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Miley Cyrus' Self-Loving & Fake BJs On Bangerz Tour Are Pissing People Off! Is Her Tour Facing The Wrecking Ball?

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miley cyrus end of the day

We can't stop loving us some Miley Cyrus, but that doesn't mean her tour won't stop, because apparently people are wagging their foam fingers in disapproval of her crotch grabbin' ways.

If she's reading this, hold her close, Jared Leto. This is not good news.

According to a source, Miley's Bangerz tour may be facing a few issues after parents have been complaining:

"Miley’s management have been flooded with complaints, mainly from parents, since her tour began last week in Canada with calls for the entire tour to be axed. Her team, including management, record label execs and the entire tour staff including the director, costume department and choreographers - have been called for an emergency meeting as arenas across the US threaten to pull out of the show."

Looks like she never meant to start a war, but she might have one her hands right now!

One insider said that a parent with a nine-year-old contacted Miley's record company Interscope saying that they walked out of the Bangerz concert because she didn't want to subject her offspring to a "porn show."

Well, at least it's educational enough to have Bill Clinton? Kinda? Right? Bueller?

According to a recent report her ticket sales have gone from $225 down to $182 in two months time. Wow, that is quite a large chunk right there!

We'll see how all this develops, and whether or not it actually has an effect on her tour, namely her seksi outfits! Please don't change them Mileybird, or else we'll cry like a giant kitty!

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39 comments to “Miley Cyrus' Self-Loving & Fake BJs On Bangerz Tour Are Pissing People Off! Is Her Tour Facing The Wrecking Ball?”

  1. 1

    Puerca! Hard up for attention. Rehab sting after tour fo sho.

  2. toodles says – reply to this


    I am sorry, but what is a 9 year old doing at a Miley Cyrus concert? They clearly know she isn't Hannah Montana anymore. Her videos/songs were a perfect ndication of how the concert would be.
    side note: her concert rocked!

  3. Sierra says – reply to this


    WHY would you bring your kid to her show!??? SHE IS NOT HANNA MONTANA ANYMORE! this could not be more stupid.

  4. 4

    The quicker she goes away the better. Eww she is nothing more than a drugged out porn star now. She is a virus that is polluting the minds of the young and impressionable. I get that she doesn't want to be a role model anymore and that's fine, she doesn't have to be but she does need to realize that people expect her to act with a certain amount of class and decorum. Skanks like Miley need to take a leaf out of lordes book and let her music do the talking for her.
    Miley needs way more than rehab she needs some intensive physcotherapy stat…

  5. Sarah says – reply to this


    A 9 year old at a concert… ya. Not Hannah Montana. If anyone should be im trouble it should be that parent!

  6. korinneF says – reply to this


    why would you take your kid to that concert? seriously? rappers are allowed to smoke weed on stage and rockers can sing about satan and its ok but she touches herself and its OMG. grow up if you sont want your kids seeing that then dont let them watch it, and def dont take them to a concert! miley love<3 dont change girl!

  7. Annika says – reply to this


    The parent with the 9 year old knew what she was getting into, I've no sympathy. Unless they have been living under a rock they should know that Miley is now a "grown up" so it's insanely stupid to even book tickets to the show.

  8. tacogirl says – reply to this


    I'm Sure she Loves this…Makes her feel like a Rebel!…going against society.
    Truth is She's Just BORING, Cancel the tour because she is A lousy Musician.
    Pathetic, although she doesn't know it. Her ugly mug is offensive

  9. MusicLover says – reply to this


    What do these parents expect? They're not going to see Hannah Montana. Let's face it, Miley isn't for nine year old's anymore.

  10. mlyjn says – reply to this


    Re: toodles – Thank you. As you said, Miley isn't Hannah Montana anymore. If parents are paying the slightest bit of attention they'd realize that her stuff isn't made for the little ones anymore. Letting them go to one of her concerts is on them, not her. I'm indifferent towards Miley, but this kind of attitude from parents is why I think more and more that I never want to be one. I don't want to become that person.

  11. B says – reply to this


    You've seen miley over the past year and how she acts and what her performances contain….if you're a parent taking a 9 year old to one of her shows that's poor judgement on your part. I'm not a fan but I would know enough to know a tour called bangerz isn't kid friendly

  12. kp4321 says – reply to this


    Ok. Miley Cyrus is vile. Duh.
    i can't stand her and am no way taking her side… but really?
    What did the parents expect??? She's not Hanna Montana anymore… kids have no business at her concerts.

    I'm all for axing her tour though… she's disgusting.

