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Kim Kardashian Stormed Out Of An Austrian Ball After A Guy In Black Face Used The N-Word & Pretended To Be Kanye West!

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kim kardashian vienna operaball austria n word richard lugner storms out 500k black face uncool kris jenner

Ewww, this is just… EWWW!

If the reports coming out of Austria are accurate then we're feeling super sorry for Kim Kardashian right now because she was just victimized by some totally inappropriate behavior!

Kimmy K attended the Opera Ball at the Viennese State Opera House tonight with her date Richard Lugner — the dude apparently dropped $500K to walk around with her on his arm for an evening — but things went bad in a hurry!!!

According to reports, she stormed out of the gala when a member of the event staff approached her in the most awkward and inappropriate way we can imagine. It was a white guy wearing black face, and he came up to her pretending like he was Kim's fierce fiancé Kanye West!

Uhh, no — we think she can tell the difference!

She brushed that dirt off of her shoulder but a short time later he approached her again! This time the guy asked her to dance to a song he requested the band play — to Ni**as in Vienna!

Whoa!!!! NOT COOL!

We don't know what kind of behavior it tolerated at fancy-schmancy balls in Austria, but where we're from putting on black face and dropping N-bombs are two HUGE no-nos!! We can't believe anyone would act that way!

Between that guy's behavior and her own date's continued attempts to (allegedly) get her alone and without her security, Kim finally decided she was over trying to be Austrian Cinderella for a night!

She and Kris Jenner (above) got the heck out of that place as quickly as possible!!

Good for you, girls! No one deserves to be harassed like that!!! Not even for half a mil!!

[Image via Splash News.]

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115 comments to “Kim Kardashian Stormed Out Of An Austrian Ball After A Guy In Black Face Used The N-Word & Pretended To Be Kanye West!”

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  1. 1

    While I have no doubt they have it all on tape, I find it hard to believe that security wouldn't have this man thrown out the first time he approached her- it's obviously a ball for the entitled and I highly doubt this sort of behaviour wouldn't go unpunished.

  2. Julie says – reply to this


    If this all true then my question is why would a woman who has a new baby and is engaged go to a Ball with a man who paid her 500k to go. That seems like an escort to me. Now what happened there is horrible and the guy who acted like that should have been tossed out. Just sounds dumb in every way.

  3. 3

    Not surprised - she was a paid whore for the night. You didn't think they would just hand her $500,000, did you? What the heck is wrong with these people? All of them, the crazy guy who behaved that way, and Kim K for accepting the 'job'. Isn't she almost married, and a new mom? Just trash.

  4. LB says – reply to this


    Actually her date is the one telling media that he found HER unbelievably annoying and couldn't wait for the date to end! That is why her and her crazy Mom are trying to spin this story to make her look like a victim now when everyone knows SHE is the one that is the real problem! When will this trash realize she is just that……TRASH!

  5. 5

    Austrian opernball is well known season fest in austria, known in all european countries. Most expensive tickets cost around 20 000 euro. I hardly can imagine to happen this once with all kims security lettin it go, then again, and then her and her mother storming off. thats bullshit. This story either is fake, or they just wanted to leave so they made up a reason to do so. btw the dress kim is wearing is innapropriate to this occasion. The are very strict rules on how to dress in opernball. whoever invited this trash an d paid the money should never be alowed back to this beautiful ceremony.

  6. Sue says – reply to this


    Okay, sorry but I stopped reading after the part about the guy that spent $500k to be her date?! WTF?!

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    They have security. I call baloney. Even if *anything* like this happened, to 'storm' out instead of telling him off along with having security attend simply doesn't make sense.

  8. joe says – reply to this


    ore proof she is just a high paid hooker

  9. janie says – reply to this


    She was PAID 500grand to be his date? She is a piece of work! She agreed to be his escort, u know.. a hooker? In what world is this okay? She's engaged! The first time she actually has the baby with her and it's as a paid escort? She trying to set this precious baby up in the family business? This is despicable, even for her!

  10. 10

    She was bought and paid for as usual, she is his for the night, like any good prostitute. I didn't read where he dropped the N word, he said the name of kanyes song, if that is offensive to her, she must hate his songs. perez has made rude remarks about the women who go with this man to the ball, in the past but here it is all others fault. Once a ho always a ho.

  11. Zaina says – reply to this


    i want to pee on her.

