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Lea Michele Puts On Her Best Fanny Brice While Naya Rivera Steals The Show!

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lea michele fanny brice photo shoot glee

It's about to be a crazy ride!

And we were all just getting used to and loving Rachel and Santana's relationship on the show!

Photos from the upcoming Glee episode, 'Frenemies,' made their way to the internet, and we cannot wait to see how this all turns out!

In December, Lea Michele revealed there's going to be some juicy drama between her character and Naya Rivera's! From the looks of it, Rachel kinda sorta has every right to be worried or mad!

We'd be worried too if someone of equally great talent was our understudy for Fanny Brice! Santana looks like she KILLED her audition to be Rachel's understudy, judging by the pics (below)!

Eek, we would not want to be living in the same household! There would be tension everywhere!

How many more days until Glee comes back to our televisions?!

Ch-ch-check out the pics from 'Frenemies' (below)!

[Image via Fox.]

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12 comments to “Lea Michele Puts On Her Best Fanny Brice While Naya Rivera Steals The Show!”

  1. Gunny says – reply to this


    Glee does love to stray from reality and to stay with old themes, but in what entertainment world would Santana become an understudy in one tryout? Plus, the constant pitting of one girl against the other is getting old. I wish they could find something for Santana to do that's just her own thing and doesn't involve being mean. It is one of the problems of having an all male writing team.

  2. Tit says – reply to this


    Santana/Naya Rivera is going to kill this. When they give her rotten lemon she manages to make the best lemonade with it.

  3. Gleeky says – reply to this


    Re: Gunny – she was doing her own thing acting/dancing/commercials then this dumb story. She was also working at a dinner then everybody else started to work there. Santana hasn't been mean all season.

  4. Gleeky says – reply to this


    " Santana looks like she KILLED her audition to be Rachel's understudy" never underestimate this girl. She always amazes with her abilities.

  5. Lolly says – reply to this


    Typical, yet another storyline that pits two of the girls of Glee against one another. This show is so chauvinistic when it comes to the difference in the portrayal of male versus female characters. The boys are almost always shown to be "bros" who look out for one another like some "band of brothers" bullshit, the heroes who save the day, while the ladies are rarely allowed to be in scenes together for than 5 seconds before they're turning on each other like two rattle snakes trapped in a box, often show to be insecure and incapable of standing on their own two feet.

    This show lost all sense of direction in season 3. The best thing they could have done was ended it on a high when the first batch of characters graduated. Still, it will be interesting to look back 20 years from now at one of those "Where Are They Now? specials and see if anyone on the cast manages to continue in the business once the curtain finally closes.

    I don't think even Ryan Murphy's shining star Lea Michele can pull that one off, no matter how hard he has championed her since season 1.

  6. LilAngel says – reply to this


    In which universe would Santana be considered as talented enough to be Rachel's understudy? Lamest storyline ever for Glee

  7. R.T. says – reply to this


    Re: Gunny – I agree. Out of all the women who competed with Rachel at the auditions, none of them were good enough to be her understudy? Riiiight.

  8. But says – reply to this


    Re: LilAngel – bit in what universe would a girl because accepted in a prestigious performing arts school when she choke in her audition? In what universe would a girl get the leading female part when she lacks chemistry with the lead male?

  9. nayafan says – reply to this


    Re: LilAngel – Sorry to break it to you but Naya's vocals are stronger hun. She's also more modern sounding.

  10. Gunny says – reply to this


    Re: Lolly – Men do love to see cat fights so I agree there was a lot of chauvinism with the writers. I loved Pezberry in seasons 4 and now 5 and why I'm upset that they are pitting them against each other again. Surely professional writers should be able to think of some storyline in which two females can be friends for more than a few scenes. I disagree about Lea. She has sold more downloads than any other cast member and has won just about every poll that has existed on favorite character. She is multi-talented and already has Broadway and movie credentials. I like them all and hope they find something they love to do in the industry - they worked hard to entertain us.

  11. hahahahaha says – reply to this


    Re: nayafan – hahaha this is a joke right? lol please they're both great but Lea's vocals are muuuch stronger.

  12. nayafan says – reply to this


    Re: hahahahaha – No joke my opinion. Lea's voice is boring and she can ony sing Broadway tunes. The best singer that was on the show is amber riley. Second is Naya :D