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Disney's Frozen Bashed For Its Homosexual Agenda! What In Arendelle Is This Lady Spewing?!

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We are just at a loss, and we will not let it go.

Blogger and Mormon grandmother, Kathryn Skaggs, wrote a lengthy post on her A Well-Behaved Mormon Woman blog claiming that Disney's Frozen has a homosexual agenda.

You read that right.

She wrote a lot (and said quite a bit less), but here's a snippet:

"The gay agenda to normalize homosexuality is woven into Disney's movie Frozen not just as an underlying message - it is the movie. In a liberal culture tenacious at normalizing immorality, stripping those of faith from their ability to speak out in opposition, this needs to be taken seriously. It's one thing that we've all donated to the cause by making Frozen a record-breaking hit at the box office (myself included), but that's as far it's going, for me, personally.

I wrote the main body of this post nearly three months ago, after I watched Frozen, with most of my grandchildren. Since then, I've had a few discussions with friends and family about the movie, prior to deciding to publish it, with little support for my findings. That, and watching Frozen receive more and more accolades, including many from trusted resources, and observing the ongoing rise in the movie's popularity, without significant challenge."

Okay, let's put aside the fact that were the movie to have a pro-equality message, it'd still be AH-Mazing! But it doesn't at all. The movie is about two sisters mending a broken relationship at its core.

This woman claims that "a homosexual agenda…is the actual story." Except Elsa and Anna aren't gay. They're sisters. Sisters can't love each other in film now without a hidden message? What "actual story" did she witness that we didn't?

Rather than, you know, trying to prove her point by letting us all in on which parts of the movie are being pro-equality, she goes on to say that the film "wraps up the false doctrine perpetuated throughout the film."

Which, bottom line, means that she thinks that the examples are there, except conveniently, she can't tell you what they are. They're so hidden, they can't be unhid!

Not one example. She literally has no evidence to prove her point, but apparently we are supposed to take her word for it.

Also, this woman reportedly saw Frozen three times and enjoyed it every single time! We think she doth protest too much for someone who seems to have gone back for seconds and thirds of this Disney favorite.

All in all, maybe it's a good thing she saw this message beneath it all. Love is love wherever you go.

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21 comments to “Disney's Frozen Bashed For Its Homosexual Agenda! What In Arendelle Is This Lady Spewing?!”

  1. R says – reply to this


    Can someone say "attention whore"?! This is a pathetic cry for attention. Mormons need to pull their heads out of their asses. Its okay for their husbands to marry several wives, many of them underage…but it is NOT okay for two sister's to have a strong bond? This bitch needs to think more about what her religion teaches her children and grandchildren is acceptable rather than cry about a Disney movie.

  2. Erika says – reply to this


    Re: R – FYI - Mormons have not practiced polygamy in over 100 years. And as is the case in all belief system - one person doesn't represent the beliefs in the entire community. Most people I know, Mormon and not-Mormon are calling this woman out on the hate she is spewing; so please don't think she is the end-all be all in Mormon beliefs or statements.

    As many other Christian beliefs teach, the most important thing is to be Christ-like and love one another.

    Aren't your comments towards an entire religion similar to her statements on the homosexual community?

  3. Ariana says – reply to this


    Well, there IS a gay couple in the movie (the shop owner and his husband). But this scene is so short and unabtrusiv most people wont even recognize it.
    So even if she refers to this scene, it's simply false to say the whole movie plot is wrapped around a homosexual agenda.
    Nevertheless this movie really is different from all other Disney ones by showing real feminism and a sense for reality. And because of that it is the best Disney movie made so far!

  4. 4

    Re: R – Very well said!

  5. Jarrett says – reply to this


    The only reason that the church really dropped polygamy was because the federal government required them to, funny though that now a federal judge has struck down the law against it in Utah.

  6. Kdoh says – reply to this


    It's her opinion and she is entitled to it. Just like you are to say you don't agree with her opinion, that is yours. WHO CARES!

  7. 7

    Re: Kdoh – and we are also entitled to react to her moronic statements negatively!

  8. 8

    Well of course, Disney always has an AGENDA… an agenda to promote equality! From featuring heroines of different races in their movies to featuring LGBT people in their TV shows and not giving in to the demands of anti-gay idiots to ban homosexuals from conducting GAY DAYS in Disney. That's why everyone loves Disney!
    P.S. Who the f*ck cares what a frivolous Mormon nutjob hag has to say anyway?!!!

