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Julia Roberts has been quietly dealing with the death of her half-sister Nancy Motes and things have not been getting any easier for the actress. In fact… Read more…

11 comments to “Julia Roberts Struggling With Half-Sister Nancy Motes' Fiancé Over Possessions?! Afraid Something Personal Might Come Out!”

  1. @v@ says – reply to this


    'Insiders' could wait at least until the person is in the ground to do their insiding.

  2. tacogirl says – reply to this


    WOW, I guess you're team Julia…All i've heard and Read is that Julia Roberts was horrid
    to her sister, from "Private people" not celebrity sources. I tend to believe that Julia
    Roberts was a real B____.

  3. Hannah says – reply to this


    So the Julia Roberts spin machine is already disparaging the bereaved fiance by suggesting he MIGHT misuse his late fiancee's property such as her diary or family photos? Any evidence to back that up? Has he done anything like that?

    News flash, unless she left a valid will or any children, which I doubt, her mother (also Julia Roberts's mother) inherits everything she owns. The fiance can't do anything with it - not legally.

  4. 4

    I've been reading about the feud between those two for years. nancy would write how julia would "fat shame" her. Julia would say she wasn't going to her sisters wedding because if she did she'd ending having to pay for it. my family had the misfortune to be occupying the same space as the "ugly woman" it was an awful experience. RIP Nancy.

    I'll never pay money to watch anything with julia roberts in it.

  5. mr. bauld says – reply to this


    Julia has already ordered that her sister's body be delivered to her kitchen for her staff to prepare for dinner.

  6. geewhiz44 says – reply to this


    Julia Roberts is not squeaky clean. Remember long long ago when she was called "Hot Pant" in tabloids and why? On set she'd hop into bed with any guy who caught her eye! In her trailer. She spent a 3 day weekend romantic, sexual with JFK JR when she was engaged to Kieffter Sutherland. JFK Jr. wanted to continue their rendezvous but Julia decided no, be with Keiffer but 3 days before wedding dumped him. She wooed her present long time husband and he left his wife and I think a baby? She hasn't been a saint! But too many, like Oprah treat her with utmost respect. I wonder if her half sister's boyfriend is also angry at Julia? Did Julia express her fears to garner more publicity? Families treat other family members badly. Usually. Sad.

  7. Ryan says – reply to this


    Julia is not a perfect person, she makes mistake easier than non-celebrities, because fame and rich came too fast to Her when she was young. I think Julia may have problem but I also think Nancy does, too. I don't know why I have no sympathy on Nancy not because I support Julia, but because…Nancy choose to live in the shadow of her big star sister…'be yourself, Nancy. You choose to be controlled by your sister, you want to be like your sister but you don't have to actually. Nancy is dead, this makes Julia a killer, because you can never say anything bad to the dead people so the media, the public decide to let Julia Roberts take all the blame…it's not fair. By the way, if Nancy's husband try to sale the letter to media for money… I think he will be nothing different like Julia…'disgusting' and a phony.

  8. vioricabritton says – reply to this


    NANCY was ill-mannered towards JULIA? You have a strange definition of "ill mannered."

  9. vioricabritton says – reply to this


    NANCY was ill-mannered towards Julia?? You have a strange definition of "Ill mannered," dear. I suspect it's more a case of La Roberts wishing to keep the truth about her haranguing of her late sister under wraps.

  10. vioricabritton says – reply to this


    Re: vioricabritton – Zoinks - duplicate comment. Sorry for that. First time here.

  11. chachazoom says – reply to this


    Re: mr. bauld
    I concur