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'Japanese Beethoven' Exposed As A Musical FRAUD! He Faked Being Deaf & Didn’t Even Write His Own Songs!

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Meet Mamoru Samuragochi, a composer thought to be as gifted and talented of a musician as Beethoven!

The Japanese virtuoso’s music appeared in movies, video games and is even scheduled to be used during the Sochi Olympics!

Considering he also claimed to be deaf, some said Samuragochi was a genius.

Well, he’s not.

He’s not only not a genius, he’s not deaf, he’s not a composer, and he’s been LYING this whole time!


This week, the world learned the truth about the 50-year-old phony impresario when a secret ghost writer stepped forward and took credit for most of Mamoru’s compositions!

Takashi Niigaki confessed to writing more than 20 songs for Mamoru since the 1990s. He also spilled that the hearing impairment that helped Samuragochi convince his Japanese fans that he was a miracle musician was also a hoax!

Niigaki was reportedly paid the equivalent of $70,000 for his work. But he decided no amount of money was worth keeping quiet; it was time to divulge his shameful secret.

Samuragochi is coming clean now as well and apologized in a statement, saying:

"Samuragochi is deeply sorry as he has betrayed fans and disappointed others. He knows he could not possibly make any excuse for what he has done.”

How crazy is this?!? We’ve heard of lip-synching and faking a performance or two but this is just straight up radicchio, yo!

Ch-ch-check out some of Samuragochi’s music below!

Well, not Samuragochi’s music but the music he paid someone else to write for him.

You know what we mean!

[Image via AP Images.]

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4 comments to “'Japanese Beethoven' Exposed As A Musical FRAUD! He Faked Being Deaf & Didn’t Even Write His Own Songs!”

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  2. 2

    He's kindof like Kanye West. The only difference is that this guy doesn't have the funds to pay 13 real musicians to write a song (yes, kayne wests last song was written by 14 fucking people). He then injects himself into the list (he put the letter "a" in one of the lyrics) and calls himself the writer of the song.

  3. 3

    Off with his head..

  4. 4

    How you can compare this to Milli Vanili is beyond me. This guy has been a fraud for over 20 years. 70,000 doesn't even begin to pay back the composer.