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Mia Farrow Gave Woody Allen A Life-Threatening Valentine’s Day Card 20 Years Ago?!?

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It’s been a bitter, back and forth battle of he-said, she-said that has lasted more than 20 years.

Woody Allen and Mia Farrow’s relationship has been full of shocking revelations from both parties, including accusations that the Oscar-winning director once sexually molested their adoptive daughter Dylan.

Just last weekend, Dylan, now 28, penned a letter to the New York Times detailing the abuse she says Allen inflicted upon her. The published allegation has reopened old wounds and caused a new wave of controversy.

60 Minutes dug into its own archives this week and rereleased an interview they conducted with Woody in 1992, while he was in the middle of being investigated for child abuse. He tells Steve Kroft that not only did he never harm Dylan or any of Mia’s other children, but that Farrow and her actions should be the one’s on trial!

According to Woody, Mia gave him a very disturbing Valentine’s Day card that included a picture of her with all of her children. Each kid in the photo however has a needle sticking out of them and Mia has a steak knife stabbed through her heart!

On the handle of the knife was a picture of Soon-Yi Previn, Mia’s adoptive daughter, whom Woody married in 1997.

The TV news magazine had pictures of what that scary valentine looked like (pics below) and Allen admitted he found the card so violent that he feared for his life!

He shared the whole ordeal, explaining:

"She sent me a Valentine card. She didn't send it to me; she gave it to me. And I said, 'Oh, thanks,' you know. And I went downstairs, I got into my car and I opened it up, and there was a very, very, very chilling valentine, meticulously worked on. One hesitates to say psychotically worked on. And I got scared because, you know, that was, that was one of the times that I thought, 'My God, this is really,’ if you look at the thing, it's quite frightening.”

Frightening, yes. But is it real?!

While it would appear Woody has the valentine to corroborate his story, no one was there to see Mia give it to Woody.

To say this situation is just a mess would be the understatement of the century!

The judicial system found Woody to be innocent. But the verdict in the court of public opinion has yet to be reached.

Press PLAY below to watch Woody Allen tell his side of the story.

[Image via Joseph Marzullo/WENN.]

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18 comments to “Mia Farrow Gave Woody Allen A Life-Threatening Valentine’s Day Card 20 Years Ago?!?”

  1. mel says – reply to this



    Get your facts right! The judicial system did NOT find him innocent, they found that little Dylan was not able to testify because of trauma. Shame on you for even suggesting that this monster was found innocent. Dylan is the victim and for you and these other piece of shit Hollywood putz's to proclaim his innocence is an injustice all on it's own.

  2. Alien says – reply to this


    Well, a mother that just found out her child was abused would write a mean letter….Woody is lucky that's all he got.

  3. 3

    I saw a picture of Mia Farrow's card at the NY Daily News. It's very disturbing– like Fatal Attraction disturbing. In addition to that, she also threatened to kill Woody several times. She was a total psycho. I've had my own share of toxic relationships, but Mia makes me look good. No matter how naughty you are, there's always someone in this world who's way more screwed up than you are. You never mentioned the tweet about Dylan Farrow that got Stephen King into trouble. He posted an official apology on his website a couple days ago. But he is still my favorite writer. Even good guys have bad days.

  4. @v@ says – reply to this


    It's an allegorical 'he put a knife through all of his family member's hearts'…and I note that he isn't in the photo so how does the card (allegedly) from her threaten HIS life? Whoever
    created it was certainly in a disturbed state.

  5. mel says – reply to this


    Re: Talia88 – I am blown away that you would suggest that WOODY ALLEN is a good guy, please say you didn't compare Stephen King and Woody Allen. You are far more disturbed that what you write, it's clearly what you imply. 'Even good guys have bad days' You sound like these Hollywood pieces of crap that think sleeping with children is OK. Of course she is pissed off, he was sleeping with her 17 year old daughter. How disgusting is that…lady I really hope you don't spawn. From a mother would that would rip anyone to shreds with my own hands for harming my child.

  6. 6

    Re: mel – Amen…way too many women and boys are getting molested in this world…and these creeps always say "I am innocent" crap…IF any of you have been abused or has had a friend abused, you know how horrible these men are…It is obvious Woody is a pedophile..he MARRIED his foster child people!!!! What is wrong with you people? Geez…He should be banned from Hollywood and put in jail for life…shall I mention the pics that Mia found of him and soon yi when she was a child? So typical of some wanting to make Mia look like a witch- but I would be crazed too if the man I was with molested my kids…it is a fact.

