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Charlotte Church Thinks Katy Perry Is Selling Sex To Kids, And Miley Cyrus Doesn't Give A F**k About Society! See Her Incendiary Words HERE!

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miley cyrus katy perry charlotte church slammed kids naked music videos

Charlotte Church is not done slamming pop stars.

She already led the charge condemning Miley Cyrus for her exhibitionist antics. But Miley is pretty accustomed to being the center of sexual controversy.

Now the Welsh singer is gunning for Katy Perry!

Charlotte thinks Katy is selling sex, and selling it to kids! Charlotte says:

"I don't want my little girl to see a Katy Perry video. I like Katy Perry; she's funny—I'm not fussed on her music—but I don't want my little girl to hold her up as an ideal. I think a lot of what she does is marketed to children. All that candy stuff [in California Gurls]. If [my daughter] had seen that she would have loved it, sweets everywhere and then there she is—this naked chick!"

Just because kids would be attracted to certain aspects of something doesn't mean it's marketed to them. Katy Perry is healthy and successful- but is she really too sexy to be a good role model?

Unlike Katy, Charlotte thinks Miley is actually too young to know any better. She says:

"It's so obvious this young lady has a skewed perspective because of what she's been through. All she knows is to sell and be sold. This sounds patronizing but in a couple of years she'll change her tune. I went through a similar-ish thing; not to the depths she is taking it to. But it's exhibitionism. As a teenager, you're really egocentric. Why would you give a f**k about the rest of society?"

Well, she's right about one thing. Miley certainly doesn't seem to give a f**k- at least not about what people think.

But Miley isn't a teenager. She's a grown woman making her own decisions about what to do with her body. Is it really fair for Charlotte to judge what's going on inside her head?

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29 comments to “Charlotte Church Thinks Katy Perry Is Selling Sex To Kids, And Miley Cyrus Doesn't Give A F**k About Society! See Her Incendiary Words HERE!”

  1. 1

    I totally agree. I think katy perry is another attention whore like Miley. They design their shows to corrupt the minds of children. They can go fuck themselves. i think that's really low, when you cant get real fans so you go after kids to make money, just like a fucking drug dealer.

  2. 2

    Charlottte has been through it herself - so yes, she is in a position to judge. And just because Miley is numerically not a teenager anymore doesn't mean that she is mentally mature. Anyone who has raised kids can recognize adolescent behaviour in Miley, regardless of how old she is.

  3. anne says – reply to this


    I think Katy Perry is selling childhood to adults not sex to kids

  4. yes please says – reply to this


    I want more women in pop, but these two are not it…I think they are way too oversexualized…that image does NOT help women…just has the world see them as objects…we have to get beyond this…Pink and Gaga is all we have in terms of talented and pop right now…Beyonce is just alright, but also way too sexual…GAGA has toned it down a bit…I dig her anyway..she has art, vision and talent going for her…Let's keep it a bit more clean ladies and let your talent shine through.

  5. 5

    Re: pollopicu – Isn't it depressing to troll a site with so few commenters? Wouldn't you have more fun on a site that gets like 200+ on any given article?

  6. 6

    Re: anne – Well it's not working - her fan base is very young.

  7. Eddie says – reply to this


    Charlotte is right

  8. nfff says – reply to this


    We know that they are using sex to sell songs. This is not news.

  9. 9

    Charlotte is right. That whole Candyland phase was for the kids. The kitten-shaped perfume bottle- kids. And she's designing jewelry for Claire's now- kids. If they Google her, they'll probably get the shot of her in a bikini with her hand down her own pants. Classy.

  10. 10

    Katy's music has been way more PG-13 rated than Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga's. Miley and Gaga are "R" rated. No doubt about it. I'm sure mothers with elementary school kids would be relieved if they liked Katy Perry and stars like Taylor Swift.

    There's been may more sexually explicit female musicians during the past 30 years than Katy. Madonna is just one of them. How about Beyonce, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, etc. I can think of about 10 more like Courtney Love and her punk band "Hole" who would have shocked parents.

    In my opinion Katy isn't selling sex to kids any more than Kylie Minogue or Gwen Stefani from "No Doubt". Those guys wanted junior high school fans just like Katy does. It's totally the parents decision to bring elementary school kids to Katy's concerts. That's THEIR responsibility. I'm not sure if Katy is going to wander into "R" rated territory for this upcoming tour. Parents should read some online concert reviews about Katy's shows and get "word of mouth" if their elementary school kid is freaking out about wanting to go see Katy's concert.

