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25 Most Triumphant Lessons Learned From 25 Excellent Years Of Bill & Ted!

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bill and ted jumping

In February of 1989, two men changed the world forever!

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is a film that will surely be remembered as the greatest of it's generation! Even now, 25 years later, the move is teaching us most excellent lessons about life!

1. First and foremost, the world needs music!

wyld stllyns air guitar

2. And George Carlin, the world needs him too!

george carlin

3. But mostly it just needs Alex Winters & Keanu Reeves, a.k.a. Bill & Ted.

bill s preston esquire
ted theodore logan

4. Because they taught us invaluable lessons in a variety of different fields — like nutrition!

caesar 1
caesar 2
caesar 3

5. And ancient genealogy!

who is joan of arc 1
who is joan of arc 2

6. They even taught us the importance shopping in safe neighborhoods!

strange things are afoot at the circle k

And, boy oh boy, did they teach us about sex. Some of history's biggest names we're into super kinky shiz!!!

7. Sigmund Freud, for instance? Total bondage fiend!

sigmund freud bondage

8. Socrates was kind of a vanilla dude, but he'd let you kiss him on the mouth!

socrates blown kiss

9. Joan of Arc can often be found on her knees!

joan of arc on her knees(1)

10. Abraham Lincoln tried to come out of the closet, but it pulled him back in!

lincoln closet

11. Billy the Kid learned everything he knows from watching Three Guys, One Phone Booth!

billy the kid

12. Genghis Khan? Well, it's pretty well documented that he LOVES Twinkies!

genghis khan twinkie

13. Napoleon dives in head first; he really makes the sparks fly!

napoleon blue lightning

14. Still, he can be kind of a d**k!

napoleon dick part 1
napoleon dick part 2
napoleon dick part 3

15. We learned about math — Two Teds are better than one!

two teds are btter than one

16. And chemistry! Heavy metals are real, dude!

suit of armor air guitar

17. Ted knows a thing or two about meteorology!

ted dust in the wind

18. He & Bill also taught us how to treat one another!

be excellent

19. And to always pay our phone bill on time… or else!

phone booth floor

20. We learned about manners — Socrates shows us it's impolite to stare!

socrates mind blown

21. They showed us what was good to watch on TV!

bill and ted tv

22. And how air guitar is appropriate in every situation!

window air guitar

23. And that real men, they show affection to one another!

bill and ted hug

24. But mostly we learned to have fun!

abe lincoln party on dudes


air guitar 4

Happy 25th Anniversary, Bill & Ted!

most excellent adventure

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    I feel like someone missed a golden opportunity here. What happened to "Be excellent to one another?"