  9. Andrew says – reply to this


    Re: KdohRe: Kdoh

    You must at least a little bit, because you took some time out of your day to reply to this thread.

  10. Paul says – reply to this


    I know the article says she wrote it 3 months ago and just released it a few days ago –
    but it sure looks like the writer of this article:

    provided the outline on January 30th…

  11. 11

    kay Im Mormon and I think this is ridiculous! I feel like she puts a bad name for Mormons everywhere. I'm pro same sex marriage and equal rights all the way, I feel like some people just try to look for things to bitch about.
    Also polygamy was something that happened forever ago, it's not practiced in the religion anymore and not because of federal laws. Its not something we teach anymore. Before you say things about the religion maybe try understanding it first before you bash it. but yes I agree this lady is batshit crazy

  12. twerkerella says – reply to this


    Lol dis hoe retarded #basic #attentionwhore

  13. Rory says – reply to this


    Actually, she outlines how the movie has a "homosexual agenda" at the bottom of the blog. I agree, what she's saying is absolutely ridiculous. Can't people just enjoy movies? Must we analyze them and get pissed?

  14. Kdoh says – reply to this


    Re: GayAgenda – yes you are… pretty sure I did say "Just like you are to say you don't agree with her opinion".

  15. Kdoh says – reply to this


    Re: Andrew – I was legitimately asking who cares. Do you?

  16. Y says – reply to this


    I just posted a comment on her effing blog..
    The movie does not have a single thought towards homosexuality. In case you missed it the three times you watched the movie, Elsa and Anna are SISTERS… That's one. Second of all, if it did support homosexuality there is nothing wrong in that.
    You just want to mooch off the movie's success by writing something so outragious that people post it around. I'm ashamed I even gave you and your idiotic blog post the time of day

  17. 17

    The quote posted here doesn't have her examples. She does give examples — essentially she's saying that the powers the sister has can be seen as a metaphor for homosexuality and the way that media (or whoever) is supposedly trying to make everybody "normalized" to open homosexuality. She does seem pretty nutzo about it, but we did have the Hayes code period in filmmaking (read about it - or watch The Celluloid Closet) and that meant a lot of things — homosexuality, Judism, female sexuality of any kind, etc. — all got "rewritten" into something more acceptable/palatable for the audience so maybe… nutzo like a fox? Who knows.

  18. Shelby says – reply to this


    I am LDS, so please don't judge the church based off of one womens opinions. I completely disagree with her.

  19. brenda says – reply to this


    ACTUALLY there's something that I am beyond proud of frozen - the guy at the shop who kicks Kristoff out, he is married to a guy and has children with him (presumably adopted) :3 too cute!!!! of course it's only like, three seconds of the movie, so her post is stupid.

  20. David says – reply to this


    The LDS church states that "marriage is between a man and a woman". If we believed this fifty years ago, and it wasn't equated with hate, why would believing this now mean that we hate gay people. I don't completely agree with some of what she says, but I'm not the only one that sees the implications of the movie as a parallel for stigma in all forms, be it mental illness, homosexuality, or uncontrollable magic in your hands. What she fears (and maybe can't put a finger on) from my vantage point is the ability of Disney to reduce these issues to a black and white that we can all agree with (stigma is bad) but which does not take into account some things that are essential and good in the view of some of us. For example- when was the last time that a Disney princess in general didn't rebel against parents or norms in general to pursue her [fill in the blank]. Does that send messages to our kids? I guess you have to decide that for yourself..

  21. jj678 says – reply to this


    Disney sucks anyway. I could care less about the varying opinions of their animated movies. I was convinced long ago that the company is conspiring children. How many hidden messages do people need to see in order to be convinced? You can't trust a overly rich corporation that would love nothing more than to enslave the population into cattle. The movie "Frozen" is too popular. The song "Let it go" is too popular. Why? Because it likely contains all the poison candy that is slowly being fed to the brains of the stupid and gullible. It's a cycle that repeats itself. People that don't see something will simply live in denial. Those who see will tell. But the stupid people will continue to live in denial. Frozen promotes liberalism and self. Its a direct act against the will of GOD and the wisdom of the past. Disney wants people to live only in the present so they will be cut off from wisdom and be dumb. That way its easy to feed people poison propaganda because they wont be smart enough to know any better. I see it every day. We truly do have more dumb people in the world than we did 50 years ago. Math doesnt make you smart. But WISDOM does. And there's none of that coming out of this generation.