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Justin Bieber Offered A Plea Deal In Miami DUI Case! See What He Has To Do HERE!

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justin bieber miami dui plea deal

Looks like he may not be headed to court after all!

You may remember that Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami almost exactly a month ago for his alleged drag racing and DUI. Now, the Florida State Attorney has offered him a plea deal.

The Biebs can get the charges dropped if he does the usual punishment, like 40 hours of community service, attend an alcohol ed class, and plead no contest to reckless driving.

There are some not-so-typical things he has to do too though!

Justin also must have an ignition interlock device for three months, go to a “victim impact panel” where the family members of DUI victims will talk to him, and most importantly, the 19-year-old singer will need to be randomly drug tested for six to nine months!

And at his expense!

Bieber has to provide the courts with the deets on where he’ll be traveling, so they can find him whenever and where ever.

Now, there was some weirdness on behalf of the cops when J.B. was arrested, but when it comes down to it, Justin admitted to having stuff in his system when he was pulled over.

So, will he go to court, or take the deal?

Now that momma bear Pattie Mallette is spending more time with her little cub, maybe agreeing to drug testing will be even easier!

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23 comments to “Justin Bieber Offered A Plea Deal In Miami DUI Case! See What He Has To Do HERE!”

  1. 1

    PLEASE take down these STUPID moving pictures . . . they're making the site difficult to access and navigate!

  2. 2

    If he were middle class Mexican, he would have been deported already.

    Oh, and I agree with Divinah, your GIFs are are really old technology, and the fad is long over.

  3. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: PrincessOftheUniverse – Not on this. There were…irregularities.

  4. kruijs says – reply to this


    The $64 million dollar question is: will Bieber accept the stringent deal or chance a trial where the endgame could be jail?

  5. 5

    Re: @v@ – Had he been a middle class Mexican, he would have been deported already for the felony "egging" charges in which he did thousands of dollars worth of damage to someone's home. That being said, the Miami incident would never have happened because he'd be back home by then.

  6. Woow says – reply to this


    I think the criminal justice system here have done a great job. I especially like the random drug testing for 6 to 9 months. It will help keep him clean. Great work !!

  7. barb says – reply to this


    We don't care now what Justin does….the USA won him when their men lost the hockey game at Sochi. He's all yours….yippee !!!!

  8. John bondwest says – reply to this


    He can counter plea deal with his own Plea deal. I think now Miami beach police may have realize they screwed up and their trying to save face we will see if he takes the deal if he has enough evedince to said the stop was illegal anything after that is after the fact and is also would be illegal. I do not know if he will or will not take it. If I was him and I have evedince I was speeding or drag racing I wouldn't take the deal. They think this is going to be a DUI case in court no it going to be about the traffic stop being legal or not. They can used the survievallance video against the police saying if he was drunk like the officer said he was would he be hitting that SUV in the Video.

  9. 9

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  10. Taryn says – reply to this


    He is lucky if he gets off that easy for a DUI. DUI arrest charges are typically taken very seriously, and as discussed in further detail at the high cost of fighting DUI charges is high, along with the severe DUI penalties if convicted. It is simply never worth the safety risk to others on the road by taking the needless chance of getting a DUI arrest charge in the first place.

  11. Taryn says – reply to this


    He is lucky if he gets off that easy for a DUI. DUI arrest charges are typically taken very seriously, and as discussed in further detail at FightDUICharges.com the high cost of fighting DUI charges is high, along with the severe DUI penalties if convicted. It is simply never worth the safety risk to others on the road by taking the needless chance of getting a DUI arrest charge in the first place.

  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Princess of the Universe – Had he been a rich Mexican taxable in the U.S. celeb it wouldn't be any different.

  13. 13

    Re: @v@ – Whatever.

  14. saucy says – reply to this


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  15. 15

    I am surprised he did not get out even easier … money can buy anything and I beleive that is what he said. Who can be shocked only poor people get screwed in these situations, ask some of the latinos and blacks in Miami.

  16. eric says – reply to this


    he is much pretty smart
    boy hot

  17. h says – reply to this


    Actually, the only atypical thing about those stipulations is the fact that he even gets the option of having an interlock ignition device. Victim impact panel is always mandatory in addition to alcohol education classes and group counseling. In almost any state a first time offender would lose their license for the bare minimum of six months. That is for a driver who is OVER 21. Zero tolerance laws are in place for underage offenders and the penalties are much steeper. He should be thanking his lucky stars right now that he has it so easy!!!