  12. 12

    that's right take the money and run prob before she had to put out for the 500k ur time is up sweety goodbye

  13. 13

    So Australian media just had a statement from this guy saying that she was incredibly annoying and wouldn't even dance with the guy- she kept on pimping out mamma Kris to be his dance partner.

    Kim apparently would get more fun out of "watching the dancing". So if she was nowhere near the dancefloor, when exactly did this guy come up to her to dance with her?

  14. sandranicole says – reply to this


    this story is such a fake! richard ( the guy who aid her) is a 82 year old man, he said he doesnt think kim k is not his type but kris is really pretty, every year there is the same procedure for every celeb guest he buys, they arrive go for dinner next day there is a press conference an autograph signing then there is a gala dinner a photoshoot and they arrive at the ball where she has to stay till midnight ( thats about 4 hours) , Kim however ditched him on wednesday already when he waited at the restaurant for her and kris and she choose to go to a different restaurant , she left the autograph signing after 10 minutes leaving 1000send of fans disappointed, to the donner and photoshoot she didnt show up as well because she said she has to feed north ( which would be totally fine just that it took her 4 hours and that she was tweeting stuff about nyc shopping trip is well not very nice is it), then she refused to make a big entrance with richard and left the ball after 2 hours without even dancing with richard ( as discussed in her contract) , so to sum up this poor old guy just spent half a million so he can get slacked off in keeoing up with the kardashians. GREAT

  15. sandranicole says – reply to this


    Re: MadeItUp – AUSTRIA

  16. skinnykimmy says – reply to this


    will she give back the half a million? it would be a right thing to do.

  17. 17

    Re: sandranicole – No, AUSTRALIA. Where I am from has just printed a bunch of articles on it. I can't comment on AUSTRIAN media as I don't read it nor do I search for it. I can however comment on AUSTRALIAN media.

  18. sue says – reply to this


    When will those sad, sad women ever learn. KW is pathetic and so are the Kardashians. The sad thing is that people keep giving them attention!!!! The mother is the worst of them all!

  19. Lady Helen Highwater says – reply to this


    Do a slight bit of checking, and you will see that BLACKFACE is very popular in Europe
    especially Germany, since they don't have all the guilt that Americans have, they enjoy getting dressed up
    As far as him requesting a song with the N WORD, isn't that had Kanye made his MILLION $$$$$
    And last but not least, we all know she is a whore, but not worth $500,000
    closer to $5

  20. 20

    I hope that $500K went to some charity. If it didn't, then Kris Jenner is a pimp for setting her daughter up as an escort.

  21. 21

    so you can get a "date" with kim ho for a half million. lol when the john pays you kimmy you provide him with what he wants. this is the best. Kimmy the ho of the ball in Austria. just a rich old dude having some fun.

  22. 22

    the ho of the ball, thats so funny!

  23. Fakestory says – reply to this


    This story is completely made up. There was no incident like this. Instead she just broke her contract making promotion for the 81 year old guy.

  24. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: LaughingOutLoud1 – So they took the 500K and couldn't even live up to the deal and then stiffed a little 82 year old man? Wow. That's so low. If they actually took 500K she couldn't have just put on her game face and made it a nice, clean fun occasion for the old fellow?

  25. Mary says – reply to this


    She has a new baby and is engaged…she really needs to be a whore…well I guess 500,000 buys a lot of diapers and chanel..don't agree with what the guy did but she shouldn't have been there in the first place…I guess it doesn't matter how much money you have you can still be slutty trash! Stupid bitch!

  26. Dave says – reply to this


    Um…. Maybe she should make better choices and not get pregnant before she is divorced? No excuses for bad behavior. However there is no excuse for her. Is she famous? Or just someone to laugh at?

    Hahahahahaha gags

    My answer

  27. 27

    That's what happens when you let your mother pimp you out. Did you really need that money?

  28. Crystal says – reply to this


    Lesson to learn: Kim, since that word obviously offends you so greatly, and understandably, then use these experiences to try to teach Kanye to stop it's use in his music. You can't be a hypocrite. If he can use it so freely then so can anyone else. It just needs to go away. You sing along to his songs and support his career despite the fact that his music is dripping with the word. People will call North that word and maybe Kanye can be a positive force in the rap world and take a stand against it's use so that by the time his daughter is of age to be subjected to it the word and it's power will no longer be relevant.

