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Could Justin Bieber's Penchant For Pot Put His Ass In An Atlanta Prison? You Better Belieb It!

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justin bieber marijuana use criminal offense georgia serious jail time atlanta mansion

By now you probably heard about the massive mansion The Big Bieberoni plans on purchasing down South!

Sounds super, right?

Well, maybe not so much!

It's been a rocky year for Justin Bieber and, if the 19-year-old pop star, wants to turn over a new leaf we're definitely all for it!

But what if it's cannabis leaf he's turning over?

Things operate differently south of the Mason-Dixon; if the Boyfriend singer really does have Georgia on the mind he should be EXTRA careful about getting wild and wacky with weed!!

Marijuana possession is a misdemeanor criminal offense throughout the entire state of Georgia. And if Justin was caught holding an ounce or more it would be FELONY punishable by up to a decade in the big house!

Yikes! We'd hate to see the Biebs move to Hotlanta and wind up in hot water!!!

We hear Colorado and Washington are nice this time of year! Maybe he should look for a place there instead!?

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7 comments to “Could Justin Bieber's Penchant For Pot Put His Ass In An Atlanta Prison? You Better Belieb It!”

  1. chas_holman says – reply to this


    It totally amazes me that Perez wants to be accepted for what he is and what he does, and then he points fingers and get's dramatic on others over silly things like silly silly marijuana.

    In fact the tone of this piece is he wishes harm on someone if they don't do what Perez likes. Wow.

    My God kid, seek some enlightenment would you? You can't possibly be that blind nor that hasty to judge others.

  2. chas_holman says – reply to this


    I guess what I mean is, at least 20 million Americans use marijuana frequently (many are seniors like me), and Perez wants to 'discriminate'.. Just bad form. I hoped for better but hey, what me worry, some peoples kids.

  3. beep_beep says – reply to this


    wow 1)this story is completely irrelevant as this 'penchant for pot' applies to millions of people across north america 2) this trivial story was already posted on another celebrity blog today. this website is just an embarrassment.

  4. 4

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  5. @v@ says – reply to this


    He should make his home at home. A little personal wouldn't even be a blip. A vacation place would just be an investment.

  6. Lives in GA says – reply to this


    I don't think perez meant any harm in fact I think he was trying to help head a warning the state of Georgia should truly say "welcome to GA we'll getcha!" like in the episode of family guy because its truly like that! some of the cops are so corrupt they arrest people for drugs then cut deals turning convicts into snitches befriending people then setting up innocent people in drug sting operations and yes a lot of people claim to be innocent here because some of them actually are when it comes to a drug addict facing 10 years just for pot alone they start setting up whom ever they can hang out with or just be near and YES it does happen then cops offer the same deal to whom ever was arrested and if you carry a pocket knife during your so called "deal" that's a second felony so that's a whole 20 years in prison! Pleading innocent is impossible even for first time offenders unless you can afford 15k-20k on one of the best lawyers, pleading entrapment almost never works either! even if you get a deal for pleading guilty you still get prison time and a whole 15 years of probation and with probation comes community service and paying a 27k fine plus probation fees. Georgia sucks! Oh and be careful if you try to commit suicide as well it could land you 7 years in prison just ask my father!

  7. Jose79845 says – reply to this


    Georgia's marijuana laws are falling apart at light speed. Justin Bieber may very well serve as a tipping point. If Georgia really wants to be part of the multimedia revolution, they are going to have to join the 21st century.