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Beyoncé & President Obama Are Having An Affair According To French Newspaper! Feel Free To Roll Your Eyes Now!

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obama beyonce affair ap doodle

The leader of the free world and the queen of all things wonderful having a secret love affair?!?

Um, sorry, whaaaa?! In what fantasy world would Beyoncé and President Barack Obama ever be romantically involved?

The answer is apparently France!

A leading French newspaper, le Figaro, picked up the scoop of the Prez and Bey’s hush-hush hookups after paparazzo Pascal Rostain spilled the rumor in a radio interview!

Mr. Rostain happens to be friends with the former First Lady of France, Carla Bruni, and promised that this bombshell would blow up in Obama and Beyoncé's faces!

He exclaimed:

"It'll go out tomorrow in the Washington Post. I can assure you that the world will talk about it.”

Well, sorry Frenchie, but the Post is now pledging to not waste a drop of ink on this totally outlandish tale! They slammed the sensational story earlier today and reiterated that they have no plans to publish Pascal's accusations.

Sure, American presidents have a bit of a track record with infidelity. Heck, we still can’t look at a blue dress the same way thanks to Bill Clinton.

But Queen Bey and Barry O?


No proof, no evidence, NO WAY!

[Image via AP Images.]

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21 comments to “Beyoncé & President Obama Are Having An Affair According To French Newspaper! Feel Free To Roll Your Eyes Now!”

  1. 1

    they want to stop all the gay talk. did you all see the pics of barry and reggie walking on the beach? you'll have to search for them

  2. get over it ! says – reply to this


    love the economy and i just paid my taxes !

  3. 3

    If language has meaning the word "Frenchie" is derogatory. I would advise not using it at all, especially when speaking to or about the French culture.

  4. Tazleana says – reply to this


    They're not having an affair. They can't even if they wanted to. They don't have enough privacy. It would be impossible since both of them live in a fishbowl.

  5. annainparis says – reply to this


    Well, there is no denying his fondness for women and the presidential couple has been pretty distant lately, and woncé walking around in her skimpy skirt at the white house lately with Bo in between her legs and Michelle nowhere to be seen and found. It always stroke me that she wouldn't give them herself a tour, she is the lady of the house after all. Pascal Rostain is usually known for his provocative (but rue) statements. To be continued…

  6. DocReality says – reply to this


    Why she would want to cheat on a husband who is creative, bright and successful — and do so with the biggest loser the American people have ever elected — makes no sense. Talk about a step DOWN. On the other hand, though, Beyoncé herself is a classic example of amazing talent not going hand-in-hand with intelligence… but if she were having an affair, she could do so much better than his Holiness Barack Hussein. #WorstPrezEver

  7. Barry says – reply to this


    The biggest loser? That would be George W. Bush.
    It was a sad day for America when the Republicans got him into office and every Republican candidate has gotten worse since then.
    To wit: the grossly incompetent Sara Palin
    Or the even more awful Mitt Romney.
    In their lust for power the good old religious Republicans done almost pushed a cultist like Mittens into the White House.
    We can all thank God he lost.

  8. g peters says – reply to this



    Nothing much to say but you my friend are idiot. No need in trying to argue your asinine statements. If you really think Obama has been a good president your are a dyed-in-the-wool liberal that can not face reality. Was Bush a great president, no but to sit here 6 years later and still blame the state of the economy, etc. on him is a cop out.

  9. 9

    French Bullshit!

  10. Connie says – reply to this


    The state of the economy now is better than it was under Bush. WTF are rightwingers and conspiracy nuts trying to do. Yes we have a black president deal with it. Beyonce and Obama having an affair, good god what will they think up next. Idiots.

  11. apple says – reply to this


    why not? everything can be possible with those folks. they are masters in hiding stuff.

  12. M.Bennett says – reply to this


    Wackadoodle republicans. Always backing the wrong causes. No we won't go back to the last centuries and you can't make us.

  13. Merde says – reply to this


    Rolling eyes. The French, they is a funny race parlez-vous!

  14. Frenchgirl says – reply to this


    le figaro did not reveal the story, it's the photographer who said it in an interview. And after that they made an article to say it was untrue. Get your story straight please.

  15. 15

    marlyn monroe and JFK i mean it has happened and i dont even like Beyoncé however, i always find it weird she happens to be at so many major events for the president…. omg what if its like Scandal haha all i can write is a lot of ppl wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 16

    Re: Tazleana – really!!?? Does the name John Kennedy ring any bells?

  17. @v@ says – reply to this


    Well, she's gorgeous, so who could blame him if he were (which I really doubt) except for his wife and family… Those french with their taxing gallivanting Hollande and his move to woman number 3. Do they feel Hollande somehow needs company to thin out all the scandal? Bey seems to adore JZ and vice versa. Unless JZ's been naughty…
    Nah. He wouldn't be that stupid.

  18. chillax62 says – reply to this


    Re: annainparis – oh please Pascal denied it yesterday finally claiming it's a hoax!

  19. URNATIONALEMBARRASMENT says – reply to this


    Re: Barry – even on he's second term ,He Still blames Bush all day long
    but what he doesn't tell you is he has spent twice's
    much as bush Already and still he's got almost 3 years 2 go ,NOTHING THIS MAN HAS DONE HAS BEEN CORRECT OR TRUE
    what dangerously stupid man he is ,
    i hope he's bosses and the KKK impeach he's ass
    for being criminal liar fake ass celebrity wanna be THAT SUCKS AT EVERYTHING HE DOES
    thinking he's slick 247

  20. sue says – reply to this


    someone in france didn't get the memo It's not possible O has evolved

  21. repunto says – reply to this


    beyoncé u are de woman de most stupid on sex planet