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God Says Homosexuality Is "IN"! Fill In The Blank!!!

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god says homosexuality is in fill in the blank

Sweet LGBT-lovin' Jesus, this is one sign we NEVER expected to see outside of a Texas house of worship!

Last year two HIGHlarious harbingers of holy hijinks taught the world that the only difference between hellfire and hipsters was one tiny "s."

The EPIC pic taken outside of Austin's New Hope Church resurfaced on the internetz just in time for Valentine's Day because _________________________.

[Image via Imgur.]

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15 comments to “God Says Homosexuality Is "IN"! Fill In The Blank!!!”

  1. SeallovesHeidi says – reply to this


    What a couple of Doofuses ….

  2. Mike says – reply to this


    I'm all about equality, I'm gay, I don't agree with the church sometimes, but that is just idiotic. Why do that? Instead, you something meaningful. This is foolery and fuckery at its best. Idiots like you Perez, will never understand the peaceful movement necessary for our cause. And for your information idiot, you don't know much about Texas, because believe it or not, Texas is a very gay friendly state, laws are being challenged, things are moving in the right direction, no thanks to idiots who just make the church folks hate us that much more.

  3. Elvis says – reply to this


    Shit-pushing vandals.

  4. 4

    hehehe the church has no right to have a sign like that they deserve what they get

  5. jenny says – reply to this


    Check this out:

  6. 6

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  7. adblockplus says – reply to this


    Re: Mike – Totally agree. Perez has only furthered the stereotype of gay men as sexually driven. Look no further than this site. Constant , endless sexual innuendos, frothing over straight men and in your face gay politics. Even woman are subjected to his overtly sexual overtones, vulger slang "titays, vadge" etc.
    He is disrespectul and mocks others who don't agree with him. How does that further homosexuals ????
    Perez can report/post all he wants on gay issues but no social issue ever wins behind sniveling and sneering. It's those behind the scenes types that actually get legislation inacted. Be it through networking, joining grass roots orgs. etc.
    Perez lazily sits behind a computer and spews out babble gay talk, shaming others.
    He will NEVER be a "leader".

  8. keyth says – reply to this


    Re: Mike – That's just it, Perez never fails to post to his readers of his "support" for gay causes ( and never w/o a gleeful picture of himself) seemingly urging equality. Then spins around and mocks others who disagree. How the fuck does that gain anything for homosexuals ? I'll tell you why. He is selfish , it only serves his own insecurities.
    That's why he doesnt know what going on in the heartland, he's too busy living on the coasts bragging about going to Broadway plays , photographing himself at gala events and living the empty gay high life.

  9. ... says – reply to this


    So funny, the S in thé hand is for Satan?

  10. Ejay says – reply to this


    Oh I get it now.. It did read "god says homosexuality is Sin". They removed the "s" in the word "sin"
    Good job fellas.

  11. Matt00 says – reply to this


    Um… if you want people to respect your right to be gay, respect their right to religious belief and freedom. I'm gay but I'm definitely not ok with STEALING part of their sign, or corrupting their message, no matter how much I disagree with it. There is a growing backlash against the gay rights movement, because it seems our acceptance is coming at the expense of those who don't agree with us. That's a recipe for disaster. I can imagine that church is now looking at gays as even more sinful because of your theft of their letter S, and for your corruption of their "Holy Message". Not worth it for a couple of laughs. I GUARANTEE you that if a church goer changed the message on a pro-gay ad to something anti-gay, we would be outraged. Let's hold ourselves to the same standard.

  12. Mike says – reply to this


    Re: Matt00 – Agreed. Thank you!!!

  13. Maia says – reply to this


    ah! Thats alex sereni! hahahaha this is amazing

  14. 14

    Hahaha! Nice job! Although I wish they could have just vandalized it more by adding the word 'ALWAYS' because let's get real, folks, HOMOSEXUALITY IS ALWAYS IN. It's the most fabulous thing in the world. By the way, that church should be BURNED TO THE GROUND and its members arrested and jailed for homophobia.

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    Funny pic.