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West Hollywood's Wildest Gay Bar Denies Entry To Homophobic Lawmakers! Deets HERE!

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the abbey weho denying entry for homophobic politicians

File this one under "fighting fire with fire!"

As homophobic and otherwise prejudicial lawmakers in certain areas of the country push to pass legislation effectively condoning commercial discrimination, some folks are pushing back the only way they know how!!!

Leading the pack is The Abbey in WeHo! Considered by many to be the most popular gay bar in the world, they've announced a new policy aimed at keeping out all those who keep hate in their heart!

And that includes legislators trying to push through an intolerant agenda!

So they've compiled the names and photos of all of them and dispersed them to the bouncers to ensure they never gain admittance!

David Cooley, the bar & restaurant's founder, released this statement:

“I want to send a message to all those people out there who conflate Christian values with discrimination: we don’t want your kind here… I’ve learned that I can’t stop crazy, ignorant or stupid, but I can stop it from coming through my doors.”

Well said!!!

Maybe once these mean-spirited lawmakers get a taste of their own own medicine they'll think twice before trying to pass hurtful laws!

[Image via The Abbey.]

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13 comments to “West Hollywood's Wildest Gay Bar Denies Entry To Homophobic Lawmakers! Deets HERE!”

  1. 1

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  2. keyth says – reply to this


    whats "widest" gay bar mean ? "Widest" ????? dont you people ever check your headlines ?

    anyway, now your condoning "fire with fire" ??? lol, you effin hypocrite !

  3. adblockplus says – reply to this


    what do you mean by "widest" gay bar ?

  4. keyth says – reply to this


    so, are they going to ask for voter registration cards at the door ?
    this is just a gimmick.
    and as for you Perez……you MAJOR hypocrite

  5. Freda says – reply to this


    That's okay, we don't want anything to do with perverted deviants who commit unnatural, immortal acts anyway (:

    Gays/lesbians are sociopaths that hate the human race!!!

  6. susieserb says – reply to this


    But by rejecting "them" isn't the gay bar lowering themselves to "their" level by hating back?That's really gonna help your cause?

  7. JamaBee says – reply to this


    This is incredibly sad. Fighting hate with hate instead of acceptance. So much for being the bigger person. I'm now ashamed of both groups. Seems it would have been much more effective had he allowed the legislator in and then released a statement about acceptance.

  8. karen says – reply to this


    Re: Freda – Why are you reading a gay man's website?

  9. theresa andrew says – reply to this


    It's strange that all these people are against Christianity but they voluntarily make abstraction of homophobia in the Muslim religion and Buddhist.

    Personally, if I had to be gay, I would prefer the insults made by these hateful people claiming to be Christian rather than be lynched in a country which condemns the Act of homosexuality by the prison or worse.

    Probably that all these gay men in bars must enjoying a little bit too much of all these beautiful macho Muslims men who treat them like some easy submitted sluts?
    This is surely the reason why they do not want to ban them..

  10. 10

    lawmakers go to homo bars? I'd think that would be the last place they would want to be caught. I think that could be a deal, we'll stay out of queer bars. queers leave Christian bakers, florist, and photogs alone. deal

  11. 11

    Good one. The only people who deserves to be DISCRIMINATED are the ignorant homophobes. There must be law that would allow establishments to REFUSE SERVICES to outright imbecile bigots.

  12. Teresa Andrews says – reply to this


    I think it would be better to let them in, then take pics and put them on instagram.

  13. Fuge Chocolaté says – reply to this


    Re: Teresa Andrews – You my dear are a bully!