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8 comments to “Harry Styles Accused Of Romancing Sky Ferreira, But Don't Get Lovesick Just Yet, Kendall Jenner! There's A Real Twist To This Story!”

  1. MB says – reply to this


    My god, that Jenner girl is skinny. That is not remotely healthy I don't care what any Dr says and I know this'll fall on deaf ears with todays generation, I don't know where in the hell people got the idea that being a walking skeleton is hot, attractive, good looking, or sexy, but, and I'm gonna say it, it might be wrong, but I have to say it, she is downright ugly right there. Seriously girl, eat something. Eat al lot of something. She could probably devour 30 Big Mac Meals from Mcdonalds in the next 7 days, and just look healthy when it's all done.

    Girls who are skeletons, you're physically ugly. Capital U. It would be easier to put on some pounds, to look sexy and healthy, than it would be to lose it if you were morbidly obese. Do it. You're not sexy at all. You're good for screwed up people in the fashion industry, but that's about it. Get help. You're sick, and it shows. I can see through you to read the wall behind you.

  2. Larry Shipper says – reply to this


    He only has eyes for Louis ok.

  3. effofffatties says – reply to this


    Re: MB – Fuck off fatty. Just cos she's slim doesn't mean she's sick. You song know what she eats and her workout regimens. You're sick.

  4. 4

    by her defending the rumors shows something MIGHT of happen to be honest the industry so fugazi everybody fuckin each other nothing is a tied down relationship everything is open, by the way perez you rock!

  5. Strangeasitmay says – reply to this


    Re: keandre94 – You're saying that if someone defends themselves against a rumor by denying it, that somehow makes it true? That is some pretty messed up reasoning. there are plenty of celebs who don't bother to refute rumors, does that mean that they are completely innocent? No….its never quite that simple. Everyone in Hollywood isnt a whore. They're ALL thirsty as hell for attention, but that kind of comes with the territory. Dog eat Dog world out there.

  6. 6

    why would he want kendall jenner get real hell have anyone he wants when he wants she wont be a mention

  7. dakota says – reply to this


    Re: MB
    Re: MB – I understand that you are trying to advocate your support for staying healthy and I agree, I don't think that the fashion world should be telling girls that they need to starve themselves to be attractive.
    However, I feel like a lot of your comments are bordering on offensive. Eating 30 Big Mac Meals from McDonalds is not exactly healthy either. Neither extreme is. The thing about your comment that bothers me is your statement such as "girls who are skeletons, you're physically ugly." Now, I get that it should not be something to strive for to be a skeleton, that is unhealthy. However, calling someone who is very thin a "skeleton," is rude, just like calling someone who is overweight a "whale" is rude. Those are gross exaggerations and I find them very offensive. Some people have fast metabolisms, some people are just naturally thin.
    NOBODY should be berated for the way their body looks.
    I just wish instead of calling people ugly and unattractive too thin or too heavy, we could focus on promoting the beauty of a HEALTHY body. Focus on the positive instead of the negative. Beauty is subjective, big is beautiful, skinny is beautiful, average is beautiful. While health is an objective we should all aim for, we need to stop with the petty insults based on judgements and assumptions.

  8. billy says – reply to this


    Sky is in a relationship with Zachary Cole Smith and has been for over a year… Harry and Kendall are a publicity relationship.