  29. alex says – reply to this


    Re: MadeItUp – no its was in AUSTRIA, Kim K was not in AUSTRALIA. i live in Australia and it would be all over the news if she was here and its not, this is there first ive heard about this

  30. brenda says – reply to this


    I am so sick of Kim playing the Black Card it clearly has become a part of her making money off of being with a Black guy.who cares hes Black ,she is White trash who has slept her way to the top of the Black train.

  31. tacogirl says – reply to this


    HA…Why do I throughly enjoy that story….Kim Kardashian trying to be european royalty…
    give me a break. Love it.

  32. hi says – reply to this


    so she is okay with kanye having someone impersonate jesus on stage and is okay whoring herself out for $500k but can't handle that? hmmm…. drama queen

  33. RealLAgal says – reply to this


    She's pathetic. Whored out for the night and cried about it. Cries about everything. Poor her. Remember when she cried about her first bentley and was pissed at her family about it and as she stated " its a very hard car to get into" So the old dude wanted to throw her in the backseat of one. Big deal, thats what she was hired for and thats where she belongs. Her outfit is lame too. You would think with all that money she could pay someone to make her look good. If she wasnt with the other cry baby Kanye west she would have already been yesterdays news. Cant believe I just wasted 2 minutes of my life writing about this lame sauce.

  34. 34

    Re: alexRe: alex – Oh, I see why you're confused. You think I think that this happened in Australia. I can get that, some people can't read very well and it gets them all confused.

    My point was this whole incident has made the news in Australia. I was talking about an Australian news release on the whole incident. You are talking about the geographical location of the incident. Big difference.

  35. jerseylatin says – reply to this


    Re: Julie – if she were to just go to his room and have sex with him then that would make her an escort. she simply went to the ball with him. its not difference from celebrities getting paid to perform at sweet 16s

  36. Sosickofthesepeople says – reply to this


    If Kanye can throw the N word around, why is Kim so offended? She was a paid escort for goodness sake! She is just trash.

  37. Leyla says – reply to this


    It was not 500.000. She was paid 250.000 Euros.

  38. Barbara says – reply to this


    I'm sorry to admit it but I'm Austrian and this ball is because of Richard Lugner ridiculous. But he pays a lot of money to have guests like Kim Kardashian. The white guy is Oliver Pocher, a german comedian, and he is known for his inappropriate comments. This was way too far, but, sadly, I think he finds himself funny as a lot of other people.

  39. 39

    Re: Leyla – Pssst, conversion rates..

  40. Lucas says – reply to this


    Funny how her fiance has a song called N****s in Paris, yet she gets offended by someone clearly making a joking referencing to that song…. She is a despicable human being, hosting charity gigs and cashing in 90% of the proceeds herself, only donating 10% to the actual charity.. She was a paid escort to an event, yet expects to be treated like a Queen… not to mention she might wanna lay off on the plastic surgery, she looks plastic as hell.

  41. kumula says – reply to this


    This story is so fake!
    You believe Kim is a woman who keeps her contracts, but she is just a diva that has no work ethic. She should be thankful that she was even invited to this ball. So unappreciative and stupid!
    I used to like her but now I am just disgusted by her behaviour.

  42. annalena says – reply to this


    Thats totally wrong!! I am from Austria and that guy who was dressed as kanye NEVER used the N word it was a german celebrity who said that in an interview and Kim didnt get 500K she got 250K!! Write true stories or no stories, stupid journalists!! You better ask before you type down such bullshit!

  43. victoria says – reply to this


    this "white guy with a blackface" was actually a german comedian that is known for those kind of jokes. I'm in no way defending his racist jokes because in my eyes there is really nothing funny about it, but he was surly not harassing her! He was a guest of richard lugner like she was and this whole story is very blown up. He was just making jokes and fun of kanye, thats all.

  44. lenny the shampoo says – reply to this


    So fuckin funny! I hope this happens to the Kardashians forever,

  45. A Pap says – reply to this


    Oh Please, when will you lot learn? If its ONLY Kim or Kanye pulling a race card then it isn't true, its an excuse!! When there are OTHER witnesses, then believe it. Again, there are no other witnesses, the same as the boy Kanye hit - no witnesses. And why wear a skirt that clearly shows your granny pants? Seeing is believing, if no one else didn't see it, its not true. You can see her big panties though

  46. pagerst says – reply to this


    This is Europe where im from btw. We dont play with your American double Standards . Her Fiance is using the N Word in allmost every Song , he called himself a N Word he called others the N Word and still those people get Angry every Time someone not black say it . American Logic !

