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8 comments to “Louis Tomlinson Is More Annoying Than Lorde?! Directioners Defend Their Boy By Sending Death Threats To Nick Grimshaw!”

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  2. Lina_Bella says – reply to this


    Nick Grimshaw is so grooosss, im not a big Luis fan but man.. i don`t understand Harry Styles friendship with this dude.. unless they`r a couple…

  3. Joanne says – reply to this


    As a fan of One Direction, I can admit that I have never sent Grimmy any death threats as don't many others. Instead of trying to blame the whole fandom, blame people individually. As for what Grimmy said, surely he must understand how 'some' directioners will react to him taking a pop at Louis. Quite frankly, I believe that Grimmy needs to start acting his age and stop responding to them, he just feeding them at the end of the day and it makes him look immature.

  4. Hi Joanne says – reply to this


    Re: Joanne – Are you serious Joanne? Someone needs to kick sense into these people. Grimshaw was merely explaining himself to these morons. Sending deaththreats to a guy because his PRODUCER said something jokey about him is ridiculous. And Grimshaw is the 'immature' one? Riiiight.

  5. rio says – reply to this


    but he is abosuletely annoying, his minions went EVER be able to see it while everyone else easily do

  6. Joanne says – reply to this


    Re: Hi Joanne – Yes, I am serious. I'm not excusing the behaviour of some directioners, the ones sending him the death threats and I don't believe that I said it was alright for them to do so. I'm saying, he is allowed to defend himself, of course he is. But he doesn't just 'defend' himself, he insults them, so of course these directioners are going to defend themeselves. He does look as immature as them, surely he is old enough to ignore such things, but that's the problem he is looking for an argument and so he just carries on. If he ignored them and stopped the insults, there would be nothing for these people to say to him.

  7. leah says – reply to this


    IT IS DISGUSTING what people were sending Nick. Especially because people claim to love Harry so much and guess what Nick is one of HArry's best friends

  8. June says – reply to this


    Directioners are so embarrasing, poor Nick