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Julia Roberts' Half-Sister Nancy Motes Left Suicide Note Allegedly Blaming The Oscar-Winning Actress For All Her Troubles!

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julia sister suicide note

The news of Julia Roberts' half-sister Nancy Motes' sudden death has rocked the entire family involved with questions…

And now, they might finally be given the answers they've been searching for.

A spokesperson from the Office of the Los Angeles County Department of Coroner is confirming that there were suicide notes on site:

"All we're saying at this point was that there was a note found."

Although we have no actual confirmation from the coroner, a source told the New York Daily News that an EMT discovered a five-page suicide letter rant about how Julia was the driving force behind ending her own life:

”There were three pages of rantings that her sister drove her to do this. There was one page to her mom, telling her how much she loved her, and one page apologizing to (her fiancé John Dilbeck).”

We know Nancy's hatred for her half-sis isn't too far fetched—considering we reported about an aggressive Twitter bashing that Nancy performed, just a few weeks before her passing.

This entire situation is so sad.

Hopefully all will be explained, sooner rather than later!

[Image via Apega/Twitter/WENN.]

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19 comments to “Julia Roberts' Half-Sister Nancy Motes Left Suicide Note Allegedly Blaming The Oscar-Winning Actress For All Her Troubles!”

  1. karen says – reply to this


    If she blamed Oral Roberts, you'd call her crazy, but because it's her sister people are giving it play like she could've been at fault. Remember Christina Crawford, Joan's adopted daughter? All the real torture she went through & she's still alive. Some people are just not strong enough to live.

  2. 2

    Do you love it, do you hate it…there it is the way you made it. Someone else is not responsible for YOUR life.

  3. Lindsay says – reply to this


    Julia's sister had a drug problem. Everyone knows this and Julia tried to help her several times, but Julia and everyone else had enough and just had to remove themselves from it. Her sister had problems and it's sad it had to end this way, but it's not Julia's fault. She has kids, she can't keep trying to help an addict (and to make it worse, an addict who repeatedly sold stories to the tabloids about her).

  4. SuckItTrebek says – reply to this


    Julia's sister is just sad, its not her sisters responsibility to help you make it in moveis and TV. If she thinks her sister was harsh when she criticised her weight she has no idea what actors take when they are looking for work. Nobody else is responsible for your destiny. Its up to you to do the work and make it. Her neice is very successful and she may have had some help from Julia at the start but it was her that got her role after role. The facts are that Nacy was a drug addict and Julia probably gave her more years to her life by not helping her break it Hollywood because drugs are even more easily accessible.

  5. 5

    Re: michellt – Agree completely. Julia probably stopped giving her money because she knew it was just going towards drugs. You can't enable someone. They need to be responsible for their own life.

  6. Melissa says – reply to this


    It's such a sad story as clearly the woman had sever issues, far greater than we can understand. It's not someone else's responsibility if you have a drug or alchol issue. Not taking responsibility for your own reaction is a common symptom of addiction. May the woman Rest in Peace and I hope Julia will find peace eventually after this horrific event and the family pulls together.

  7. 7

    Re: Lindsay – Well said.

  8. 8

    I've been reading about nancy and her sister fat shaming her for years. my family had a chance meeting with the "ugly woman" and I believe every word nancy said. julia is ugly inside and out. rip nancy and to the family that loved her.

  9. BlameYourself says – reply to this


    What killed Nancy is her insecurities to her famous celebrity half-sister Julia Roberts.. she's blaming other people for her wrong choices in life..

  10. Alicia says – reply to this


    You can't blame other people for your own problems! Even if they weren't good to you, you have a choice wallow in it or move on from it. There are many people out there that family issues I am one of them, but it is up to ME how my life is lived!

  11. 11

    "Dead from jealousy" gets a whole new meaning here.

  12. 12

    Sick of people trying to make money or some fame from their famous family members! This woman didn't take responsibility of her life at 37 years old, neither of her death.
    Julia Roberts isn't even her Real sister, and as we know, has suffered enough in her childhood from the abusive stepfather, so she does not owe anything..

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    There are also people close to her that claim she didn't have a drug problem.
    It's a done deal now. Nothing left but the crying.

  14. Rachel says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl1309 – I know people who know Julia by living in her same town. They see her all the time and say she is one nasty human being. Very demanding, ugly personality and a downright b*tch to deal with. I, too, believe Nancy's story….100%.

  15. RainbowBrite says – reply to this


    Her issues and problems were not Julias responsibility. We don't even know if what she is saying is true. I have an estranged sister who blames everyone for her lot in life but herself. We've given her money, given her shelter, provided support and she repeatedly stabbed us in the back, lied and manipulated people, squandered every second chance everyone had given her. She still thinks its our fault. You cannot help someone that won't help themselves. So before everyone demonizes Julia, just know addiction starts with a choice, as does getting better.

  16. aFriend says – reply to this


    I was fortunate enough to see Nancy in both live performance and filmed on audition tapes. She had the most genuine grace of anyone who ever aspired to the craft of glamorous deception. She possessed a quiet intensity mixed from mellow sorrow and eternal hope which burned with intense emotional fire into the celluloid which she so bravely confronted with naked honesty. This world treated her like a cow callously tipped over in the dead of night amid cruel laughter as if she were unworthy of any attention. We have lost a brilliant star forever hidden from the most powerful telescope and this loss is her families, friends, and everyone else who has been deprived of the opportunity to gaze upon such perfect and genuine performance. Good rest, Nancy, sleep peacefully and let your rage dissipate as smoke vanishes in spiraling pirouettes into the camouflage of heaven.

  17. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: aFriend – Lovely.

  18. tina says – reply to this


    No one knows what the real truth is!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is not fair to judge any side since we do not know Nancy or Julia. Sister relashionships can be difficult. I hope what people say about Julia Roberts is not true and that she was a carring,loving sister.

  19. eljeran says – reply to this


    Re: Lindsay – that is a flat out LIE! Only Julia's people are saying Nancy had a drug problem. No ONE ELSE! Everyone does NOT KNOW THIS!!! and Julia never tried to help because Nancy wasn't an addict. SHe used drugs to kill herself, that doesnt mean she was an addict. Drug overdoses are the #1 way women choose to commit suicide. od you sound like Julias freaking publicist and those peoples job is to lie.