  47. apap says – reply to this


    Re: pagerst – Agree - The pot black kettle calling ; Americans fools of making themselves - rearrange in the correct order!

  48. jake says – reply to this


    The guy who made the joke that the orchestra should Play 'N. in Vienna' was Oliver Pocher, one of the best known german comedians. He said this in an interview he made together with the kadashians. He spent the night together with them because he was also a guest of Richard Lugner.
    The guy with the black face was also a comedian, Chris Stephan, who is working for austian Puls-tv broadcasting. He is famous for such behaviour..

  49. 49

    His name is Oliver Pocher and he's a German comedian. People like or hate him …

  50. izbiz says – reply to this


    Just to clear this up: I'm Austrian and this guy who paid her does this every year. The last years, he had invited Paris Hilton, Berlusconi's prostitute etc. Not really high class celebs and role models. In our country he's just a very old, creepy guy with very irrational ideas and no one takes him seriously (believe me). Then the other guy who insulted her? Guess what, no one likes this douche either. He's just a small commentator from a local tv station and annoying as hell. Let's just say, we want him as much deported as you want Bieber deported. And no one in this country with an actual brain would insult someone because of their ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. People that do that are just jokes. Hope I made myself clear and my country seems at least a little less shameful now :)

  51. Thaye says – reply to this


    Re: MadeItUp
    @MadeItUp, I understand, but speaking as an Austrian guy myself, people from abroad mix up "Austria" with "Australia" often, so we can be oversensitive about it. Sandranicole must have thought you had made that mistake too when you wrote "Australian".

  52. Thaye says – reply to this


    Kim's dress was inappropriate for the event. It's a traditional ball that demands ball gowns with class, which she apparently didn't realize.
    I blame Richard Lugner. He's a joke in Austria, really. He only damages the ball's reputation with the guests he brings every year. They NEVER are the kind of guests you would appreciate seeing at an event like this and would add to its appeal with their good name.

  53. Franz says – reply to this


    Bitte, Kim, scheiß die amoi net so on.

  54. julia says – reply to this


    Richard Lugner is known for bringing "stars" as his guest to the Opera ball - most of these stars have a strange reputation (sex tapes, scandal in Italy,..) and he himselfs loves to get attention about his guests. He isn't the most honest guy and makes up a lot of "drama" BUT Kim did agree to do a autogramm session, have dinner and spend an evening at this prestigous ball (as a guest!) and she did not hold up her promises. This ball is very special and very expensive and people from all over the world audition to be part in the opening ceremony. It's a pity that our traditional ball gets such a reputation.

  55. PlayTheRole says – reply to this


    Well… I understand the black painted face is rude and racist, but I'm pretty sure her security could have taken care of that… and using one of Kanyes song titles as a joke, how is that offensive?
    here in Vienna everyone knows whoever goes to 'Opernball' with Lugner (the guy who paid her) is bound to be annoyed by him… the guy has a terrible reality show regularly looks for young women to date and has no shame whatsoever, I don't think he knows what embarrassed means. It embarrasses me to know we're from the same country, I think he spoils the event every year, because all you read about is whatever tasteless thing he's done. A few years back they actually considered banning him from the ball, they should have

  56. ViennaGirl says – reply to this


    For the record she was not his escort or anything similar! Richard Lugner invites celebs to our ball every year so they will promote for his mall(lugner city) and will make him maybe a bit famous. They sign a contract because it's a business thing and not a hooker thing! And honestly your beloved Kim is a bigger diva than Paris Hilton! She was here last year and although she was also hard to handle she had way more manners than Kim! And the guy that said the N-word was not that guy who had painted his face black, it was the German comedian- Oliver Pocher who asked her(as a joke) if she would dance with this guy if they would play the song Ni**ers in Vienna( referring to Kaynes song Ni**as in Paris)! Honestly if she wouldn't have been such a pain in the ass they wouldn't have made fun of her!

  57. Saem says – reply to this


    Re: MadeItUp – no kangaroos in AUSTRIA

  58. Brooksie1 says – reply to this


    Kanye uses the "N" word ALL THE TIME in his music. You can't have it both ways Kimmie dear!

