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Leonardo DiCaprio Got His Drugged Out Wolf Of Wall Street Inspiration From A Viral Video?!

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leonardo dicaprio got wolf of wall street drug inspiration from youtube video

The Internet wins again!

Anyone who saw The Wolf of Wall Street remembers the silly scene when Leonardo DiCaprio is on Quaaludes, but since he’s never done drugs, how did he prepare?

By going on YouTube and finding the video Drunkest Guy Ever Goes for More Beer.


In the clip, a very drunk man struggles to stay standing while trying to get another six-pack. Spoiler alert: he falls, A LOT!

But this is what did the trick to inspire Leo! He said he “obsessively” watched it, and added:

"It's not just the fact that he was sort of elasticated and trying to get [up], it was his motivation that was really intriguing. He had one singular goal, one that was to get a beer out of the 7-Eleven, and it took him a half an hour. And he was writhing around the floor. And people were watching and scratching their heads saying, 'What are you doing?' He just wouldn't stop reaching for something that was a life-sustaining force for him."

Ha! That’s a perfect analysis of the clip! However, Leo also got some info from the real Jordan Belfort, who, according to Leo, explained:

“He said, 'Look. You think that you're operating the same, but the mechanics of what your brain thinks and what your body actually physically manifests are two entirely different things.' "

Sounds awful! Remind us NEVER to do drugs!

And we’re so happy that Leo asked around about being on the stuff rather than try it for himself!

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6 comments to “Leonardo DiCaprio Got His Drugged Out Wolf Of Wall Street Inspiration From A Viral Video?!”

  1. Devante says – reply to this


    is this movie doing anything new? At this point, "white Wall Street conmen experience meteoric rise and disgraceful plummet, as accompanied by prostitutes and drugs; cause us to question our own social values" isn't new ground to tread. In a year where we had some pretty cool and unusual things happening in mainstream cinema (an animated "princess" movie where the most important relationship was between two sisters, a space thriller whose face was a middle-aged woman, a high-grossing action movie starring a young woman, a sci-fi blockbuster where 2/3 leads were NOT white men, a female buddy-cop movie), this just seems….tired.

  2. 2

    my baby is da best

  3. BilboBaggins says – reply to this


    You know what. I remember when Heath Ledger made a movie about drug addicts called Candy. I remember him doing interviews for the movie and he said he had never ever done drugs and never would, even though he realistically played a drug addict in Candy. That's all I have to say. My point is, after another wonderful actor has died from drugs, and left a family who is heart broken and they will never get over it, I don't believe any of these guys anymore. I am not saying Leo does drugs, but I am not saying he doesn't either. Nothing surprises me anymore.

  4. 4

    last weeks news on every other blog site!!!

  5. m says – reply to this


    except that video is of a guy on horse tranquillizers not drunk..

  6. 6

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