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New York Hipsters Are Spending THOUSANDS On Surgery To Look Cool! Find Out What They're Doing HERE!

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hipster beard facebook doodle

There are rules to follow as a hipster.

You have to drink PBR.

You have to eat locally-grown, organic food.

And while owning a three-legged dog isn’t required, they are SO in right now.

But if you’re a hipster guy, one MUST have a beard!

So what do you do if you can’t pull off some scruff because your facial hair comes in a little patchy?

Simple. Have elective surgery!

According to one New York doctor, he’s been performing "beard transplants” faster than a fixie going down Park Slope!

Guys are lining up to go under the knife of Dr. Jeffrey Epstein so that they can pull off the ultimate hipster look!

Epstein explained:

"Brooklyn is probably the nucleus of the trend, it’s the hipster ‘look’ guys want. If you have a spotty beard, and you let it grow out, it looks sloppy. [Clients] want full beards because it’s a masculine look. Beards are an important male identifier.”

Dr. Jeff says he’s been performing about two to three beard implants a week! And this procedure ain’t cheap! One of his clients paid $8,500 to get some whiskers added to his face!

Danny admits that he got the surgery in order to make a fashion statement. The newly bearded bro spilled:

"I have a baby face but now I’m able to look older. My fashion statement is a little edgy, and I do like the ‘rugged look.'”

K, well this all seems like the complete OPPOSITE of hipster culture to us! Not to mention SO unnecessary!

But whatever people want to do with their bodies is up to them! And hey, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t dig a dude with some scruff!


Sound off, Perezcious readers! Is this hipster hair trend worth it??

[Image via Facebook.]

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18 comments to “New York Hipsters Are Spending THOUSANDS On Surgery To Look Cool! Find Out What They're Doing HERE!”

  1. 1

    I'm so sick of fucking hipsters. They live in a fantasy world. they need to grow the fuck up.

  2. 2

    Oh and get the FUCK out of Brooklyn!

  3. 3

    I always thought that the ultimate desire of a man is to look attractive to other people in order to find a partner for a longer lasting relationship or just to get sex for those that can't restrain themselves. If the beard on this man on the photo is considered attractive than I think I am from another planet because I find this dude overall a most unattractive person. Especially the beard! Eek. I actually find men with beards most unattractive. I mean a three day growth is actually not bad but this fur-face is simply disgusting. In other words there are beards and there are beards and this "retro" look is lame as hell. Hipster my foot!

  4. 4

    Re: Bella2u2 – I have to agree with both of you and have no idea what PBR is, now PBJ I can relate to. And seriously someone wants to put themselves under the knife for a BEARD? As someone with serious back problems I am avoiding going under at all costs. Oh well, hopefully it is just another fad.

  5. kendra calhoun says – reply to this


    yr such an asshole!

  6. aye says – reply to this


    I think the guy looks good, not gonna lie haha. By no means do I really support cosmetic surgery, but men getting surgery for beards is just like women getting surgery for boobs, noses, and/or getting botox. Is it not a double standard that guys can't go under the knife too?!

  7. 7

    PBR is Pabst Blue Ribbon beer

  8. 8

    Ridiculous. Every time I find myself in Hipster Heaven, aka: Williamsburg, I get so frustrated with all the Hipsters. 1) They need to shower more 2) If they have that much disposable income after the ridiculously high rent they're paying (might as well just live in Manhattan) could they please throw some of it my way.

  9. wiedaads says – reply to this


    Bearded guys are gross to kiss. Like eeeew gross!

  10. james says – reply to this


    In typical current 'fashion,' the only people that find bushy beards sexy are other guys with busy beards. Much like the only people who like woman painted, plucked, and primped are other women. C'est la vie!

  11. alps says – reply to this


    anyway they have to need beard if I am wrong check my blog

  12. 4luck says – reply to this


    is that pubic hair on his face?

  13. Dan says – reply to this


    Re: 4luck – It may as well be. lol

  14. Charina says – reply to this


    I am native New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn so PLEASE, PLEASE stop saying Brooklyn when referring to hipsters! You mean Williamsburg, not Brooklyn and doesn't represent Brooklyn.

    They're transplants, Manhattan rejects who couldn't afford the city so they've come to Brooklyn and want to turn our borough into a mini-Manhattan. They're a disgusting, who doesn't bother to even wear deodorant.

  15. Lynne says – reply to this


    I personally don't get it . . . but this guy looks like 95% of the dudes in my city. Stay away from Portland, OR if you don't like beards.

  16. Daniella says – reply to this


    I know that guy in the picture above!

  17. Ry in L.A. says – reply to this


    I go to a few of the 'hipster' bars in L.A. (Silverlake/Echo Park areas) and I'm surprised by how homogenous they are, with the PBR and the facial scruff and Cosby sweaters. It's just another clique, not unlike frat boys or cheerleaders or goths. No group exists where true individuality thrives because that would go against the purpose of a "group."

  18. Lola says – reply to this


    it seems that the point of the hipster trend is to make your self the most unattractive version of yourself to prove a point lol! 2 of my cousins are rocking this look - one gave up make up and refuses to make herself pretty - the other is making herself as ugly as she can - I don't get it!