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George Zimmerman Is Worse Than Ever After Revealing How He Feels About Killing Trayvon In First Interview Since Murder Acquittal!

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Looks like somebody's back in the spotlight!

It wasn't too long ago that George Zimmerman was the defendant in the murder trial of Trayvon Martin.

George recently attempted to rebrand himself as an artist and boxer, but the elephant in the room is still the role he played in Trayvon's death. On Sunday he spoke with the press for the first time since being acquitted of murder and some of the things said were downright shocking.

He admitted to Univision that he doesn't regret shooting the teenager. George revealed:

“In my mind between God and me … I know that if I did not act the way I acted, I would not be here. When you hit your head repeatedly against the concrete, you have a broken nose, eyes full of blood and tears, you’re not in the position to do much."

In a separate interview with CNN on Monday, George confessed that he fears for his life every day.

He said:

"I have a lot of people saying that, you know, they guarantee that they're going to kill me and I'll never be a free man."

At one point, George told the world he was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. He also went so far as to blame President Barack Obama for making matters worse - George implied that the President milked the case in the media to win votes!

Wow!! That's a harsh allegation!

So why has George resorted to art and boxing? As it turns out, he's $2.5 million in debt thanks mostly to legal defense fees.

Yikes! Considering all of the anti-Obama rhetoric he spouted, George should consider getting a job at FOX News!

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13 comments to “George Zimmerman Is Worse Than Ever After Revealing How He Feels About Killing Trayvon In First Interview Since Murder Acquittal!”

  1. 1

    hey ****** you would be whistling a different tune if it had been a homo getting his head bashed against a cement sidewalk.

  2. JayMc says – reply to this


    Why would he regret defending himself? So stupid.

  3. Morgan says – reply to this


    I am curious as to why you keep putting this guys in the spotlight?
    He is not a celebrity, he killed a child. He does not deserve to get any type of media platform.

  4. mlyjn says – reply to this


    Re: Morgan – My thoughts exactly. He does not deserve a moment of media attention, it just makes him think he's more important than he really is.

  5. 5

    What he said about Obama milking the whole thing for his campaign was very true. And look where its got him, he's now one of the worst presidents.

  6. Lala says – reply to this


    Re: jbara79
    SoTrue, I Agree!

  7. Tiffany says – reply to this


    Re: jbara79 – I totally agree.

  8. Angela says – reply to this


    If you guys look up his video when he was arrested the night of a the shooting he has NO injuries head trauma eyes bleeding he would have been in the hospital or the least bandaged up, that's just my observation. His story doesn't add up, if this guy had any remorse for what he did he wouldn't be trying to use the spotlight, he hasn't even apologized to the family. Just sad all the way around.

  9. TruthTime2014 says – reply to this


    Re: JayMc – Hey a-hole he wasn't defending him self if you look up the vide he had no harm done to him. His eye wasn't swollen, no head trauma, nothing. He did what he wanted to do and killed an innocent kid. So yes he should regret it, apologize to the family, feel sorry and go away for good and I do not mean by death I just mean out of the spotlight and crawl back into the stone ages where his type of behavior was sadly acceptable.

  10. misty says – reply to this


    Hey georgie porgie…Karma is a bitch and you will get yours soon. Karma always finds one…no way to hide…and ya can't shoot Karma…so hang on georgie porgie…Karma will find you before you know it..good luck…

  11. Churningbutters says – reply to this


    Young black males commit more homicides per capita than any other demographic in the west. Its totally believable that George could have been in danger. The idea that every 17 year old black kid in a hoodie is an innocent sweetie pie is FULL OF SHIT. Black kids in hoodies took Detroit and destroyed it from the ground up. They destroyed the greatest industrial city white men every built and turned into the congo of the west and now that place cant attract investors. I didnt believe Zimmerman until I saw photos of his wounds. Blacks are trying to create a world where nobody can defend themselves against black perpetrators. And thats why i cant wait to immigrate to iceland some day. The only thing america has thats better than iceland is…. amusement parks. Everything else about usa sucks. If its not safe to live in, its not a country.

  12. babycat says – reply to this


    Re: Churningbutters – Wow, it is so comforting to read something from someone who understands about the real racial situation in this country. 90% of Interracial Crime (crime committed by a member of one race against a member of another race) is black-on-white. But when black people commit the crime against white people merely for their being white, it doesn't even get labeled by the courts as a "hate crime." So, all the statistics on government websites are fraudulent numbers of anti-white propaganda. Why it's done isn't meant to help anything, that's for sure. There's a slaughter of a white people happening, with a media hell-bent on making the nation think the opposite of reality.

  13. RevengeIsGood says – reply to this


    Re: misty – The first tapes released were "edited" by NBC. You need to see the enedited versions. His broken nose, blood all over his face. The cuts in the back of his head with blood running down his head and neck. He is suing NBC for their editing of the audio and video tapes. He had every right to shoot this thug. The world is better off with out this POS.