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Plea Deal REJECTED! Justin Bieber Likely Going To Trial For Miami DUI

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The saga continues…

After Justin Bieber opted out of a plea deal for his Miami drunk driving mishap, it is very, VERY likely that he will be going to trial.

JB's refuses to accept any deal with probationary conditions like doing random drug testing for the next 6 to 9 months and law enforcement isn't having ANY of it.

The Miami police do acknowledge that their were some major issues with the arresting officers, like that the po-po might've lied about smelling alcohol before forcing him to blow a measly .014, but proesecutors have made it clearer than Bieby's baby face that they aren't afraid to battle it out in the courtroom.

Thankfully, Justin's ultra well-renowned lawyer Roy Black isn't scared either!

If Justin DOES go to court, he could be potentially tried for 3 counts, including DUI, resisting arrest, and cruising on an expired license.

That means he can face up to 2 1/2 years in the slammer!!

Now, while we know Biebs thinks he's a badass, we can't imagine he would last very long living amongst criminals.

Let's cross out fingers his bunkmate is a fan!! LOLz!

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9 comments to “Plea Deal REJECTED! Justin Bieber Likely Going To Trial For Miami DUI”

  1. 1

    Of course he won't go to jail! Celebrities rarely do. He will get a slap on the wrist and be able to continue his party lifestyle. He will pay a fine that will be pocket change to him, and the state will have to foot the bill for a trial that will cost much, much more. Ridiculous. They would be better off just letting it go.

  2. AG55 says – reply to this


    First off the legal limit for anyone over 21 is .08 and for anyone under 21 it's .0 so I wouldn't call .014 measly for a 19 year old. It's time for his people to make him take responsibility for actions before he kills someone.

  3. Rachel says – reply to this


    It shouldn't matter if it was a measly 0.014. He is a underage and the legal limit for anyone under 21 is 0.0. He deserves a fair punishment for that regardless of his "star power"

  4. Justin Northeast says – reply to this


    Florida Has a legal limt for underages drinking is 0.02. I know this because I live Down in florida when they pass the underage Drink legal limt law . It because of the colleage down their and the spring breaker. He got a GPS device that said he was going 27mph at the time the officer saw him. The office estimated the speed that Guessing the God damn speed. That what estimated and Approxicmated means. They have no rader evedince to back the officer story up. It hard to agrue over a computer device. Rosebud99 even if he get a Guilty verdict. He will get what they want him to plea to any ways. But it all depends on the Traffic stop being legal. My dad is a former prosecutor and said he would even take this trial to case they going to lose based on the Evedince Justin has. He would argue against a computer Device like a GPS to get a Damn DUI trial their stupid to do so. The officer past come into question as well he been ticket for misconduct before on and off durty as well. He been writen up 2 time and he been giving 3 verbal warnings. They are going have to get this officer to so up If not they do not have a case. That why people are telling them to get a Judge to look at the traffic stop

  5. Teresa andrews says – reply to this


    He us the least interesting celebrity in the planet.

  6. eric says – reply to this


    justin can not be stuck in a prision of men
    he could not bear
    i talk serious
    had to be prision of female or special
    if he go for the prision of men
    the prisoners in jail would do something very bad to him

  7. 7

    ummm does anyone else think this is hilarious?

  8. 8

    Re: Justin Northeast – Actually, car GPS devices aren't able to accurately depict speed within a certain range- it is an approximation based on how far the car went and the time it took to get there.

  9. fy says – reply to this


    before you're calling names at people like ”baby face” look at your own fucking gay face