  13. 13

    She may not be Hannah Montana anymore but her music (and honky-like tone of voice) surely isn't meant for an adult audience able to appreciate music. Makes me wonder who the hell she's speaking to.

  14. Cira says – reply to this


    Seeing someone in concert making believe they are giving someone a BJ and also playing with herself is not concert material. How about the days of singing and dancing, where did they go??? You need SEX to make your show better? You need this for tongues to be wagging??? I guess any attention is better than no attention at all.

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    She has all U.S. shows starting tonight. Parents who took their little kids probably weren't plugged in to just what, exactly, she's been doing lately. They certainly know now.

  16. 16

    What kind of fucking IDIOT parents take their young children to see this show? Have they not turned on their TV or ventured into the internet in the last year?!

  17. Sam says – reply to this


    This whole schtick about her being clueless to all the hype we all know she purposely create is ridiculous… She's not fooling anyone ok, your don't pretend to go down on a president impersonator without knowing what will happens and if you claim to be clueless than go back to school PLEASE!

  18. Tadaaam! says – reply to this


    We should all contribute to pay David Copperfeild so that he creates a magic trick which makes disapear the girl and then that makes reappear the girl in an erupting volcano.

    That my friend, it would be hawt!

  19. 19

    Like most other people have commented, WHY would a parent bring their young daughter or son to a Miley Cyrus concert? It's not like Miley has been singing lovey dovey pop songs about how cute her crush is or what a great time her and her girls are going to have at the big slumber party Saturday night. "We Can't Stop" was released on June 3, 2013 and for past 7.5 months Miley has been working hard to redefine her image. Some like it, some don't. Anybody that has… i dunno… woke up in the morning and lived another day… knows that Miley's current image is a "hyper sexualized wild child" that's just having fun. Even if these parents don't listen to the pop radio station in their town and aren't familiar with the lyrics of Miley's current songs, I'm SURE they watch the news… and correct me if I'm wrong, but Miley's VMA performance was front page news for at least a week, if not more. In my mind, there is NO WAY that ANY parent could be so oblivious as what to expect from a current "Bangerz era" Miley Cyrus concert. These parents that are complaining to the record label and management are arenas should be embarrassed with THEMSELVES for clearly not being a good parent.

  20. misty says – reply to this


    I think Miley's 15 minutes of fame is about up…everyone thinks she is so Nasty and unfortunately she is….such a waste of talent…enjoy your 15 minutes miley

  21. Teresa Andrews says – reply to this


    Re: mlyjn – Don't let those kinds of people put you off parenthood. They were self-righteous and illogical before they had kids.

  22. Zach says – reply to this


    9?! YOUR fault. Tour should continue.

  23. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Sam – Miley said about Bangerz tour:' "Even though parents probably won't think this, I think my show is educational for kids," "They're going to be exposed to art most people don’t know about. Yah. Ooookay.

  24. fafa says – reply to this


    people and her too don't accept the fact she still look like a teen not a grown ass woman ! she doesn't have the maturity to act like a grown ass ! not even the body ! everybody needs to open their eyes, watching a kid doing that, it's discustingthe difference with child abuse is illegal but this should be too ! look at you, a kid is a kid, a teen as a lot of thoughtt close to the childhood ! an adult live far from the youth and mustn't say everythibg ! that is the mistake ! why do you think kid and teen, think they are grown enough and try sex ! it's all about education , everybody needs to stay at there place and think miley is a pure and good exemple !!!!!!! starting with school !!!!!! parents act like parents, don't be scare to be severe with your child, school and tv don't give the all education, just 25 percent you 45 percent, society is the problem !

  25. Georgia says – reply to this


    This irritates me because wtf are the parents doing taking children to her show. Clearly they're paying no attention to what their children are viewing or listening to. And surely they've switched on a tv in the last year to know what to expect. This is not Miley's fault AT ALL.

  26. Kaitlynbean111 says – reply to this


    Who the eff wants to go an watch someone play with their crotch and pretending their sucking off a senior - yah seems like a great concert - barf.

