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Justin Bieber's Drug Rampage! Singer Abused Private Jet Flight Crew While Getting High With His Dad On The Plane!

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justin bieber pot plane pilots oxygen masks

Is Justin Bieber EVER going to grow up???

We know he's "just a kid," but hasn't he been "just a kid" for a very long time?

And considering he's got enough money to charter a private plane, he should have enough maturity to not smoke so much pot on it that the pilots have to wear oxygen masks!

That's just DANGEROUS!

But alas, Bieberoni didn't care and reportedly puffed away with his poppa, Jeremy Bieber, and their entourage. And they puffed and they puffed SO much, the pilots had to wear oxygen masks in order to avoid a contact high that could easily put their licenses in jeopardy as they could fail a drug test.

Guess lil' Biebsy wasn't too worried about anyone else's life because his crew didn't stop lighting up when asked. An official report on the flight stated:

"The captain of the flight stated that he warned the passengers, including Bieber, on several occasions to stop smoking marijuana."

The Biebs' reportedly even admitted to smoking marijuana when he was detained! None was found on the plane or passengers. And no charges were filed by the crew, which might come as a surprise considering this wasn't the only trouble the boys stirred up!

It seems that marijuana wasn't doing it's job to relax them because they apparently ended up harassing the flight attendant!

And it got so bad she had to seek refuge in the cockpit! The report of JB's flight stated:

"The captain also stated he needed to request that the passengers stop their harassing behavior toward the flight attendant and after several warnings asked the flight attendant to stay with him near the cockpit to avoid any further abuse. The flight attendant stated the passengers, including Bieber and his father, Jeremy Bieber, were extremely abusive verbally and she would not work another flight with them."

As if all his recent actions weren't inappropriate enough!

Some might say he's just growing up, but harassing the flight attendant?? With your dad??

Sounds like someone is acting like a bad seed who needs a MAJOR reality check!

[Image via Instagram.]

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8 comments to “Justin Bieber's Drug Rampage! Singer Abused Private Jet Flight Crew While Getting High With His Dad On The Plane!”

  1. me says – reply to this


    looks like bieber and his father are going to be the new lohan family.

  2. BobbieFisher2 says – reply to this


    Bieber's Dad is a bigger douchebag than Bieber, if that's possible. His Dad is old enough to know better (and so is his tiny son). Bieber has jumped the shark and his Dad is disgusting.

  3. Jlo says – reply to this


    I hope Bieber dies soon.

  4. annainparis says – reply to this


    Looks like someone wants Bieber down, at least trying really hard at it with this ongoing righteous dialogue!!! lol!!!

  5. loool says – reply to this


    keep drinking your haterade, folks.

  6. cyberneticman says – reply to this


    Just put him on the no fly list… easy to do

  7. grateful boy says – reply to this


    come on Justin, grow up like a normal kid . stop your STUPID attention. stay away from your dad. he influenced u to become annoying people. his mom better do something :)

  8. sad fan says – reply to this


    he needs her mom to be with him and discuss. go and take a good vacation not with ur 'poppa' . love ur life justin. God love u, u see what HE gave u. u should be grateful. stop wasting your time with wild life :(