  18. 18

    his Goes For all Comments That where Posted! First Off He's Charges are Not being Dropped! If He Takes The Deal and Plead's NO CONTEST THAT IS THE SAME IS PLEADING GUILTY! CHARGES DROPPED MEAN CASE DISMISSED! Let's Clear something Up Money Does Not buy You out of everything it only works for so long trust me. I have Seen Flat ass BroTke Ppl In Court With Public Defenders Get Better Deals Then Me Sitting There With My High Profile 50k Lawyer as I am Sitting Fighting 5yrs For DUI On Pills! As They are In The Court Room On There 4th Probation Violation and Getting 45 day's. I am Sitting There On My Second Violation That is a Simple Misdemeanor That They Couldn't Even Prove, But Due To My 5yr Suspended Sentence I was Sitting There Once again Facing 5yrs. Luckly Once again My Lawyer Was That Good and Got Me out of it. You Want Unfair and I am a Rich White Girl Rom THE OC If He .would of had my lawyer he prig would of gotten his charges dropped lol MY Damn Lawyer Is CAPTAIN AMERICA HE SAYVES THEY DAY! OR HE'S LIKE DAVID COPER-FIELD POOF MAGIG THAT SHIT JUST GOES AWAY BEST DAMN LAWYER IN SO CAL

  19. 19

    My bail as 10k on My DUI"s No accident Nothing and they raised it to 275k. Yes I remained out of Jail. He is Getting Every Same Stipulation a Normal Person Gets and Then Some that a person with or without Money Gets On There First DUI. Most Don't Get Drug Testing and Have to Submit Travel Plans. I was Traveling all over The US While I was Fighting My First DDI. Yes They are getting More Strict with the Interlock Device. On Pill DUI's Makes No Sense Not a Pill Popping Device. But I will Not Recommend Driving On Pills Now a Days They Are Swobbing People When Getting Pulled Over Now In Stead of Breathalyzing so they Can Tell If You are on Drugs Now. Back Home Up North I was Dating The Biggest Lawyer around and My Father Was Mayor, They Made an Example Out of Me! In The Court System I all Tell you how it works it come down to who you know and its Somply Political. It's all about the Deal of the Day. Its Not all about The Money. I Believe Today If I wouldn't of Gotten Right with God I wouldn't of Gotten the Deals I got. 6 Mo On 2yrs With 20yrs of Credit. My Lawyer Got Me 1yr of Credit Sitting at Home. 10 days out of Custody get my 5th DUI I was Facing 5 Yrs. I Get a Yr Program. he Even Told Me There was No Way In Hell I was Getting a Program. It Came Down to I beleive God and Who We Kkew In OC and The Court System. Oh I am Not Done. The courts are Done With You if any of you are familiar Prorams and Courts after they give you a program.

  20. 20

    . No I didn't go to any county state founded program i paid 100k for the year for this program I choose to go to. I Decided to Celebrate and Drink the day i completed that program. Oct 11 2011, I caught One More Case My Lawyer Said Hell No Don't Even Ask For a Program! I did. I said God Please Help Me One More Time and The Courts Gave Me One More Chance. Because My Lawyer Went and Picked The DA he Knew and I was Honest with My Judge Boom Program 18mo I could of Done 6mo in Jail and been Done with that 5yr Joint Suspended Sentence. I told the Judge It was My Life or I was going to Die. I was So Sick of Taking Pills. The Only Way I Felt Good is the Way I feel Today 2.5yrs Sober. I am Grateful For My Judge No I can't Stand The DA"S to This Day One Of them I can All The Other's I can't. I all Tell You This. The Courts Do Not Like Sucesss Stores Such as Myself. Because when I went in to get My Probation Terminated Early 2.5 yrs early My PO was Ok with it. The DA Fought Us. the Judge was In Shock He Was Like Oh Hell What do I do She Completed That Sentence I gave her.

  21. 21

    They Never Expected Me to They Gave me that Sentence Banking On Me Screwing Up So They Could Get That 5yrs out of me. The DA Said it Him Self. We Don't Give Out Deals Like She Got For DUI"s. Yes I Ened Up Getting My Probation Modified I"ll I cared about was being off Felony Probation, but They agreed Because I offered To Continue To Drug Test at My Treatment Center Still. I DA Said I still Needed Structure When My PO was putting me on admin probation no matter what the out come was which meant no superviosn of any kind or starchier no testing. So what sense did that make? I just wanted to show them one more time i would go to any length to get off feloney probation if that meant drug testing and that was my idea not there's. I sit and Read all These Comments That he is getting this Special treatment and getting his charges dropped NO HE ISIN"t! AS SOON AS HE SAYS NO CONTEST. HE IS GUILTY OF ALL CHARGES. HE HAS A WRAP SHEET JUST LIKE ALL OF US WHO HAVE BEEN ARRESTED. The only diff is between him and the normal person. That won't affect him cause his isn't going to apply for any real jobs any time soon.
    So Stop with the Etc…… If iw was t this person they would get this our that, nor they would get the same damn things regardless of they and a public defender

  22. MD says – reply to this


    All of you make really good points in your comments.
    Only my opinion, take it for what its worth. Justin or Bizzle, needs to take the darn plea deal. Then he should take a break from the business for awhile, get the help he needs, make peace with whatever issues he's dealing with, and then figure out if he wants to continue on a career in music. There may be other areas he'd like to explore but pushed them aside to pursue a career in entertainment. It isn't that simple, and the physical withdrawals will kick in, but in time he will get through it and will ultimately be better off.
    Bizzleboy also has to understand that drugs are still dangerous no matter who you are or how much money you have. They don't care if you're a famous popstar, they'll still do damage. Drugs, alcohol, are not something to be glorified. I feel sorry for him and genuinely hope that he gets help. I'm not trying to judge or condemn him or anyone associated with him, but he has to understand that he has a problem and that admitting he needs help is a sign of strength not weakness.

  23. Justin says – reply to this


    Justin Bieber Sleeps in Same Bed as Chantel Jeffries on the video