  59. Brooksie1 says – reply to this

  60. Jenn says – reply to this


    Re: jerseylatin – Not all escorts has sex with the men that hire them, they are paid to be dates, hence the term escort being used instead of prostitute…

  61. sarah says – reply to this


    HA haha i can't believe they allowed this story to be published. it is Kim admitting to being an escort essentially? he paid you half a million dollars and you didn't think he would try to get you alone? hello.. that is the freaking escort business WOMAN! people don't pay to date you and not want some perks from it… is it respectable, or decent… NO but there is no reason she had to agree

  62. Chili says – reply to this


    Re: Mary – Lol, little 82 year old man. Richard Lugner is a rich-as-fuck laughing stock and gets more embarrassing for this country every damn year. He gets everything he wants cause he's richer than the country of Ireland and I don't even wanna know how many people he screwed over to get this far.
    I don't have an opinion on Kim Kardashian because I'm not interested in IT-girls, but if she took his 500k and stood him up on top of it, then you go girl!

  63. 63

    The white guy with the black face was an Austrian comedian, but the guy who said the N-word was a german comedian … both not really funny and I'm more than upset that they did these things on a ball like the opera ball :(
    Oh and btw. KK is not the first celebrity Richard Lugner invited to the opera ball. There have been many others like

    1992 Harry Belafonte
    1993 Joan Collins
    1994 Ivana Trump
    1995 Sophia Loren
    1996 Grace Jones
    1997 Sarah Ferguson
    1998 Raquel Welch
    1999 Faye Dunaway
    2000 Jacqueline Bisset, Nadja Abd el Farrag
    2001 Farrah Fawcett
    2002 Claudia Cardinale
    2003 Pamela Anderson
    2004 Andie MacDowell
    2005 Geri Halliwell
    2006 Carmen Electra
    2007 Paris Hilton
    2008 Dita Von Teese
    2009 Nicollette Sheridan
    2010 Dieter Bohlen
    2011 Karima el-Mahroug, Larry Hagman, Zachi Noy
    2012 Brigitte Nielsen, Roger Moore
    2013 Mira Sorvino, Gina Lollobrigida
    2014 Kim Kardashian

    so each of them is a h? Sorry, but Richard Lugner is a businessman who invites this celebrities to the ball because they are the best publicity he can get!

  64. 64

    The white guy with the black face was an Austrian comedian, but the guy who said the N-word was a german comedian … both not really funny and I'm more than upset that they did these things on a ball like the opera ball :(
    Oh and btw. KK is not the first celebrity Richard Lugner invited to the opera ball. There have been many others like

    1992 Harry Belafonte
    1993 Joan Collins
    1994 Ivana Trump
    1995 Sophia Loren
    1996 Grace Jones
    1997 Sarah Ferguson
    1998 Raquel Welch
    1999 Faye Dunaway
    2000 Jacqueline Bisset, Nadja Abd el Farrag
    2001 Farrah Fawcett
    2002 Claudia Cardinale
    2003 Pamela Anderson
    2004 Andie MacDowell
    2005 Geri Halliwell
    2006 Carmen Electra
    2007 Paris Hilton
    2008 Dita Von Teese
    2009 Nicollette Sheridan
    2010 Dieter Bohlen
    2011 Karima el-Mahroug, Larry Hagman, Zachi Noy
    2012 Brigitte Nielsen, Roger Moore
    2013 Mira Sorvino, Gina Lollobrigida
    2014 Kim Kardashian

    so each of them is a h? Richard Lugner is a businessman and he invites this celebrities because thats the best publicity he can get!

  65. 65

    Re: Divianchen – sorry for the double post :/

  66. irvinegirl says – reply to this


    Oh Kimmy, did the "bad man" hurt your feelings? Puhleez girl, grow the hell up. Are you that sensitive that a man in black face would hurt you so much you have to leave an even for which you are being paid huge money? Such a loser. And Kris, you hair looks ridiculous!!!!!!

  67. Sara says – reply to this


    This isn't a dirty club in LA. This is the Vienna Opera Ball. It's high society hob nobbing and cheering each other over how great they are. I would believe the story if it was someo old fuddy duddy so drunk their racist side came out. But an usher? Someone that works there getting paid pennies? A worker took the time to facepaint his face and find her in that huge music hall just to make fun of Kanye? Don't think so.

  68. sara says – reply to this


    The staff doesn't get to party with the rich important folks. Total lie.

  69. Helge says – reply to this


    I hope she's running away so fast and far, so she never find back to Austria!
    We have Bitches enough and don't need imported ones!

