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Jeopardy! College Contestants Avoided An African-American History Category?! You Be The Judge! Watch The Controversial Video HERE!

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jeopardy sbs doodle

It’s College Championship Week on Jeopardy!

And it also happens to be Black History month!

So the producers of the long-running game show thought they would include a category of African-American History during February 17th’s broadcast.

The only problem was, the three caucasian contestants on the show that day apparently didn’t want anything to do with those clues!

As you can see in the pic above, the category went UNTOUCHED throughout the entire Double Jeopardy round until all of the other answers had been questioned!

Apparently these college students knew more about animals in New Zealand than they did about black people in America, since they opted to tackle that topic first!

Yeah, the Kiwi Fauna category went before the African-American one!

The internet erupted following the telecast with some suggesting there was some slight racism being served up on the program!

But Texas A&M contestant Tucker Pope says he and his fellow players just wanted to move left to right across the board! He explained:

"It happened in the first round, as well. The last category we came to, we had left it untouched. We felt most comfortable picking one category and going all the way through, rather than jumping around the board.”

He’s right. They DID end the first round in the same way - with the category on the far right being chosen last.

BUT they certainly didn’t move left to right, as you can see when Tucker makes the first selection in the second round and chooses a clue smack dab in the middle of the board!

Ch-ch-check it out HERE!

What do you think, Perezcious readers? Were these young contestants showing some unfortunate prejudices or was it all just a coincidence?

[Images via Kingworld.]

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17 comments to “Jeopardy! College Contestants Avoided An African-American History Category?! You Be The Judge! Watch The Controversial Video HERE!”

  1. Dani says – reply to this


    Oh please this is such a non issue. Anyone who watches Jeopardy with any regularity knows that games frequently have some category that is left to the end. it has nothing to do with racisim or know knowing anything about the subject.

  2. Bongo says – reply to this


    Oh please stop being over sensitive and looking for drama. If anyone's bothered by this then they have a problem with perception.

  3. 3

    they got three out of five questions right. people are scared to touch anything with blacks on it for fear of being called racist. look at this whole deal with trayvon martin and the other black kid that was killed. I live about 90 miles from chicagoo, on a summer week-end up to 13 blacks can kill each other. no gives a damn. two whites guys (one has to be labeled a "white hispanic") kills two black "children" and you'd thing the murder of black "children" by whites was epidemic. its nuts.

  4. Ralph says – reply to this


    I never comment on things on here but this one actually makes me mad. This is the REASON we still have racism. Every little thing that happens people play the race card, if NO ONE played that card racism would be a non issue. Everyone wants to be treated equal?? Then QUIT with the WHITE students don't pick BLACK category. Those students didn't pick that category because it was on the far left…should we be saying they are prejudice against left handed people now too. Grrr…

  5. kp4321 says – reply to this


    it always has to come down to "racism" doesn't it?

    i can't freaking stand people….

  6. 6

    Re: Ralph – Actually, what the contestant says is true. I watch this regularly and on many occasions the good players go left to right and top to bottom. The issue is overblown here. Let's discuss the serious issues about racism and not these manufactured piddley things.

  7. Steve says – reply to this


    Non issue.. if I was playing and the category came up as "Secrets of the Vagina" am am not picking it.. not because I am a vagina-phobe.. (which I am not)… but because the chances of me getting the questions in that category right are much smaller than answering questions in the "Foods that make you fat" category :) What is deep fried twinkies?

  8. kssomom says – reply to this


    Really? Who F*CKING CARES? They didn't want to make A$$es of themselves by not knowing the answers!!!!!

  9. 9

    So if the final category left was "Shakespeare" would that mean they hate the English? Give me a break. Not everything is about race. You are making a mountain out of a mole hill. This nonissue is even smaller than a mole hill..

  10. 10

    If they thought they could answer they would pick the category do you really think they would lose on purpose.

  11. 11

    Watch it once in awhile and most people go left to right. Or maybe they did not know that much about African-America history. Does not make them racist.

  12. Stephen says – reply to this


    Eff off!!!!! Any excuse to ring the "racist" bell. Maybe the white (yeah, I said white and not European descended caucasian americans or whatever the eff the white people equivalent to african american is) didn't have the answers to those questions and wanted to wipe out the categories they knew first. And… If black folks can be called African American then I want to be called and Gay-American indian-German-Hungarian-American. And I think people should just know to call me that and if they don't then they're homophobic-racists-ageists.

  13. 13

    those "white" students got three out of five questions right. doubtful if the "black" students would have even done that well.

  14. 14

    i goint to watch the video but again like some1 wrote they didnt want to answer something they didnt know about! Clearly racesim bc we live in a society where not every1 learns the hits. of ppl that made this country so SAD. & yes they have their ways of playing the game but honestly if u see that some1 doesnt touch a category u tend to go with it IN this situation according to many of course they wont touch it bc they know nothing… I love Black Hist. Month bc it shows all the ppl in the USA screw you ppl that dont educate yourself we all compose this country deal with it.

  15. Amanda says – reply to this


    Re: Lupita_luna – They got 3/5 right. And not knowing about something isn't racism. That's like saying I hate the country and citizens of Fiji because I don't know anything about its history, which is not true. You need to adjust your definition of the word racism.

  16. Oz says – reply to this


    They are white, and therefore know that any mistake or wrong answer could have been misconstrued as racist. Its a minefield no one wants to get into. Smart move, and this very article proves it. If they had avoided "European History" no one would have cared one bit. if they were black and they avoided "European History" there would be no charges of racism either.

    We all know it.

  17. Raaaaacism! says – reply to this


    It's racist that there were no black contestants on this show. Quotas should have been used to ensure black representation on the show considering black history month. Not!!! Anyone else tired of hearing about all the so-called racism claims being made today? I know I am. It's all bs pushed by race baiters.