  7. 7

    How is this Valentine "threatening"? It's an expression of the pain that her and her family are going through. It's not like Woody Allen is in the picture with a knife in his heart or something.
    If I were him and got this card, I wouldn't feel "threatened" I would feel like a royal a""hole for causing so much devastating pain to my entire family.

  8. bebe says – reply to this


    This is how I felt when I saw that valentine card: I felt the extreme pain that Mia and her children suffered. I felt anger and hatred against Woody for taking advantage of Mia and for bringing such pain to her and her beautiful children. No, I don't find that card scary at all. I find Woody and his apologists very scary in their endless character assassination of Mia — a great humanitarian that I admire. Their vicious attacks made me hate Woody and his apologists more than ever.

  9. parade says – reply to this


    Re: mel – white culture is ageist and calls older men pervs for dating 40 year old mature women much their junior too. So, maturity really isnt the issue. Older women (the mothers of society) train society to hate older men who fall in love with young women no-matter the age of of the younger woman or the relation to him. I never got that training due to my own parents age difference but most people dont come from my kind of family. Older women defend their turf from younger women by teaching society to vilify older men with young women. And most people dont have IQ's high enough to see thats whats going on. Society is so ageist, it cant even bring itself to admit the age of consent is 16 or 17 in more states than it is 18.

  10. Comment says – reply to this


    She is crazy. That is all there is to it.

  11. I Have Seen Crazy says – reply to this


    I keep telling people that all the Dylan accusations are fake. Mia Farrow is psychotic. A lot of women lie in this world. Some women are very crazy. I covered the Perverted Justice organization for a paper. You know the ones who set up men on the internet. Just about every member of that group had major psychological issues. One woman was paranoid schizophrenic and literally believed all men were molesters. They ruined so many innocent men's lives. People have caught on now because the website has not been updated since 2010. But they hurt thousands of men and manufactured evidence. They are all now under investigation and many don't know it. The best thing for them to do is come clean because half the member are turning on each other. I have seen crazy women. Mia is one of them. Normal people handle hurt differently. They don't send knives in cards. If he is capable of that, she is capable of coaching her daughter to say he was molested. Come on people. I know everyone wants to side with women all the time. But really? Knives?

  12. How says – reply to this


    How in the world are people saying sending knives in a card is normal and just a symbol? It is psychotic. Serial killers do this stuff. Are we this stupid in this nation? The woman is crazy and could easily have brainwashed her daughter. We talk about child abuse — maybe Mia is the abusive one.

  13. Wow says – reply to this


    Re: bebe – Then you are crazy and need help. Psychopaths do what Mia did. Normal sane people handle things differently.

  14. Read the Comments says – reply to this


    You can tell the crazy women who are projecting their own abuse on to everyone and everything. These women have done this their whole lives. They ruined relationships. Falsely accused people in their lives. All because they never sought help. People think that Victims can never become Abusers. He reality is that Victims turn into Abusers. All these women saying they are abused and condoning Mia sending knives in cards have probably falsely accused a man or abused someone themselves. I have seen more than one female victim become a serial liar and a false accuser.

  15. Women Lie says – reply to this


    Women lie a lot. It is that simple. The sad part is most women know this because most women don't trust other women. All of them have had boyfriends or husbands stolen by other women. Yet, they immediately trust an abuse claim. All the new abuse cases in the courts are all entrapment cases. There are hundreds of them daily. Those men aren't abusers. They are invited to meet. In all my history of law enforcement, I have never seen a real victim invite their attacker. Never. Many men are getting falsely accused and set up. Victims do not pursue or invite. Let me ask all the women out there that were really abused —- did you pursue your attacker and invite your attacker? I highly doubt it. Yes, there is rape and abuse. But also, yes there is a lot false allegations and lies on the part of women. I wish we could send women to jail for false allegations. Then it would be easier to prosecute the real cases because then only real victims would come forward.

  16. ... says – reply to this


    I think that Woody Allen is a child abuser and that Mia Farrow is good for the straitjacket! Could someone take these two mentally ill in a psychiatric hospital as soon as possible?

  17. Meli says – reply to this


    Woody Allen is a creepy mofo…! and Mia has every right to behave the way that she has! If my child ever says they have been molested, I'd bury the person!!

  18. @Meli says – reply to this


    Re: Meli – Well there you go. Meli you are part of the problem. You are ready to bury someone you do not even know. We should follow you around for day and see how many things you do wrong