  70. The Kid says – reply to this


    What's backwards is pretending that Kanye using the word n*ggas in his music means that whites are right in using the term. Newsflash, whites made up the word n*ggers, not from black people. That word NEVER went away, and it was NEVER determined by rather a black person used a derivation of the term or not. You people are backwards.

  71. The Kid says – reply to this


    So now Kim can't leave because someone put on black face after someone else was talking about nigg*s in Paris because Kanye uses the word n*gga and it's backwards? What's backwards is that white people made up the term n*gger, it never stopped and it has nothing to do with any morphology of the word that is used in a rap song. There is not justification for it. The real question is, why would you want to use the term if you're white? That's bizarre.

  72. vc blackwell says – reply to this


    I find it amusing that KIM & Co. would think they would be above a possible stunt from Lugner, who has pulled them in the past. PMK was purring with contentment when she thought she was rubbing elbows with the high and mighty…only to discover he's as classless as they are. Kim was willing to grin and bear the insults till she felt she stayed long enough to collect her pay. Why feign offense at a word Kanye uses in every rap and most conversations? And finally. although I do hate using the tired "pot meet kettle", Perez saying "where we're from, putting on a black face & using the n word is a big no-no", really was the icing on the cake. Where does he think they learned that from???

  73. rainc says – reply to this


    Come on!! She's a hooker it's well known..u think that milkshake guy was paying her that much money for her wholesome image lmfao..Damn Kanye at least amber kept it real

  74. Melissa Brickman says – reply to this


    I am by no means a fan of Kim or her Family. They are absolutely a no go in my book the way they lead their lives. I am a US citizen living in Austria and can say that it is totally unacceptable what Oliver Pocher and Christian Stephan did to her. They are both the greatest idiots u can imagine. And yes, it is ashaming that the Austria Opera Ball let Christian Stephan in! Austria is still not sensitive enough in this subject!

  75. Trisha says – reply to this


    Paid to be his date? I liken that to prostitution.

  76. 76

    Too trashy for the opera circuit!Honey Opera is not Rap

  77. steh-fan says – reply to this


    Haha, this article doesn't get what really happened.
    The guy was not member of the stuff, it was a well-known comedian.
    Too bad Kim has no good humor, and has double-standards.
    What was the song of her husband again, 'Ni**as in Paris'?

  78. apple says – reply to this


    Winston Churchill: "Madame, we've already established [what you are]; now we're just haggling about the price."

    that says it all.

    kayne, you whore the mother of your child.

  79. sotiredofit says – reply to this


    It's so scary that so many people all over the world have no moral compass! Whatever is in your heart will come out of your mouth! I wonder if they felt relieved after dumping all that poison on Kim.

  80. sd says – reply to this


    Shame on kanye for allowing her to sell herself as someone's date. I love Kim but this time I agree with haters. 500k… did you think he wasn't going to hit on you all night?!?!? Men don't pay that much for nothing. Use ur brain. Your a mom… don't sell ur body for 500k.

  81. Annie B says – reply to this


    Big deal Kanye and lots of rappers use that horrible word all the time.

  82. cha cha says – reply to this


    I lived for 8 years in Berlin and I came across similar attitudes and behaviours in that region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland..) of course not everyone was ignorant like this but the problem is the ones who were didn't even consider their racist ignorant behaviour to be even remotely off putting. Doesn't surprise me, poor Kim!!

  83. nic says – reply to this


    Just to let you know

    Austria ist not Australia
    Austria = Europe
    Australia = a little bit more south

  84. What really happened says – reply to this


    The one with the colored face and the one will with the joke were two different guys who had nothing to do with each other.

    The second one is a German comedian (He's known here for his annoying remarks) He was asked if he and Kim will share a dance an he replied they will if the band plays the song N**** in Vienna. This was not a racist comment but a reference to Kanye Wests song N*** in Paris and the fact tha the event to place in Vienna.

  85. Jeff says – reply to this


    You know the old saying, Even bad publicity is good publicity.
    Anything to get her name in the tabloids.
    BTW, Why cares?
    And what is it exactly that she does to be so famous? Nothing. She is just another one of these Hollywood inflated nobodies.
    And Kaine West's music sucks.

  86. Greta says – reply to this


    Re: MadeItUp – The real scandal is her dress. How dare she wearing a Nazi symbol on her chest!!!!!! In Austria!!!! Extremely inappropriate and insulting dress choice.

