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Flappy Bird's Developer Spills The Real Reason He Removed The App & Yes, It Will Leave You Feeling As Confused As Ever

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Looks like it's game over forever for Flappy Bird, but why?!

When we first heard Flappy Bird was removed from the App Store and the Google Play Store, we felt like we just crashed into a green pipe.

It hurt. It hurt real bad. Just like a dead parrot, this Flappy Bird is no more. It has ceased to be.

Finally, in a recent interview, Flappy Bird's developer Dong Nguyen gave us all the real reason as to why he would deprive generations to come of his AH-Mazing game:

“Flappy Bird was designed to play in a few minutes when you are relaxed. But it happened to become an addictive product. I think it has become a problem. To solve that problem, it’s best to take down Flappy Bird. It’s gone forever.”

So, wait…he removed one of his products because it was TOO successful? Mind you, he was reportedly making around $50,000 a day from his creation!

Dong went on to say that if any of his future games became as equally addictive, he'll pull them as well from the digital shelves, as the app apparently made him lose sleep.

Oh, well. Guess we'll have to save up for the next year or decade to buy a smart phone with the app on eBay!

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29 comments to “Flappy Bird's Developer Spills The Real Reason He Removed The App & Yes, It Will Leave You Feeling As Confused As Ever”

  1. 1

    What an idiot!

  2. Dlimza-child says – reply to this


    Does it bother anyone else his name is Dong?

  3. Doncha Just Know says – reply to this


    Re: rockermom94 – Why? Because he wasn't a greedy pig? Because he probably made millions and that was enough? Sounds like you're the idiot.

  4. Mydoona says – reply to this


    its a stupid game, with poor graphics and is very hard, I CAN'T EVEN get passed the second post.

  5. Tim says – reply to this


    He commited suiside & died.

  6. Layla says – reply to this


    That's so not the truth. It's cause he is being sued cause the sound when going through the pipes sounds exactly like that from the Super Mario game. Such lies!

  7. FlappyStinks says – reply to this


    This story gets more ridiculous as it goes on.
    He probably sleeps with a gun under his pillow now.

  8. Dustin says – reply to this


    I downloaded this game on the phone I don't even use anymore. Who wants it?

  9. Jessica says – reply to this


    @Dustin sell it on ebay! One went for 10k!

  10. troller says – reply to this


    Well, fall back to angry birdz

  11. luigi says – reply to this


    Re: troller – hehe

  12. jules says – reply to this


    Anyone want to buy my i5s with flappy birds for $1,000,000. Negotiable.

  13. Ngô Anh says – reply to this


    I am Vietnamese, and i think he is true

  14. FlappyBird'sPoutyLips says – reply to this


    That game is nonsense but a lot of people got addicted to it. I read a news about a teenager in Texas who stabbed his brother to death for bullying him because he had only level 6 while his brother reached level 24 in that game. He even said ”people who play that game will understand why i did it”..


  15. Dawna says – reply to this


    Sounds like a guy with convictions and morals. Oh noes, lets bash him!

  16. Sabrina says – reply to this



  17. kochos says – reply to this


    he seems to be a wise man…money is not the answer…freedom is the answer

  18. Melissa says – reply to this


    I don't understand then how did I downloaded from the Google play store yesterday when he'd already deleted it??? Wierd though.

  19. Melissa says – reply to this


    What I Think is that this is just something h he did after buying hundreds o cheap cell phones downloading the app there and now he's selling them on Ebay. I can assure you thatThere is more money there than with the app. Nice move.

  20. Jason says – reply to this


    Re: Mydoona – cuz u suck Re: Sabrina – then gtfo making a pointless comment about it is wasting your time

  21. alex says – reply to this


    yea well. I never got to play the game. but I understand the reasons of y he came to this conclusion. since it was the reason of why a 11 year old girl was stabbed and killed by her older sister for flappy bird.

  22. Kyle says – reply to this


    People can still get the game for droid just download the apk he may have pulled it from the play store doesn't mean it's gone though

  23. kyle says – reply to this


    Re: jules – why would anybody waist money on your phone when we can simply go to Google type in flappy bird apk and get it for free

  24. nick berry says – reply to this


    I made a version of it called floppy duck you fan find it at floppyduck.com get your fix there!

  25. ahf says – reply to this


    lol just type flappy bird apk over google and have fun ( not for the not so hi tech ppl )

  26. ahmad says – reply to this


    All who can't even get pass the 2nd are saying this is a stupid game.. Otherwise this game is superb.. Having simplicity and addictive power at the same time.. That's the brillance..

  27. lauren says – reply to this


    I love the game but the pipes looked like mario and the bird looked like a cheep cheep and the floor looks like the ground from super Mario world but I still love the game! :)

  28. CrazyFlipper46 says – reply to this


    I love flappy bird I can't stop thinking about how it got deleted from the App Store?????????

  29. Dynomite Dillon says – reply to this


    I love the game and it is so addictive i dont understand why ge gave up 5k a day!!! I wish flappy bird would come back so much!!but i downloaded flappy bird the new season and its just like flappybird so i guess someone else made one just like it.i dunno!