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13 comments to “Chris Brown Decides To Stay In Rehab For Longer & Gets His Instagram Back!”

  1. The Truth Hurts says – reply to this


    BS. It is all damage control. He got caught going to a party when he was supposed to go straight back to the center.

    Further, damage control as he has a violation hearing for 3 separate events to include his non authorized trip.

    His lawyer has used this ploy before. The DA wants him in jail and the judge gets campaign donations from Chris Browns camp.

    No one is stupid enough to believe that he really is changing and he wants to stay for help.

    The Truth Hurts

  2. @v@ says – reply to this


    Slay those demons, Chris. How to go, man. Nice plaque.
    Re: The Truth Hurts – You have a problem with people getting counseling?
    I hope Chris gets some helpful adult tools to deal.

  3. 3

    I agree it's a ploy to keep himself out of prison but on the flip side if he is actually learning something in that centre, like how to deal with his issues without using violence, then he should stay there.

  4. ellen victa says – reply to this


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  5. Ryan M. says – reply to this


    Chris Brown is from Dallas, funny. I guess he does have some talent since girls still watch him hehe

  6. Deb says – reply to this


    Accept what is…Good decision on his part. He needs to get through all this legal problems and then show himself that he can live life differently. He is working on his community service as part of his program so I believe what he is doing is working so why do anything different. I would imagine in this part of the program he will have more freedom but still in the program. A gradual transition back to going back home. His lawyer is giving him good advice and that is what he is being paid for. I believe he has his best interest at heart. Chris needs someone he can trust to help him stay on the right road. What ever the reason is for him to stay in treatment to improve yourself is a good thing. Keep it up Chris a day at time. I hope Chris stays away from using substances and realizes he is just as creative and life can be fun without them.

  7. 7

    Re: The Truth Hurts – I totally agree that this move is damage control, but I am hoping the extra time will actually benefit him. It is possible that he can learn a few things.

  8. CC says – reply to this


    Chris Brown decides… To be a loser piece of violent sh*t who beats women.

  9. Roman Allen says – reply to this


    Re: CC – I hope you do not expect to make you forgive your faults by God with such an attitude towards another person.
    I say unto all; If your hatred towards women beater is greater than your fear of the eternal torments of hell, you are really foolish and dangerous for yourselves.
    I understand your anger towards this kind of person but from there to become mad with rage and losing the objectivity required to see beyond hatred. This is not strong as a way to judge the lives of others.

  10. lisa says – reply to this


    chris brown has been home since the 19th of feb.

  11. Teresa Andrews says – reply to this


    Anger management is a joke. These abusers have no problem controlling their anger around large, aggressive men. It is only when they around women that they magically lose their ability to manage their anger.He is also a coward who couldn't even appear on Larry King without his mommy, even tho people his own age were risking their lives every day in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is an abusive, cowardly punk, and I will never understand how somebody could admire him — especially a woman.

  12. 12

    go see Charlie sheen. haha

  13. LadyBugE says – reply to this


    Somebody had talk to him about he needs to stay because he need to face those demons. I think now he is growing up and once he is away with the party life, party friends, and away from family…..he is walking the path by his self….he have to face it.
    He have to be strong for himself and make decisions for his self..He have to own up to being Chris….he is maturing and now have to grow up and to transition to now be responsible adult. Own up to your faults, find out the root of your problems and find your purpose in life is suppose to be now as a man.