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Woody Allen's Molestation Accusation From Dylan Farrow: 10 Facts About The Situation That You Need To Know!

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woody allen ten things we know molestation case

This situation has been so, so difficult to hear about.

Dylan Farrow bravely came forward in an open letter in the New York Times to address her molestation accusations against Woody Allen, and since then there has been a whirlwind around her.

And while there have been a lot of claims on both sides, there are some serious facts in this difficult and painful matter.

We've got ten facts for you about the molestation accusation that are important to keep in mind:

1. Woody was originally accused of molesting Dylan in 1992 when he was investigated for such a crime. At the time, the state's attorney decided not to prosecute Woody as they believed Dylan was too fragile to handle a court case.

2. Woody had been in therapy with a child psychologist for alleged inappropriate behavior with Dylan. Later, when the case began, it was determined that Woody had exhibited behaviors that were "grossly inappropriate and that measures must be taken to protect her." Judge Elliott Wilk had agreed with Mia Farrow who was suspicious of Woody's actions toward their young child.

3. Mia ended up gaining custody of their child, Dylan. Woody was not granted visitation rights.

4. Woody recently responded to Dylan with his own open letter in which he blamed Mia for masterminding this situation and brainwashing Dylan into thinking this abuse happened. He also brought up questions about whether or not Ronan Farrow is really his son or the son of Frank Sinatra.

5. Dylan has received an outpouring of celebrity support. From Lena Dunham to Rosie O'Donnell, many people have supported her decision to address this matter publicly as an adult.

6. On the other side, Woody has received support from Barbara Walters, which has resulted in much backlash for her. He has also received support from his other child, and Dylan's brother, Moses Farrow.

7. Dylan's abuse claims have remained consistent. Three adults were present the day of the abuse moment she has recounted, and they have confirmed seeing a number of the things happen that she had said happened. One adult confirmed that Woody and Dylan went missing for a short amount of time during that later, while a babysitter confirmed seeing Woody with his head in Dylan's lap while facing her body as well that day. And finally, a tutor for the family confirmed finding Dylan without underwear under her sundress that day.

8. Woody refused to take a lie detector test at the time of the molestation accusations. Instead of taking the test administered by the Connecticut state police, he had someone hired by his legal team. The test was not accepted as evidence.

9. Despite what Woody has claimed, it was determined by Judge Elliott Will that Mia had not coached Dylan into saying these things about molestation. He said there was "no credible evidence to support Mr. Allen’s contention that Ms. Farrow coached Dylan or that Ms. Farrow acted upon a desire for revenge against him for seducing Soon-Yi."

10. While the Yale-New Haven Hospital Child Sex Abuse Clinic had determined Dylan was not sexually molested, this decision was not accepted by Judge Wilk. As the panel only consisted of two social workers and a pediatrician, the judge had reservations about the reliability of the results. No psychologists or psychiatrists were involved in this investigation, so the judge did not accept claims that Dylan had trouble separating fantasy from reality.

We just hope that Dylan can find peace with this ordeal.

We can't imagine the struggle, and she only deserves the best.

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30 comments to “Woody Allen's Molestation Accusation From Dylan Farrow: 10 Facts About The Situation That You Need To Know!”

  1. Dalek says – reply to this


    oh yeah, also, he did it. dirty old man.

  2. Joseph says – reply to this


    Typical media spin. This is he-said she- said. You can read another article where they spin the facts the other way to support Woody's side. But then again, I don't think people come to Perez Hilton for journalistic integrity.

  3. annainparis says – reply to this


    If the sex abuse clinic said she was not molested, as experts this in itself should be the end of it (this is scientific evidence and shouldn't be linked to the psychiatrist's role). Well, Mia didn't take the test either. For an ordeal considered 'hers', Dylan has dragged many people: Woody, Cate, Annie Hall! As for her support, the fact that Lea and Rosie, having themselves disorder problems, doesn't stand for a fair judgment/ assessment (tha's hell of a small support communiy considering that she wrote three letters in the NY times!!!)

  4. 4

    Re: Joseph – I agree. The info can be spun either way. It will always be he said/she said with no resolution. Unless another victim comes forward, it will be a toss-up.

  5. tinav says – reply to this


    I still believe that he didn't. she never changed her story, he lost custody of her and on top of that he fell in love with someone that used to be his step-daughter. Hollywood is full of evil people with lots of money to do whatever they want.