  27. Poppy says – reply to this


    Miley was born to be a pathetic on stage sex act. It is her self chosen personal destiny. She is what she is. No matter how disgusting and vile the multitudes find her to be. She is in a drug haze and just doesn't care about you or your little kids that she admits she would like to smack. Only a FOOLISH parent would take their child to this type of entertainment. She is dishonest (I don't do anything illegal- aside from Molly and Peyote) self promoting (other girls just don't getit and and cant dress like me) and a regular low laying snake (She used to claim Bieber as a friend) and lets not forget stanky nasty. (She will suck on anyones undies without knowing where the heck they have been). Her poor father has to regularly look at all the nooks and crannies and side sags of her enlarged photographed close up crotch just like we do. That stupid crotch is all over the internet. Like gum on your shoe. You cant get the horrid stuff to go away. Funny how she blames Swift for no invite to the Grammies. NO ONE WANTED YOU THERE MILEY!! No one anywhere seemed to miss you. The Grammies were entertaining and classy with no foolish naked clown types up on stage with talentless little people as sideshow for shock value. Subject yourself to her concerts ( which are really her own self pleasuring shows) if you like but don't take your kids.

  28. 28

    that's because Miley said children can come to her concert.

  29. 29

    Perez, You need to reverse your comment sort so the most recent is at the top.

  30. Razmatazzzz says – reply to this


    Miley is wre e e e e king herself. She Is the wrecking ball. No class or integrity. None. The Grammy Show was so great without her this year. She would have turned it into a joke. Everyone everywhere is laughing at her. She may have money (some say her $$$ is dwindling) but she hasn't got anything else going for her. Many a lonely wealthy person can tell you that money cant buy the truly important things in life. Money can buy a giant weenie to hump but it cant make people love or respect you. Miley is wrecking her own concerts by just being Miley. No child should be anywhere near this chick or her pathetic displays of her notion of talent. Keep swinging Miley. You will crash eventually if you don't stop. And you can stop. Sadly, one day you may HAVE to.

  31. daria says – reply to this


    Re: NinfaTurtle – those who get it… it's that simple! She doesnt care about the haters if you're not happy with what she does then dont listen/watch… it's 2014 we're all free to do whatever we want, hating on people is so overrated! Stop wasting your time on her and use that time to do stuff you ennjoy that's it

  32. jazz says – reply to this


    What happened to the good old days when parents dropped kids off at the concert and said "meet me RIGHT HERE at xx ockock"? We didn't even have pocket sized cellphones in the 90s. we met them at the right time/place. They didnt bitch about "how loud or obnoxious the show was" because they werent there. Parents have always been a bunch of killjoys Re: korinneF – rockers dont sing about satan. Read lyrics. There are a handful of "black metal" bands in scandinavia but none of them actually believe in gods and devils. Its all theatrics.

  33. The Vooodoo That U do says – reply to this


    Re: fafa – So what? Its not how old a person looks that matters, its how old they ARE that matters. She's over 18. A woman doesnt have to LOOK 30 or 40 to be sexy or a to be a sexually legal adult allowed to prance that asss. Frankly, all that matters is IQ. In japan, 20-25 year old girls tend to look REALLY young (to the western eye). They look 16 at 21 but their average IQ is 105-107. In some countries, the average IQ of a mature grown assss 40 year old woman is only 82 (usa its 98). I dont know miley's IQ, but she has the income of 60000 grown assss women. I'd marry an actual 16 year old with that networth.

  34. YupISaidIt! says – reply to this



  35. Alie says – reply to this


    Re: misty – why do you keep saying 15 minutes…. She's been all over for almost a year. Just stop.

  36. Julia says – reply to this


    I love Miley to death, but I'm sorry would think that based off her music and previous performances parents would be smart enough NOT to bring their 9 year old daughter to a "new" Miley concert?! The tour shouldn't be cancelled because a parent is dumb enough to think that Miley is still appropriate for a 9 year old

  37. Jessy says – reply to this


    Miley is too sexual but she sells…and earning millions at her age-it was amazing what she can do to earn money. Beyonce, Rihanna, Madonna, Britney, Cristina ARE ALL SELLING SEX WITH MUSIC LIKE MILEY….Beyonce shakes her big boobs and bottoms and her outfits are provoking sex…and all others…They are all competitive…sex sellers…for money…But Miley is highly criticised because she is too young…to do that. Not all her fans are ready for that.

  38. Joey says – reply to this


    PEREZ HILTON….IS IDIOT. BANGERZ TOUR IS A HIT…those who were there enjoyed it. I do not think you watched it….you are the the PISS off. SHUT UP…

  39. dumbparents says – reply to this


    These parents are actually idiots.
    You fully know what Miley Cyrus is like, you should have enough common sense to know if she is gonna perform at music awards half naked and if her music videos are inappropriate for children, then OBVIOUSLY her own concert is going to be wild and crazy.
    No one's fault but the parents for letting their children see her show. Makes me so pissed.