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Were You Moved By Ellen Page's Coming Out? Well, You're Not Alone & Prepare To Be Moved Again As The Reason Behind It Comes Out!

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We still haven't stopped applauding Ellen Page for coming out, and now that we have even more reason to praise her, we'll just keep clapping if Juno what we're sayin'!

Michael Cole-Schwartz, the director of communications for the Human Rights Campaign, which organized the Time to THRIVE conference where Ellen publicly announced that she was gay, claimed that idea was all hers:

"It was her idea. She came to Time to THRIVE to do it in a place where youth-serving professionals were gathered, and a place where she could have the most direct and profound impact on LGBT young people."

Not only was her disclosure brave, it was so well-executed and meaningful!

Meanwhile, attendee and educator Mikki Cichocki described the mood as electric at the event when Ellen made her big speech:

"It was exhilarating. You didn't know this was going to happen. You could see her sense of relief, like, 'I got it out. I said it out loud.' …There was this collective wave of emotion just supporting her, and a roar when she did actually say the words. You knew you just saw something that was momentous."

We're so proud of you, Ellen, for being so proud. We hope your inspiring words help many others to be brave like you!

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5 comments to “Were You Moved By Ellen Page's Coming Out? Well, You're Not Alone & Prepare To Be Moved Again As The Reason Behind It Comes Out!”

  1. StraightAgenda says – reply to this


    Perez, Please give your Gay Agenda a rest…. For just a few days???

    Can you do it… Please, on behalf of all of us straights…

  2. Kris says – reply to this


    Christians are NOT HATING on Ellen and other gays, we just think the topic is boring…
    Move on to a new cause. This one is played out….. No hate… just bored… God bless the gays… O.K. now can we move on to another topic… Nobody care about your sexual orientation. The straights don't care, the gays don't care, the Klingons don;t care…
    Don't you get it…. There are too many other really serious issues in our culture that are of REAL consequence that need to be focussed on. Our culture just does not have the time or the resources to focus on your inconsequential sexual preference. Grow up, become an adult and move on to important things.

  3. 3

    Re: Kris – Gotta agree with Kris, wish her the best but you are really overplaying the gay stories. No one cares about someone else's sexual preferenced.

  4. Teresa Andrews says – reply to this


    Re: Kris – I disagree. The info regarding levels of depression and suicide rates among gay teens is horrifying. I think it helps those kids to see successful gay adults. It shows them that they can get through their current troubles.

  5. Kris says – reply to this


    Re: Teresa Andrews

    Regarding the studies, Correlation does not mean Causation. There are so many OTHER factors to consider when looking at the depression and suicide rates of teens; family or origin, pre-disposed genetic traits, socio-economic influences, single parent homes, two parent homes (whether gay or straight) that are dysfunctional, et al.

    It is very difficult to isolate and extract the independent variable of Homosexuality in a study about depression and suicide. I care and empathize deeply regarding the psychological/emotional welfare of our teens. I simply disagree with you that having a celebrity role model "coming out" makes any appreciable difference in a depressed teenagers life. We shall agree to disagree. I respect your opinion but do not share it.