  6. 6


  7. Crystal says – reply to this


    You are just taking things from her letters and using them as facts. Those are facts from HER point of view. You can also take ten things from his letter and make them facts in this "case" as well. If she wanted justice she should have stuck with the just sending out that first letter and then she should have sought out legal help. No one will ever know the truth unless they somehow find a way to re-open the case, which I don't think they can do due to statute of limitations.

  8. 8

    I have such a hard time with this. For years I have loved Wood Allen. But if he did this I cannot go on supporting him. Problem is we can never know for sure. Both sides have argued their points and both point out things that lead me to doubt what I believe. Yes abuse victims should speak out! But to what end? What happens when it actually isn't true and an innocent mans life is ruined? … There is no way to get it right in this situation. I just don't know what to think…

  9. 9

    Instead of writing an open letter to the NYT Dylan should press charges against woody and take the case to court. If she wants resolution and peace of mind and more importantly the truth of what really happened she needs to get out of the court of public opinion and get the case in front of a judge. Without a court case then it's going to be forever a case of he said she said.

  10. Amanda griffiths says – reply to this


    The only fact I need to know… He's a douche bag. End of story.

  11. charlie says – reply to this


    Re: PixieDust111 – she cant…since it happened so long ago the statute of limitations comes into play.

  12. flier says – reply to this


    I'm absolutely not dismissing Dylan's accusations but here are some other information:

    Psychiatrists who worked on Dylan's case from Yale DID say that she was not molested, and in probably coached.

    Soon-Yi was NEVER Woody's step-daughter. She was Mia's step daughter with Andre Previn. Woody was never her father figure. Oh, and Mia Farrow did cause Andre Previn to divorce his then wife, Dory Previn, right about the time the molestation accusations happened.. oh and this song by Dory Previn also existed called "With My Daddy In The Attic" (our brain does weird things sometimes..)

    As for the boycotting the art of someone because of accusations, whether true or not.. If a singular person invented the internet and happened to be a pedophile or a murderer, would you stop using the internet? Just to put things in perspective.. I think that art should be separated from its maker. Experiencing somoenes art does not necessarily mean supporting them.. it's part of history.. Charles Manson? etc..

    And also, another fact is that if someone is questioning Dylan, it doesn't necessarily mean they're on Woody's side.

  13. Bob says – reply to this


    These two articles have me convinced that Allen is not guilty:

  14. amihet says – reply to this


    Re: flier – Soon-yi was Mia and Andre's adopted daughter (not step-daughter) as you stated. Woody was living with Mia common-law and they also adopted a couple of children together. He had been with Mia for about ten years and yes he was a father figure and a step-father to the children. I also heard years ago Woody say that he kept his own place where he could escape and sometimes sleep. Thats where Mia found a naked photo of Soon-yi on his fire place mantle. For an old man to have an affair with a teenager who happened to be his common wife's adopted daughter, I find it immoral. He had known Soon-yi since she was a toddler and It begs the question, how long had he been molesting Soon-Y? What Woody did was evil and calculating and no wonder that sex abused victims are afraid of coming out because society turns a blind eye, or refuses to believe it and the victim is victimized all over again. Don't be surprised if the two girls that he and Soon-Yi adopted come out with claims of sexual abuse and how in the hell was he able to adopt two girls?

  15. Perez Dickhead says – reply to this


    This is absolutely retarded. So basically Perez Hilton doesn't understand anything about the concept of "evidence." Yet another crystal clear example of the fetishizing and celebration of "victims" in online trash media.

    Am I the only one who hopes that Perez Dickhead gets violently and brutally raped?

  16. 16

    Re: charlie – Thanks you beat me to it.
    I have no strong opinion and do not know enough of the facts. But I do not like his movies with the exception of Annie Hall.

  17. Dave Infinger says – reply to this


    I very honest written account of what really happened. My thanks to the writer of this news article. NBCABCCBS and others could learn something from you.

    I believe Dylan Farrow. Woody Allen is a pervert and anyone who would defend this pervert after he married his wife's daughter needs help. They are in the same camp as the crowd who believe OJ is innocent.

