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Oops she did it again! Britney Spears might've already revealed some suspicious lip-synching behavior, but it's only getting worse! The pop princess w… Read more…

13 comments to “You Might Think Britney Spears Is A Lip-Synching Pro, But This Video Will Have You Concerned She Can't Even Master That!”

  1. kssomom says – reply to this


    Well, I don't get what people see in this "singer(???)".. I would have to be paid a lot of money to even go and watch this talentless BIATCH!!!! So, everyone is paying to see her dance? Big F*CKING DEAL, maybe you all should rent a DVD of her concert or something, 'cuz for the price that people pay to see her show, maybe it might come out cheaper.. If you wanna hear her sing (??), maybe buy her CD? I mean, if she's not gonna at least TRY to pretend to sing, why do you all go and PRETEND to enjoy her show?

  2. 2

    She is just so awful…no talent and it amazes me she has fans..most were young girls who now still feel loyal to her I guess…I love women and want more talented women in pop…she is not one of them…Did you see GAGA on the Tonight Show the other night? FLAWLESS! She sings amazingly, plays the piano beautifully and writes her own music…not to mention she is a visionary and an artist…Should we mention her charity work? Britney and Katy cannot even compare to GAGA…Thank heavens GAGA exists…Pink is good too…women who actually are skilled. Peace.

  3. karlo says – reply to this


    love her, nobody goes to see britney singing live , btw the show its great shes having fun again!

  4. pfarrside says – reply to this


    I don't know what people are so surprised about. It's not a secret that she has lip synced her whole career. How else would she be able to do all that dancing. Give up one for the other.

  5. 5

    She began there era where it wasn't necessary to be able to sing to be a mega star. She can't survive Vegas like the pros do. For the simple reason that she's not really a professional, rather a product.

  6. 6

    I saw Britney on Feb 7th and the show is quite spectacular. I've seen every tour she's ever done and I'd put Britney: Piece Of Me as her 2nd BEST show, right behind The Circus Tour (which was absolutely amazing… and even featured Perez!)
    People go to see Britney to be entertained and she is a VERY entertaining performer! I even plan on returning to Vegas before her residency is up to see the show again.

  7. Nelson says – reply to this


    People need to calm the fuck down. As much as people want to deny it. She is still the #1 performer in the industry. Other artists waltz up on stage holding a mic and just standing there while still somehow sounding out of breath even though they have not moved and have a bunch of people dancing behind them while they "sing". And the other half of the time they lip sync too and do the same exact thing. Of course a video of Britney ACTUALLY singing would never be posted as there has been videos where you can clearly hear her voice through the playback and even on top of it. Give it the fuck up people so she was lip syncing big deal. She actually puts on a show, she actually dances but no one can appreciate the good things.

    Do all you people saying she's "talentless" actually go and watch Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj and Rihanna and all those other pop girls perform? Because oh wait a second they don't. They do less than Britney but of course Britney is "Miss Bad Media Karma" another day another fucking drama. People just love to love her or love to hate her there's no in between. Save your energy for actual people and artists that don't have talent.

  8. dalek says – reply to this


    Re: Nelson – shut up, homo. britney spears sucks. she's not an artist, she's a trained monkey. now, let's you and i swap semen.

  9. Nelson says – reply to this


    Not saying she is a trained monkey…but at least she's been trained better than 90% of her competition and she does her act better than they do so I don't see the problem. Just because she isn't singing 100% ballads 100% of the time and sitting in a chair or showing up to places in ridiculous objects and outfits does not mean she is not an artist. She performs and she knows how to dance and like it or not she can sing. She's just smart enough not outside of the studio because newsflash you can't fucking sound good every single minute of every day and she would be dragged to hell and back for singing live. It is peculiar that it happened during this song because it is a pretty calm song but whatever I give no shits the show is great and she finally looks happy and healthy so leave her the fuck alone people.

  10. 10

    The worst part is that the people who paid to see her don't really care.

  11. BritneyQueen90 says – reply to this


    Re: kssomom – BECAUSE THE SHOW IS AMAZING AND SHE'S DANCING AGAIN! Don't even try to pretend she is the only singer who lip-syncs ’cause then you're retarded…

    Re: yea yea – She can DANCE and perform better than most of these other basic bitches… CaCa has no talent AT ALL! She's a copycat and her career is built in GIMMICKS! CaCa is already a has-been, while Britney is a LEGEND and her last album might have flopped because of the lack of promotion but the shows are ALL SOLD OUT!

    I went to see her live, she was amazing, she can dance and perform unlike CaCa! You're a little monster and it's pretty obvious, of course you love women, you want to be like one, you might be a tranny, don't pretend to be a str8 guy who loves them because you like them… just face it…

  12. BritneyQueen90 says – reply to this


    Re: Nelson – Exactly! She can sing AND dance! She's a better dancer than any other bitch in the industry right now! Satancé just moves her ass, literally, so…

  13. lisbellas says – reply to this


    I'm a die hard Britney fan, and this comes as NO surprise for me, but I'd be lying if I said I don't care. Of course I do, I hate to see her pretending to be singing when she's not dancing her ass off. I mean, if you're not dancing, at least try to sing live for once! but then again: I love her no matter what, I know she can sing, i'm just sad she decided not to.