  11. Yoloswegman says – reply to this


    Lol I've never even heard if this bitch. Who the fuck is this random. She thinks she can dis the queen And not have me put her in her place. Fuck off you random, nobody knows who you are nor does anyone care.

  12. 12

    I doubt that Katy is still crying over the breakup. It's not like she hasn't been married before. She is busy rehearsing for a world tour. John is probably happy to be single again. Like most men, he isn't monogamous by nature. He will always be a womanizer.

  13. 13

    BTW, Charlotte Church is an irrelevant hasbeen. That's what happens when you peak too soon. Leann Rimes is another example of that. In 5 years, it could happen to Taylor Swift too if she's not careful.

  14. 14

    Re: Yoloswegman – Charlotte Church is a little bit to talented and classy to be known by many on this site. she sings alot with josh groban.

  15. blueness says – reply to this


    Katy Perry is a horrible role model. She criticizes others for selling sex whilst ejaculating whip cream from her nipple cup cakes. She is the fakest star out there and that is saying a lot.

  16. Ali says – reply to this


    I agree with her. Infact it's not just these 2, it's all the pop stars, Miley had to go extreme porn just to compete. There's no such thing as relying on talent anymore, they need to sell sex to get noticed.
    Unless you're Adele and can just stand there fully clothed and sing because you're voice is that amazing, you won't sell a record. You don't need talent, you just need to sell your body.

  17. Emily says – reply to this


    Both of the, are whores who need to get a real life. They make tons of money by getting naked then they use that money to fuck men who they pay for. Fuck both of you as well as all the other sluts and whores of Hollywood. U bitches!!!!!!

  18. The Peroxide says – reply to this


    I have a dream that one day adults will be as strong as kids are. Kids couldnt give two cents that some pop stars are sexually risque.
    "selling sex to kids". Do you know how long people have been saying that about pop? since before I was born, surely.Did you women who grew up on risque madonna grow up to become "slutty prostitutes" (no offense to any prostitutes)? Nope. You became normal housewives or career women. So will your pop loving daughters. We have a tv full of violent programming. You cant turn 5 channels without seeing simulated murder, stabbings, shootings and carnage…but all you can worry about is …..sexy girls doing their thang. Give me sexy over violence any day. (not that I dont like a good violent action flick).

  19. kiri says – reply to this

  20. JC says – reply to this


    Re: Yoloswegman – When did you put her in her place? I fail to see that part. Just because you don't know who she is, it doesn't make her point less valid.

  21. Danna says – reply to this


    Re: anne – I agree 100%. Some people and their perverted minds. Her lyrics speak for themselves. She's not singing Mary had a little Lamb while riding a Lamb naked….her lyrics are deep, geared towards adults. She's just having fun with it.

  22. Tara says – reply to this


    Agreed! Neither Katy Perry or Miley are good role models - all they care about is selling for their labels and their own brands and whatever shock and sex they can couple with it the better. As Charlotte put it - why should you care about the rest of society? Don't get me wrong, sex is great, but I don't like it being used for marketing to kids.

  23. 23

    katy perry has an unbelievable body

  24. 24

    Re: Yoloswegman – LOL "putting her in her place" is saying you don't know who she is??? Wow - big talker you are! You would not know who she is unless you were ever into clalssical music. Her voice is classically trained. It was how she "got in6to the business' at a VERY young age. She moved into the pop genre and had her own BBC show as well. She has released s cd a year since about 2010 when she returned to music after having 2 children. Her next cd is due out next month.

  25. 25

    Re: frusciante – BTW she is NOT a "hasbeen". She has released a cd a year since returning to music in 2010. She took time out to start a family and had 2 children. She has a new cd out next month.

  26. Shhh says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – well maybe you and others should be better parents and sensor what your kids are watching.

  27. dawniedawniedoo says – reply to this


    umm yeah shes a complete hyprocrite!! lol look at this video and there was a kid in it!! shes just jealous!

  28. Harry says – reply to this


    Charlotte is right,
    Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus are selling sex to the little ones.
    I never really cared for them that much.
    Miley Cyrus did a better job on Hannah Montana.
    Katy Perry seems like she needs to criticize sexual music when she does it too.

  29. Will smith says – reply to this


    U all r bitches she ain't that fucking bad it's ebder then ur doughter of son whatching the real deal