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This is almost as outrageous as Mel Gibson himself! Oksana Grigorieva, the ex-wife of the Lethal Weapon actor, is losing out on the last installments of … Read more…

18 comments to “Howard Stern Interview Costs Mel Gibson’s Ex-Wife $375K After She Said WHAT About Her Ex?!”

  1. 1

    A settlment agreement is binding. She was not supposed to say ANYTHING about him even in partial reference. She should have told Stern she could not make any comment. Sorry - you don't follow the rules, you loose!

  2. Check Yourfacts says – reply to this


    Ex wife? They were never married.

  3. Countess Tatiana says – reply to this


    Mel had a child with this "Octomom" lookalike, but never married her. I guess one multi-million dollar divorce settlement ( from ex-wife Robyn ) was enough for him to learn his lesson!

  4. TWang says – reply to this


    why would you do an interview while in a case? The only thing everyone wants to know about you is your relationship with Mel Gibson….What else does she have going on thats interesting?

  5. 5

    "Former hubby"? They were never married, Perez.

  6. Teresa Andrews says – reply to this


    Re: Check Yourfacts – That's what I thought! Pretty big fact to get wrong.

  7. mary says – reply to this


    Gold digger ;)

  8. Matt says – reply to this


    Girl turned down like 15 mil settlement from him cause she thought she'd get more in court.
    roll the dice and you lose girl

  9. BlueShadow says – reply to this


    She is a gold digging slut. Hope they send the bitch back to Russia. She doesn't deserve one penny.

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    Her being bankrupt doesn't help his little daughter one bit. Will he stand up and go for custody if she can't provide for the daughter?

  11. stepy67 says – reply to this


    Re: TWang – Thats what I was thinking. She knew what theyd be asking her about…there's no other reason to talk to her except to get dirt on Mel. Im sure shes a lovely girl, but shes only known because of her relationship with him. She knew what she was getting into and that it would be going against the settlement. Tough cookies.

  12. marythemerfairy says – reply to this


    This girl needs a good lawer and the judge needs to have his bank account looked at because is is so corrupt and dirty. Mel obviously paid him off. So lets take a look at his taxes and do an investigation on this corrupt as hell judge. Gloria Alred where the fuck are you . Arent you a bitches bitch? Obviously beacuse she is not from this country the legal system is fucking her in the ass hard.
    Oksana as a victim of domestic violence and probably rape by Mel Gibson you have the right to speak out about the crimes perpetrated on you by this violent man.
    You agreed to not speak about him out of fear and post traumatic stress that many victims suffer. Any statements made while being bullied and intimidated are not valid in a court of law. The LAW (not this corrupt money grubbing fake judge)is here to protect victims of violence, NOT SILENCE THEM!!

  13. hand says – reply to this


    Re: mary – "gold digger" is a sexist word used only for women. No male is ever called one. I dont know why women cant see that. My mom had no problem seeing that after years of being called one herself (Male "gold diggers" get cuter sanitized words like gigolo or boy toy despite far higher divorce rates than "gold digging females"). And its an ageist expression used exclusively for females who are younger than their love interest even if they are technically rich themselves or the man is just middle class (a 45 year old "gold digger" chasing Bieibers money would be called a cougar not a "gold digger). The word penalizes females for choosing their mates properly. The offspring of women who marry rich men are SMASHING the children of the other two classes in academics (among many other positive statistics including IQ and crime etc). And currently, the upperclass has lower divorce rates than the lower and middle classes in the usa and uk. quite an accomplishment for "gold diggers". The highest divorce rates are the ditch diggers (poor females who marry poor)

  14. Girl Power says – reply to this


    No parent in a custody situation is allowed to publicly denigrate the other parent. Why do you think she should be different.
    And Big whoop! this happened awhile ago. You are a inaccurate in your reporting (wife)?and sympathetic to a woman who has been caught out in hundreds of lies. The public hates her. The only one that would read a book that she writes, is you.

  15. Nuthin'ButTheFacts says – reply to this


    My goodness, you folks are not in the least bit ashamed to show your strong bias now, are you?
    I don't have a lot of time to spend on this but there are a couple of glaring facts that need to be pointed out … of course, you are intelligent people, you know these things … you just have a jolly time throwing potty all over the place.

    At any rate, Oxkana was never Mrs. Gibson. He may have been in a down hill spiral and drunk a lot during their relationship but he's not STUPID.

    Secondly, Oxskanka violated a legal agreement that she willingly made that stated she would not discuss Mel or their relationship publicly OR if she did so, she would face a financial penalty.

    The poor thing is so starved for attention she will do anything to get it, even cutting her own paycheck. With her it has never really been about the money; it is the limelight she craves.

    I do hope she finds the help that she desperately needs but this is not the way to do it.

  16. Nuthin'ButTheFacts says – reply to this


    Re: hand – errrrr, why is 'sexism' limited to women. Makes no sense to me. Seems that in making this distinction, you are the 'sexist' thinking person.

    Makes no sense, no sense whatsoever … you people rant about the silliest things …

  17. joe says – reply to this


    Re: hand – you are a retard

  18. celebra says – reply to this


    You are a turd Perez Hilton, a bully.