – reply to this


    oh god. Are the "strong white females" showing their weaknesses again? fear of skinny models. Fear of mice (my sisters HAD pet rodents and STILL screamed at mice). Fear of strong independent upperclass men "dont date rich men, gold digger". Fear of mature white males (technically one of the least violent males in america per capita). Fear of photoshopped models. Fear of truths ("the age of consent ranges from sixteen to eighteen in the usa"…. "you pervert"… "pervert? i was just stating a tr…" "brrrr. I cant handle truths. I'm a white female". Fear of young women. "oh my god. She's 22 and dating someone 34. How dare she!!". Add Fear of inanimate objects to the list. I have a dream that I will one day wake up and be japanese or hong kongy. Lands where the females are a little brighter in IQ and less fearful of things. If this was a hot girl statue on a boys campus there would be no problem. Males are more capable of "handling things".

  4. TermonTooDoo says – reply to this


    The statue should stay there so white female can get some practice in at being strong. "[brrr brrr brrr] its just an inanimate object [brrrr brrrr brrr] its just a [brrr] inanimate object. [brr] its just a inanimate object. ITS JUST AN INANIMATE OBJECT!! ITS JUUUUUST AN INANIMATE OBJECT!! I DID IT!! I'm NOT SCARED!!!! I'm STRONG!!!!!!! brrrrrrrr one of the lab rats got loose BRRRRRRR "

  5. 5

    Fear of statue is pretty silly and sexual assault is definitely not the first thing I thought of when I saw it, a zombie sprung to mind. I was amazed at the life like detail and admiration for the talent of the artist who created it. It seems that freedom of expression is a dying art like freedom of speech.

  6. the truth is f#@$ hurt says – reply to this


    A fact remains, if it was the statue of Brad Pit in his twenties and even completely naked, they would never screamed at drama.

    The truth behind each of the manipulative tactics of these women is that they are probably all " mean girls", capricious and victims to uncontrollable anguish due to the fact that they suffer the backlash of their bad karma of heartless bitch!

  7. Sleepwalker says – reply to this


    Watch a video made by students against the petition:

  8. Wendy says – reply to this


    Re: the truth is f#@$ hurt

    There are lots of internet trolls out there like you, all of which deserve to be ignored and laughed at… but this "truth" you speak of is the perfect disgusting example of the ignorance students at Wellesley are lucky enough to escape from. Wellesley is a comforting and supportive place where women from all over the world go to thrive.

  9. boyz r cool says – reply to this


    JUSSAYIN I go to Wellesley and I love boys. This whole ordeal is way too blown out of proportion.

  10. Wendy says – reply to this


    There are many issues with the Sleepwalker, but the root of the problem is the poor taste in placement. If any of you have even been to Wellesley, you would know it is on the main road in an area which basically every student must pass everyday. Yes art is supposed to evoke emotion, yes it is controversial, and yes it probably has a place somewhere. However, having the statue out in the open was not the correct choice. It should have been closer to the museum entrance, possibly in the courtyard or on the steps leading up to it. Same message across without forcing people to see it, and t still would have gotten the attention of Wellesley students.

  11. Wellesley Student says – reply to this


    I go to Wellesley and I have not met one person who has a problem with the statue. The people trying to have it removed are a small faction of the student body, and in no way represent the ideas of the whole campus.

  12. Wellesley Student says – reply to this


    We keep trying to dress him up, since he looks pretty cold. Campus police keep coming by and taking off any clothes we try to donate

  13. Granya says – reply to this


    Thank you for your light-hearted irony! I am a student at Wellesley College and I am frankly embarrassed by the outcry that is causing our campus to go viral for all the wrong reasons. We should be known for our intelligence and strength as a community and our profound individuality as students. Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Diane Sawyer, Nora Ephron…the list goes on! This petition to remove the statue from campus is getting way blown out of proportion and is highly unnecessary. I agree that right next to a potentially icy road can be dangerous for drivers and students, but that is simply a matter of geography. Because of this over-zealous petition, we are being painted as simpering little women who can't survive in the real world. The media has used headlines similar to these: "Hyper-Realistic Statue Of Almost-Naked Man Freaks Out Women's College" and "All Female College terrified by statue of Naked Man." I find THIS offensive, not the harmless piece of art. I would like to think of my college as liberal, accepting, and intellectual, so while I understand that this piece may be a trigger… we are at college for the purpose of growing into the best we can be and getting ready to be pushed into the world beyond college, which will be MUCH more intimidating than a plaster man wearing only his underwear.

  14. Rebecca says – reply to this


    I'm a Wellesley student. This situation is ridiculous. I signed the petition just because I'm so sick of everybody talking about this (as well as seeing the statue around). I'll probably see if I can un-sign it, though, since I'm honestly not offended or anything by it, and I feel most people who signed are. This is ridiculously annoying. Everyone thinks we're scared of the guy, but that's really only a small number of us.

  15. Bonnie says – reply to this


    cause the girls don't need to be reminded this is what is waiting for them when they get married..

  16. Bonnie says – reply to this


    now what if this a plan average girl, not a size 2 with huge boobs but a girl with a size 12 statue at a all boys school? they would want that taken down too

  17. 17

    This … What for ?