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Living life FREELY! And OPENLY! Just being her amazing self! Something tells us Ellen Page's dance card is going to be full for quite some time! Ever … Read more…

15 comments to “Ellen Page Takes The Next Big Step After Coming Out!”

  1. Bongo says – reply to this


    Untied laces on an escalator!!! You fool!! My support and congrats on coming out, really is great, but you fool!

  2. 2

    What a shame that she's lesbian. She's a little too short and petite for me but I'd still date her if I was a Hollywood bigshot. She seems like a cool chick in her movies. I saw her movie called "The East".

  3. 3

    Re: Bongo – That's what I immediately thought. So scary !!!

  4. SorryOllie says – reply to this


    No HATE…. It (her sexuality) is just irrelevant. NO HATE…. Sorry…

    Think of another reason to be persecuted….

  5. mydoona says – reply to this


    so she wasn't really dating Alexander Skasguard??? was she his beard?

  6. 6

    Liked her in Juno, wish her the best.

  7. 7

    she's a lesbian? really, what a freaking shock! duh, its hard to believe anyone thought she was straight.

  8. JunoBeard says – reply to this


    Or Alexander was HER beard !!!!!!


  9. 9

    So so proud of this woman! Very nice indeed to see her represent the lesbians of the new generation. People need to realize that it is important for gay celebs to COME OUT not because homosexuality is relevant but because LGBT VISIBILITY AND AWARENESS are important especially for LGBT kids who need to know that being gay is A-OK and things will get better. All of you, gay celebs, COME OUT AND SMASH THAT CLOSET NOW!!!

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    Ellen, you could LOSE a foot. Tie the laces or tuck them in on an escalator! A younger woman just died in Montreal when her scarf got caught and she leaned down to free it and then I think her hair got caught too.

  11. Jeff says – reply to this


    Re: GayAgenda – you b the fool. Gays lbgt whatever. They b freaks of nature and need to b put in zoos for testing. Keep em away from society, please. God made AIDS for a reason.

  12. 12

    Re: Jeff – it won't even be necessary for ignorant fools like you to be locked in a zoo for testing because there is no doubt that homophobes like you are the true freaks of nature and must be immediately disposed of before you reproduce equally idiotic offsprings. Your psychotic god must hate straight people too because last time I checked straight people get AIDS too, in fact, majority of people with AIDS are straight people and many of them are in Africa.

  13. 13

    Filthy little dyke.

  14. sarah says – reply to this


    what a shame she has to deal with news sites like yours! i could talk about how much i commend the way she came out for days but many other people have already covered it. i dream of the day our romantic interest aren't made such an important decision, but rather our moral stance and social obligations on more important issues that are happening at the time are. you only live once is as true as it sounds and i hope you dont waste too many hours of your life covering this status. PEACE

  15. lauren says – reply to this


    Re: someguy2621 – why would it be a shame that she is a lesbian? Nothing wrong with that