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Katy Perry & John Mayer's Break Up Saga Continues — Songstress Movin' On Out Of Her Hollywood Hills Home?!

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john mayer katy perry moving out hollywood

Looks like Katy Perry is packin' on up and moving out of her Hollywood Hills home!

Or is she?

Following the news that she and John Mayer have broken up, a moving truck mysteriously is spotted in front of Katy's home!

However, according to an insider, the moving truck just stopped by to drop something off and it was apparently empty when it left.

That is pretty odd, considering the fact that it's a huge moving truck and it only had a couple things in there?


[Image via Splash News/BauerGriffinOnline.]

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6 comments to “Katy Perry & John Mayer's Break Up Saga Continues — Songstress Movin' On Out Of Her Hollywood Hills Home?!”

  1. beach says – reply to this


    As is your usual protocol you are JUST MAKING SHIT UP AS YOU GO.

  2. 2


  3. Sally says – reply to this


    Paparazzi probably called them. They generally pull stunts like that on the day of a big celebrity breakup.

  4. susieserb says – reply to this


    pool shipping? she might be the last deliver? Happens to me allot.

  5. kat says – reply to this


    No..I have had stuff delivered from huge trucks and nothing else was in there or very few items.

  6. mdb says – reply to this


    Saw a video of the mentioned moving truck. Looks to me like they are moving things out of the house Ms. Perry recently sold–the one she and Brand supposedly purchased and never lived in. It doesn't look like her current residence. Maybe the few items someone saw being delivered were personal items from the sold home that she intends to keep.