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Kris Jenner Is Keeping Up With The Rumor Mill To Deny, Deny, Deny! Bruce Jenner's Plans To Leave Are False!

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Well, it seems even if Bruce Jenner decides to take a transformative step, we will all get to see it!

Because even though we heard Bruce was ready to stop Keeping Up With the Kardashians, momager Kris Jenner is shooting down that grand plan! Ain't nobody leaving the small screen on her watch!

She quickly spoke out to set the record straight about the future of the show:

"We film together every day…Bruce had a speech on [the] east coast so he was gone for 24 hours…We start filming season ten in January, including Bruce."

Ahhhh. Yes, season TEN.

But what we heard is he wants out if the show is picked up for ANOTHER season. He's already signed on to season ten, so of course someone responsible like Bruce is going to stick to his promises.

Considering he's distancing himself from the Kardashian clan, we would be surprised to see him stick around for more madness.

Then again, we have a feeling Kris can be pretty intimidating convincing!

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4 comments to “Kris Jenner Is Keeping Up With The Rumor Mill To Deny, Deny, Deny! Bruce Jenner's Plans To Leave Are False!”

  1. 1

    this season is all about the piss-whore and her rapper. Nothing will get in the way of kimmys next big billion dollar wedding.

  2. 2

    piss whores, mother pimps, underage girls, selling sex tapes, just so they can go shopping. these people are POISON. when will this country, when will this television network realize that these people are TRASH and not funny or amusing or interesting or any good for anything except exploitation. PEOPLE OPEN YOUR EYES and this perex hilton is another CANCER on our country. he gets paid to show underage girls in skimpy clothes, hand picked by MY MOMMY MY PIMP just so they can go shopping some more. and the jackpot is always a wedding.

  3. lyn says – reply to this


    tards..people talk about perez and the kardashians yet they troll on his site to read then comment like they are here..how would you be here talkin shit unless you were reading all of his site to find this one.you aren't fooling anyone..i hope Bruce leaves unless he wants money.that kris lady pushed him so far out he didn't have any choice..he needs to find a nice lady and settle down!!

  4. The Matrix says – reply to this


    He will never be the same after his castration.