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Lea Michele Gets Hit With A Rolling Stone! See The Overly Rude Review Of Louder HERE!

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lea michele louder rolling stone album review

Lea Michele may not legally be able to do a live NBC musical, but she is getting Peter Panned!

Rolling Stone magazine dropped its review of the Glee star's first solo album today- dropped it right on her foot!

They couldn't have been Louder with their distaste, giving it a totally unfair ONE STAR out of five!

Why? Reasons like this:

"Michele's show-tune-style belting is a little too perfect for today's pop charts."

Hmm, "too perfect" isn't a criticism we hear too much. Except maybe in job interviews when they ask us to list our greatest faults. The reviewer can't resist slamming the whole effort, writing:

"The album will make a decent audition tape for Julie Taymor's inevitable production of Teenage Dream: The Katy Perry Musical in a few more years."

Wow. Someone call Ian Ziering, because we see a SNARKnado coming! We're going to rely on our own ears and hearts for this one, thanks.

Is Rolling Stone's review too harsh? What do U think?

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34 comments to “Lea Michele Gets Hit With A Rolling Stone! See The Overly Rude Review Of Louder HERE!”

  1. ohyahnotgood says – reply to this


    no offense, but all the songs she has release so far are pretty awful. she can sing but her voice is best for broadway… not the radio! I saw her "perform" cannonball on ellen… I was just so embarrassed for her the whole time. it was that bad.

  2. Mia says – reply to this


    I see where Rolling Stone is coming from, the album is good by Broadway standards. However, the album is an attempt to reach the modern pop market and that is where it fails. She's not a pop star in the modern sense but that's not to say she can't sing. For example artist The Beatles are no heavy metal band but that doesn't mean they suck. Either way Perez, you say worse.

  3. Tom says – reply to this


    Rolling Stones is way off! I have loved all of the songs, her voice is amazing! But I guess she is too talented for Radio and mediocre garbage they pass off now.

  4. mlyjn says – reply to this


    Like Perez I plan to make up my own mind about her album, but I can see where RS is coming from. Lea Michele is crazy talented, but it's not surprising that her Broadway style vocals aren't very transferrable to the pop market. I also laughed in a horrified kind of way about the Katy Perry musical. RS is right, it's only a matter of time before that happens…

  5. @springawakener1 says – reply to this


    Too harsh! I have had most of the album on repeat since cannonball! I love it.

  6. EEKS says – reply to this


    Rolling Stone hit the nail on the head, her talent is not made for mainstream radio.

  7. EEKS says – reply to this


    Re: ohyahnotgood – COMPLETELY AGREE

  8. 8

    They panned it because it sucked. Her music "career" will soon be as dead as Kelly Osbourne's.

  9. cwhoiam@gmail.com says – reply to this


    I like her voice…. I'm keeping it positive… hang in there Lea! Rolling Stones is off on this one.

  10. Stephanie Bilderback says – reply to this


    They are fucking ridiculous. She is talented and amazing. End of story.

  11. brxanjames says – reply to this


    all of the songs on the album pretty much saved my life. critics over analyze every cd review so i understand the criticism but this album is great in my opinion.

  12. 12

    instead of doing an album that suited her vocals, she went for a mainstream sound. and it didnt work. and it doesnt help that overall the lyrics are weak. she missed the mark.

  13. 13

    I like all of her songs…..honestly I feel like they weren't show tuney at all. I love the bit of the album that was released and I have it on repeat most of the time I'm in my car. If it's not your cup of tea then don't listen to it. Me on the other hand, I will continue to blast Cannonball every chance I get.

  14. Welp says – reply to this


    @ the ghost of Cory you're extremely annoying. Go do something with yourself. Instead of using a anonymous name like ”the ghost of Cory.” Who does that.

  15. Chelseaaaa says – reply to this


    I believe some of the songs I've downloaded via preorder are amazing, and some fall short. But we still have half an album left to hear, so I can't quite comment on the whole thing. At the end of the day Lea has amazing talent and 95% of the critics couldn't belt out a note like her. Also everyone has different taste so it's really all matter of opinion. One may like one song and hate another or completely love the whole album. Funny how that works huh? Go Lea!!!!

  16. leas huge kike nose says – reply to this


    Sounds about right! This ugly ass made her own ego fool her into thinking she can sing mainstream music. I can't wait for glee to end so she can go back to the slums of new york. Broadway won't want you back either because you suck. Maybe in another life tranny.