  18. 18

    Perez demonstrates his complete ignorance and incompetence again.
    1. Judge Wilk is a biased fraud who rejected scientific proof and perverted the justice system with his asinine, innuendo-filled rulings.
    2. Woody Allen, a claustrophobe separated from deranged Mia, was cleared of accusations he molested his daughter in a tiny attic with eight other people in the house.
    3. Mia Farrow is a vicious, vengeful, bitter woman who has a long history of lying and mental illness. If, as she alludes, Ronan Farrow is actually Sinatrs's son, then she was lying all along about Woody being the father.
    4. Mia has every right to be angry that Woody ran off with Mia's young adopted daughter Soon-Yi. But creepy is not illegal. Making up vicious lies is illegal.
    5.Perez has always been an incompetent, hypocritical, bullying ignoramus. But this latest example proves why he is so hated.
    6.Woody marrying his former girlfriend's adopted daughter may creep out most people, but 20 years later, their happy family and long-term marriage deserves respect. I have no doubt that 20 years from now Perez' creepy, inappropriate adoption will not lead to the same level of happiness Woody, Soon-Yi and their family enjoy. Perez is by far the creepiest dad alive nd that poor already-pimped-out kid is gonna have major problems.
    7. Balance Perez, balance. Try some. Moron.

  19. Suika07 says – reply to this


    Re: annainparis – …did you even read the article? The Yale-New Haven team was not a sex abuse clinic, first off. Secondly, a pediatrician that Mia took Dylan too found enough concern about the allegations to report it to the authorities in the first place. Thirdly, Mia declined to take the test administered by WOODY'S hand picked team. She was not offered a test by the police. Woody would not take the test the police offered, he only took the one FROM HIS TEAM, which was not accepted by the judge as admissible for court, (in other words, in the eyes of legality, that lie detector test was worthless).

  20. Michelle says – reply to this


    If u care so much why would you write this article ?

  21. innocent bystander says – reply to this


    Another fact you missed. Woody and Soon-Yi have adopted two children and gone through all of the scrutiny that comes with being an adoptive parent. Why would the same state that determined he was a child molester agree to allow him to be an adoptive parent?

  22. Grandier says – reply to this


    That's not even an article. #5 Important Point: Dylan gets an outpouring of celebrity support? Clicked the wrong link for news and facts. It's smart to discount Yale-New Haven Hospital Child Sex Abuse Clinic and praise three babysitters, ALL THREE WHO COULDN'T FIND THE 7-YEAR-OLD CHILD THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO PROTECT for 15-20 minutes. You, and the judge, trust three babysitters over a lie detector test and the Yale Clinic, and present that as some kind of fact. They let the child out of their sight, but the Yale Clinic are the bozos? Whoever wrote this is an idiot.

  23. femalerebel says – reply to this


    Do you know how easy it would be to call you a pervy child molester, Perez, and how difficult it would be to disprove a claim once made? And now YOU'RE getting touted as a legit expert on this, LOL. Even you must realize how ludicrous that is.

  24. reto says – reply to this


    those 10 points alleged as facts are lies one by one- everyone can check the true facts.
    shame, shame and shame tp perez tilton!

  25. IstandwithDylan says – reply to this


    I read Mia Farrow's book "What Falls Away" released in 1997. I cried as I read Mia's story. She is one strong woman who I believe has endured much at the hands of Woody Allen.

    Her children alsoo were victim's of his. Mia's book is based on fact and she often reads the actual rulings and after listening to it.

    I understand better the viciousness of Allen. He is an abuser typically described in many books I have read, by authors like Lundy Bancroft. It's amazing she manages to stay strong. I think she has been a good mother and this helped Dylan at a most terrible time in her life.

    Dylan is a true inspiration to many. She has showed an incredible strength and I thank her. She is helping many, many children and adults who have suffered abuse.

    If you want to know the truth read the chapters on Allen. I am glad I did and I found Mia to be an inspiration as a parent having to live through sexual and physical and emotional abuse of the worst kind.

  26. Jill F says – reply to this


    The doctors and hospital did not find that there was "no sexual abuse." They found no evidence of abuse, such as injuries or std's. The absence of these things does not prove the absence of abuse, because sexual abuse does not always cause injuries.

  27. Bunny says – reply to this


    I feel your pain, Dylan. You see I too was molested as an infant.
    40 years ago, Elvis slipped into my crib and had his way with me.
    U can read about it when my book deal goes through. And be sure to watch me on all the the talk shows, and read about it in all the web blogs, Also watch for my feature film.
    I will divulge this much: Elvis isn't the man you might think.

  28. sparkleplenty says – reply to this


    Re: Suika07 – Woody should have fled Mia Farrow as quickly as her other 2 husbands. The woman is a black widow spider.

  29. Anastasia Beaverhausen says – reply to this


    Re: Conage – Mia was never asked to take a polygraph.

  30. Frank says – reply to this


    Perez, I haven't been here in over 10 years, but I found this article interesting. Still, I can barely read it without the page moving to another page because of all the junk here. Fix it, please!