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21 comments to “Arizona Governor Vetoes Anti-Gay Bill! Hooray!”

  1. 1

    It was an anti-everything bill.

  2. 2

    I was almost certain this bill would get vetoed. I'm glad the Gov. didn't wait until the last minute.

  3. Hannah says – reply to this


    Well that's fine but I heard tonight on the news that the right wing religious nuts are pushing through other bills that are also discriminatory to the LGBT community. What is needed are laws to protect the gay community. The way it stands now they are vulnerable to anti-gay laws that could be passed. It seems these sneaky individuals are trying to get these bills through without them being noticed.

  4. 4

    Thank $^#@ somebody had some sense to end this insanity.

  5. Nanuchka says – reply to this


    It was all about the money they would have lost. I doubt they care much about the gay people but when companies like Apple, American Airlines and the NFL threaten to pull out, you sit up and take notice. Potential money lost=veto. Sad but I believe this is the reality.

  6. 6

    Senate Bill 1062 does not address a specific and present concern related to religious liberty in Arizona. I have not heard of one example in Arizona where a business owner’s religious liberty has been violated. The bill is broadly worded and could result in unintended and negative consequences.

    After weighing all of the arguments, I vetoed Senate Bill 1062 moments ago. To the supporters of the legislation, I want you to know that I understand that long-held norms about marriage and family are being challenged as never before.

    Our society is undergoing many dramatic changes. However, I sincerely believe that Senate Bill 1062 has the potential to create more problems than it purports to solve. It could divide Arizona in ways we cannot even imagine and no one would ever want.

    Religious liberty is a core American and Arizona value, so is non-discrimination. Going forward, let’s turn the ugliness of the debate over Senate Bill 1062 into a renewed search for greater respect and understanding among ALL Arizonans and Americans. Thank you.

  7. 7

    I want to bake homos a cake:)

  8. 8

    how about twinkie cake covered with pansies

  9. PROUD HOMOPHOBE says – reply to this


    Rug-munching rapists need to be shot between the eyes. No-one wants you disgusting, perverted, mutated, deviant predators around, especially in the girl's changing rooms. Take your immorality and molestation ideas elsewhere, you worthless wastes of sperm!

  10. Courtney says – reply to this


    It was referring to all types of discrimination, not just that. Queers are selfish sociopaths who hate the human race so much they want to end it.

  11. Charlotte says – reply to this


    Another gutless politician bowing to extremist political pressure. A small minority allowed to control the will of the majority.

  12. 12

    Re: PROUD HOMOPHOBE – Freedom of speech does not apply to you and your kinf..

  13. 13

    Re: Charlotte – Please take your meds. Better still, shoot yourself.

  14. 14

    When is America gonna wake up to the fact its 2014 and religion has NO place in the modern world. I'm sick of christian zealots having the power to tell other people how to live. Someones faith should be a personal thing, it should not be used to oppress others nor should it be shoved down everyone elses throats. It's time for America and the rest of the world to stand up and tell christianity to go fuck itself, it's nothing more than a CULT.

  15. PROUD HOMOPHOBE says – reply to this


    Re: overthere – Whatever helps you sleep tonight, criminal-enabling fuckwit :D

  16. You're a moron says – reply to this


    Re: overthere – Encouraging suicide? Wow, aren't you quite the hero.

  17. 17

    What makes me laugh is people are willing to follow the "Gospels" of four guys who claimed God spoke to them.
    If I claimed God spoke to me and told me how man kind should be living People would consider me mentally ill and the voice in my head I thought was God would be diagnosed as a hallucination and I would be diagnosed as a schizophrenic….
    Have any of you christian ever thought about the source of your gospels, those so called prophets were probably mentally ill and in today's world would be more than likely diagnosed as mentally ill….

  18. I think UR a tool says – reply to this


    Re: PixieDust111 – Tell me? are you sponsored by any Satanic Cult.. You knows, the kind of sect that believes Satan will bring them fortune and glory! Or maybe you are simply someone too proud of himself to realize that he is actually a tool who is easily manipulated by the demon of temptation?

  19. the sap says – reply to this


    If politicians had MY kind of guts and spine and If i had power.. I'd build a wall on that mexican border and post signs that say "If you spent as much time building your own country as you do leaving it… it would be one of the most successful countries on earth and americans would be sneaking across the border to live with you. So i am building this wall to not to keep you out, but rather, to keep americans in as you focus your time and efforts on building a successful country that americans will want to sneak into. Now get to work doing a job americans dont want to do. The job of building mexico". But, outside of my own home and business… I have no power. I'm just a sap.
    As for this law proposal. It had to go. Separation of church and state is a core american value.

  20. 70s Kornhole says – reply to this


    Re: overthere – I want you to lick the crust away from around my asshole. Please let me shit in your lovely mouth also.

  21. Charlotte says – reply to this


    Re: overthere


    Watch your back… you have no idea who you are dealing with