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Rosie O'Donnell Returns To The View With A Vengeance! Throws Her Support Behind Dylan Farrow Days After Barbara Walter Defended Woody Allen!

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Rosie O'Donnell's back AND so are her uber strong opinions!

Rosie not only used her big return to The View to talk about her super scary heart attack, but to also defend Dylan Farrow and her open letter that revealed scary deets alleging sexual abuse by her own father, Woody Allen.

Which, you know, is interesting, since the leader of the club, Lady Barbara Walters, just recently took the stance that Woody Allen isn't as bad as people are making him out to be.

Controversy! It's just like old times!!!

We missed you, gurl!!!

Ch-ch-check it out (above) and …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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14 comments to “Rosie O'Donnell Returns To The View With A Vengeance! Throws Her Support Behind Dylan Farrow Days After Barbara Walter Defended Woody Allen!”

  1. 1

    the View is now the Deperate. they gotta drag that old dyke out of mothballs.

  2. annainparis says – reply to this


    Well, she is not entirely right, Dylan was specific about the fact that the whole arts and entertainment community turned a blind eye on he situation. She was not there just to be heard, she clearly wants his career to suffer from this (she did that after he was awarded a lifetime achievement). She wans some sort of retaliation. She has invited the devil into her own life because wherever she is going to go, whoever she is going to meet, she won't have enough letters under her sleeves to fight the public eye. Clearly she should blaze trails by virtue of being Dylan Farrow because CLEARLY Woody has blazed a trail of its (very) own.

  3. annainparis says – reply to this


    Rosie's voice doesn't count anyway!

  4. Allison says – reply to this


    Gotta love Rosie!

  5. 5

    LISTEN UP AND YOU FUCKERS LISTEN REALLY WELL…woody allen may be an esteemed man, professionally speaking, but barbara walters and anyone who defends him do not knot the true content of his heart. being a successful person doesnt stop you from being a pedophile. yes, he would have a lot to lose so why would he do such a thing one may ask. rationality does not come into play when commit heinous acts. that could be telling the truth, and she could also be lying, BUT NEVER DENOUNCE her and you werent literally there when it supposedly went down.

  6. 6

    this is why people do not come out publicly about being molested. they are the victims yet they will be renounced to the mischief makers, the ones who ruins lives and people's career. did anyone stop to think the victim's life is ruined also.

  7. 7

    i was almost molested as a child by a worker who came to my house to fix the tiles. he was coming on to me, and it was a lucky thing that i took up a glass portrait and smashed into his knee. he never bothered me again. but i didnt tell anyone because i feared the repercussions; my father would have murdered him, and gone to prison, or the guy would have gone to prison and there would be an ongoing feud with his family against mine. so you bastards see the burden/pressure that a child has to face…to hold that shit in, at such a young, vulnerable and immature age.. that shit scars you. if she had said something at the young age, and nothing came out of it, he would have hurt her even more

  8. jil says – reply to this


    You know, seeing all of this denial makes me realize how normal it is. When I got raped, I was told that it was my fault, that it never happened, that I was making it up. When another incident happened a family member told me that I should've expected as much as the man was from Nepal. The only time people ever made a big deal was when some guy took advantage of me when i was passed out drunk…at that point having recieved no validation for the other two incidents I didn't care, and told everyone to just leave me the fuck alone.

  9. annainparis says – reply to this


    Re: jil – sorry Jil, you can't set yourself up for this eiher, you have to take care of yourself. I think that one of people's major mistake is to seek confort/solace from other people. They put themselves on a tray. To me, I would definitely try to deal with it inernally, keep my dignity, I find that most of the time other people take the little dignity that you have left and this puts people in even deeper sorrow.

  10. 10

    Yeah Barabara Walters should keep her mouth shut when it comes to things like rape and moelstation. Shes unaware of the damage that she is capable of causing. Enough about this crap about Mia Farrows Fight with Woody Allen. That was like 30 years ago….. I dont understand why people think this "feud" is Dylan's motivation behind saying that she was molested by Woody Allen. Makes no fucking sense. Think about it.

  11. 11

    Rosie has always been on Dylan's side….her committment to the truth has never wavered….you must remember that Barbara Walters was raised in a bar, albeit a posh bar (the Latin Quarter in NYC) but a bar none the less…..and tell me, why would anyone believe a guy who has been in pshycoanaylsis for over 50 years….what is this guys problem that it hasn't been solved as of yet….don't forget, the state of Israel has a warrant for his arrest over this incident…..apparently there is a whole county that believes Dylan………..

  12. 12

    I guess she did this whole research before I talk bit… NOT.
    She wasn't there.
    She didn't even exist as an entertainer when these events allegedly took place.

  13. 13

    When I do watch TV I like The Talk better, the time is just more convenient fpr me.

  14. 14

    I'm with Rosie on this one. Baba has NO right to defend Woody Allen. She wasn't there, was she? It's people like her who enable pedophilia, who enable celebrities, who make it so difficult for abused kids to speak up. Walters should be ashamed of herself, defending a man who seduced Soon-Yi Previn when she was a teenager and he was 55 years old.