  17. Tim says – reply to this


    Lea is beautiful, talented, and her album is a great first effort. I love most of the songs, but a couple are a miss. She just needs to continue working and she'll be a huge hit. I have nothing but respect and adoration for this woman. She's truly amazing and I can't wait to hear more of her music.

  18. Zaina says – reply to this


    I'm a fat girl who eats my feelings and praises Lea. I'm just as ugly as her but way fatter!

  19. Crueltydoesntmakeuabet says – reply to this


    Re: leas huge kike nose – wow pretty sad

  20. Dontgiveupleamichele says – reply to this


    I think she did great. I do see another album coming. I don't think she should give up. You are an extremely great singer. I enjoy your album.

  21. LilAngel says – reply to this


    I love her album and each single song on it. If you look at the other recent reviews by RS, you will see they don't like pop music (that's their choice). I love pop music, I love Lea Michele and I love her album. I think her voice is perfect for these song. The problem with RS is that they categorize: they think because she is a Broadway star, she cannot do pop. They are wrong: each single song on the album is different from the others and the lyrics and music are great too.

  22. pamela says – reply to this


    She's awesome and can sing anything put in front of her. The Rolling Stone critic is an a-hole, and the anti-semitic nimrod who keeps using the term "k**e" should be banned from ever posting here. How curious that her voice is to perfect for pop music, what does that even mean, she's been singing pop songs since Glee, hell since Spring Awakening. You know the saying, those who can do, those who can't become critics for Rolling Stone.

  23. amy says – reply to this


    Does it realy matter what RS opinion is? Not really. Reguardless of who says what the breakdown is simple. If someone is a fan of hers, like me, they are going to buy and listen to her music. Everone needs to face the facts, this woman can sing. I don't care the song or the style or whatever else excuse people use to critize her, i am a huge fan and as long as its made public I will listen.

  24. Carrie says – reply to this


    I'm honestly not a huge fan of Lea Michele or Glee, but I really like what I've heard of her CD so far. Louder is my serious jam and I've been basically listening to it on repeat since I've heard the song. While I agree that she does sound a little broadway-y (thats not a word), I like it, its different from what is all over the radio right now. In my opinion I think Rolling Stone was a little unfair.

  25. Real Zaina says – reply to this


    Re: Zaina – Demi's fat ass go hell. I thought you died already. I am not fat and yes I love Lea and think that she is a strong woman. Fuck off you bitter troll.

  26. Zaina says – reply to this


    Re: Real Zaina – Considering the IP addresses match on both her comment and yours, I believe you yourself wrote it to start trouble. A hypocritical, pathologically-lying, delusional, paranoid, sociopathic cyberbully is all you are, besides a waste of sperm that should've been aborted. You must feel really proud contributing to teen suicides. Keep your fucking worthless mouth shut or I will hack into your computer and destroy it with porn-related viruses. Fuck with me, I dare you.

  27. Gunny says – reply to this


    Most women with real talent get bad reviews from Rolling Stone so the expectations for that review were very low. Their operating theme is that good reviews do not sell.

    I loved the album. But then, I love Broadway musicals so am used to quality singers and artists who stay true to their craft.

  28. Real Zaina says – reply to this


    Re: Zaina – Are you threatening me again? Really shut up. Get over yourself you have no life. You are the epitome of an imbecile. I feel sorry for you, bro.

  29. bryann says – reply to this


    Hah hah…since when are words TOO PERFECT a form of critique?They should be happy that she has flawless vocals,unlike so many other artists.I do agree that her songs are 13 in a dozen kind,they just don't have much of a difference in them if you compare it to any other pop artist.There are few possible hits there,but she doesn't really have her own sound as a pop artist.

  30. True says – reply to this


    It may be harsh but at least it's honest and not bias like yours! The songs haven't been good!

  31. No says – reply to this


    Re: Real Zaina – you are on EVERY single lea story. why don't you get a life you loser troll and leave other people alone.

  32. Bina says – reply to this


    Rollingstone is right. The album is preachy and annoying at best. it shouldn't even be considered pop. Its a ballad album with bad lyrics

  33. Andrew says – reply to this


    I think the album is amazing!! I think the album is a refreshingly revisit to a time when female singers had vocal talent! You're Mine, Louder and What is Love? are the stand-out tracks!

  34. Snicnic says – reply to this


    Re: Tom – are you gay tom because gays love bad music.