  87. Blah!!! says – reply to this


    If black people are getting offended that someone painted their face black then they need to get over themselves and shut the hell up with the racism card. Sure they love using the racism card allot but yet when something like WHITE CHICKS was made, two black guys going undercover as white girls, no one says anything coz its funny…. boohoo go have a fat cry in the corner. If the tables were turned, it wouldn't be as much of a big deal as it is when a white guy does it! But also yet Chris rock and other black comedians can make white jokes and is considered funny…. please get over yourself people. Black people need to stop using the racism card to get sympathy….

  88. austrian girl says – reply to this


    <– he is the idiot !!!

  89. austrian girl says – reply to this


    oliver pocher !!! <– he is the idiot!

  90. Roboter Roberto says – reply to this


    Oliver Pocher is an idiot. See:

  91. Roboter Roberto says – reply to this



  92. yesman says – reply to this


    Re: joe – YES!

  93. tom tomson says – reply to this


    Slight correction: The guy in the blackface was not the same guy who made the "N…z in Vienna" comment.
    The blackface guy is an Austrian news reporter called Chris Stephan.
    The "N…z in Vienna" comment was not made by him.
    That comment was made by German comedian Oliver Pocher.

  94. 94

    This man is a German comedian. Many Germans are ashamed of him. He loves to make jokes at the expense of others and likes hisselve in that role. Many Germans have therefore seen enough of "Oliver Pocher," not only because of his incredible "jokes".

  95. EILEE says – reply to this


    Please answer this question
    Why does an engaged girl go out on a date with a 90 year old Austrian
    Hose bag low life hard up loser.

  96. 96

    You Americans are so sensitive to racism thats ridiculous.
    In Germany there we laugh about that.
    No one cares when you make jokes about white people but if its a black victim its promptly racism?!
    You are ridiculous!

  97. 97

    As a Viennese woman who lives 40 min away from the Opera House, let me clear this up as you all seem so confused about the story.
    Kim Kardashian was paid 350k $ (not 500k!) because, every year, the host invites one international superstar to accompany him to the widely acknowledged "Opernball" (not because he is a creep, but because more people will watch the old-fashioned spectacle if there's a star guest, hint hint). Over the past years, legends such as Sophia Loren, Grace Jones, Joan Collins or not-so-much-legends such as Paris Hilton or Pamela Anderson have made an appearance so far. No, Kim was not booked as a whore, you guys are cute.
    And last but not least, YES, there was a white guy who said "we are waiting for Ni**as in Vienna" during an interview standing next to Kim. However, this man is a German comedian, who is pretty much famous for his bad sense of humor, indeed. In no way did he intend to sound racist nor disrespectful towards Kim Kardashian. Racism like you are used to it in the US does not exist over here!! It was a (bad) joke gone wrong. Plus, just imagine a little comedian standing next to Kim Kardashian trying to say SOMETHING funny just to push his already huge ego. I bet that's a lot of pressure for a local celebrity. This incident is taken completely out of proportion. And Kim and Kris were supposed to leave after the interview anyway, the comment was certainly not the cause.

  98. Manfred says – reply to this


    it really happened that way..every year a couple of problem makers manage to get in and do this to Richard lugner and his guests - for a good reason .. Vienna Opernball is a class act actually and since a few years now there are some guests who gets invited by lugner who dosent fit in anyway to the Ball and it´s long tradition.so there are a few people who tries to target lugner´s guests.. that´s alll.by the way Perez ,poor Kim was in the wrong place and just found out what she´s really worth , that´s all,:-))

    Guy Richard Lugner is a stupid but rich guy who has been inviting a media celeb every year, in the past he had class and taste , Sophia loren , Roger moore , Grace johnes ect…
    nowadays he´s old and became a pervert inviting porno celebs like paris hilton and kim etcc..

  99. 99

    either way how it went down, she was a paid escort along with baby north. if I was kayne, I'd be humiliated. let kim and kris learn the culture of other countries. they were guests there and had no right except to respect Austria. shame on them. hey kim,

  100. amidufou says – reply to this


    Ever heard of irony, satire, pun, sarcasm? I'd rather be joking at someome instead of Zimmermaning him and getting away with it. Bloody hell, and you want to be the number one all over the world. Pathetic hypocrits, that's what too many of you Americans are. Yanks go home.

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