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Cleaning Lady Mistakes Cookie Art For Rubbish & Makes A Pricey Oopsies While Just Doing Her Job!

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cleaning lady trashes italian art exhibit sala murat whoops cookies

Oh, art! What are we ever going to do with you?

A cleaning lady accidentally threw out $13,000 worth of art in a South Italy gallery recently when she mistook a Sala Murat exhibit for TRASH!

Holy cannoli! Italy hasn't witnessed a tragedy this big since the volcanic eruption of theatrical opening of Pompeii - what a disaster!

In the cleaning lady's defense, the art was broken cookies lying on the floor! Uhh, broken floor cookies? Who can really blame her for the mix up?!

Luckily, the cleaning company that employed the unnamed duster/sweeper/destroyer of art is well-insured and the artist will be compensated for the loss of their work!

City marketing commissioner Antonio Maria Vasile released this statement:

"We are obviously very sorry for what happened. It's clear the cleaning person did not realise she had thrown away two works and their value. But this is all about the artists who have been able to better interpret the meaning of contemporary art, which is to interact with the environment. In any case, the insurance will cover the damages caused."

Aww! Sounds like an honest mistake!!!

Maybe next time the artist should leave a note for the cleaner!

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7 comments to “Cleaning Lady Mistakes Cookie Art For Rubbish & Makes A Pricey Oopsies While Just Doing Her Job!”

  1. 1

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  2. Jerkwad says – reply to this


    it IS trash, 80% of so called ”art” is RUBBISH….get a real job!

  3. 3

    When broken cookie pieces on the floor is "art" we are in deep deep trouble.

  4. a-deg says – reply to this


    Similar thing happened in Germany years ago, when a cleaning lady drained and scrubbed a bathtub with dirty water that was also "art".

  5. 5

    what a horrific gif my a male pig artist

  6. 6

    Even the art world is filled with worthless pigs.

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    Insured, simply for broken cookie pieces??? Lol! The emperor truly wears no clothes.