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Kim Kardashian Stormed Out Of An Austrian Ball After A Guy In Black Face Used The N-Word & Pretended To Be Kanye West!

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Ewww, this is just… EWWW!

If the reports coming out of Austria are accurate then we're feeling super sorry for Kim Kardashian right now because she was just victimized by some totally inappropriate behavior!

Kimmy K attended the Opera Ball at the Viennese State Opera House tonight with her date Richard Lugner — the dude apparently dropped $500K to walk around with her on his arm for an evening — but things went bad in a hurry!!!

According to reports, she stormed out of the gala when a member of the event staff approached her in the most awkward and inappropriate way we can imagine. It was a white guy wearing black face, and he came up to her pretending like he was Kim's fierce fiancé Kanye West!

Uhh, no — we think she can tell the difference!

She brushed that dirt off of her shoulder but a short time later he approached her again! This time the guy asked her to dance to a song he requested the band play — to Ni**as in Vienna!

Whoa!!!! NOT COOL!

We don't know what kind of behavior it tolerated at fancy-schmancy balls in Austria, but where we're from putting on black face and dropping N-bombs are two HUGE no-nos!! We can't believe anyone would act that way!

Between that guy's behavior and her own date's continued attempts to (allegedly) get her alone and without her security, Kim finally decided she was over trying to be Austrian Cinderella for a night!

She and Kris Jenner (above) got the heck out of that place as quickly as possible!!

Good for you, girls! No one deserves to be harassed like that!!! Not even for half a mil!!

[Image via Splash News.]

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115 comments to “Kim Kardashian Stormed Out Of An Austrian Ball After A Guy In Black Face Used The N-Word & Pretended To Be Kanye West!”

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  1. Richard says – reply to this


    How could a white guy immitate Kanye without changing his skin colour?

  2. 102

    Really NO ONE in Europe taketh someone like Kim Kardashian serious. I mean u can buy her! For 500k! And u american always think u have eaten the wisdom with spoons! Someone hold a mirror up to her - and she did not like it! That´s it! Deal with it America!

  3. schera says – reply to this


    I really don't understand why you guys are making such a fuss about that. First consider, that Kim Kardashian is on the other side of the planet and that something that might be racist in the USA might not be racist here. In fact it is not considered to be racist to paint your face black - especially not, if you are a comedian dressing up as Kanye West - a guy with a white face would not really pass as Kanye West, would he?
    And the N-Word? In every second US movie I hear the N-word (as well as lots of f-words)! And if anybody didn't know yet: Kanye made a song called "Ni**as In Paris"… so changing that to "Ni**as In Vienna" might have been a bad joke, but it sure was not intended to be racist.

  4. The Swiss says – reply to this


    Haha! You Americans simply don't get it… OK, it was a bad German comedian making a bad appearance, BUT he was only referring to her husband's song title Ni**as in Paris. So if KW uses that term it is politically correct, or what? This kind of finger-pointing double-moral and hypocritical behavior is not so much appreciated in Europe…

  5. Kiss the Swiss says – reply to this


    Haha! You Americans simply don't get it… Yes, ok, it was a bad German comedian making a bad appearance, BUT he was only joking and referring to her husband's song title Ni**as in Paris. So if KW uses that term it is politically correct, or what? Guys - applying these kinds of finger-pointing double standards and showing such a hypocritical behavior is not so much appreciated in Europe… Needless to say that a so called It Girl like KK should not be granted access to a classy event like the Vienna Opera Ball!

  6. Dansatchicago says – reply to this


    I think she lacks what we might see know as culture as do other people. From the video where the guy said the n-word, you can clearly see that he is referring to a song that kanye and j-zay wrote called n-words in Paris but he took it to refer to the place where he is from. The black face was a bit too much but European culture is much different than American culture and each culture has it's own limits and we have to understand that difference.
    But kim k is not so bright to see this and her mom is just the same…

  7. julee says – reply to this


    I am Austrian and i am following the operaball every year and i think some facts need to be explained: Kimmy K was invited by an austrian business man who buys every year a celebrity to go with him to the ball to get publicity for his company.The guy that "harassed" her is an austrian comedian and TV host who every year dresses up as an acquaintance of the celebrity Lugner invites.For example one of the last guests Lugner invited was the italian call girl Rubey Rubacuori and the comedian dressed up as Silvio Berlusconi to get her attention and an interview.So he didnt dress up as Kims husband because he is a racist but because he dresses up every year as a person the celebrity knows.

  8. julee says – reply to this


    Before the ball Kim had signed a contract with Lugner to appear at different pr events for example at a dinner with Richard Lugner which she skipped and said that she couldnt come because her mum was upset because somebody stole something out of her suitcase.But in fact they went alone to an austrian restaurant because they didnt want to spend time with Lugner. At the traditional press conference at Lugners shopping mall l she left after 5 minutes ,allthough she was supposed to sit there for an hour to sign autographs.So that she left the ball early wasnt really a surpise after she skipped almost all appointments with Lugner or left them early simply because she realized that its not so much fun to be the puppet for a rich guy.I hardly can believe that she left the ball because of a racist attack…sounds a lot like an excuse…

  9. Alexandra says – reply to this


    That guy with the blackface is called "Oliver Pocher" and is a German comedian. Us Austrian were very upset about his behaviour and are sorry, that this happened :-(

  10. 32514 says – reply to this


    They have made their fortunes on exploitation of the United States media. They are in an abundant fiscal position because of this. They have showed only defiance and belligerence whenever questioned on their motives, or even called on actions. The response is, instead, another half naked media image of one of their daughters. A racist remark is never qualified in it's stupidity, but these are not respectable Americans. The culture in Europe is different for people who live an "alternate" moral or taste code. They often get slugged because it is "supposed" that they are thick skinned libertines. No Kardashian has the right to call foul in terms of media/public taste. It just isn't their type of "pop culture" power to be respectable. God help us all.

  11. 32514 says – reply to this


    They've caused so much distaste within our own culture and media (American) that it would have shocked no one if it was meant as an insult. There is not much "sacred" left about this family. They are now dying, thank God! So thank you for educating us on a cultural difference. Hopefully, we can find a way to "connect the divide" without insulting each other, however. If we were friends, our options would be much wider. Hanging around an insuring each other on line is a "mud fight" that will, ultimately, be fruitless. Kardashians aside - as they should be.

  12. missy says – reply to this


    ummm..she was paid 500000 to be an ESCORT..why isn't THAT the story??? isn't she a Mom and fiancé??? what kind of person gets paid for a date????? A _______!!!

  13. Brklyn says – reply to this


    Act like a hoe you'll be treated like one.

  14. Mich says – reply to this


    Re: LB – Sorry but watch the show and shut the fuck up, the guy was a bitch the whole time.

  15. Susan says – reply to this


    Listen, when someone pays you a half a million dollars to go on a date, that is considered at best an escort or worse a prostitute. Why when she has a fiance and a child would she agree to go anywhere for any amount of money with a date. The Kardashians are so money hungry, I actually don't feel sorry for her at all. Frankly she got what she deserved, not saying the blackface was ok, but being treated like the guy paid for her? oh I forgot he did. So Kris who gets ten percent of that, and Kim need to be a lot more picky about what they say yes to. If they were smart, they could invest what they have made, and live off of it for the rest of their lives very comfortably. No one needs mansions, no one needs six luxury cars, they are disgusting.

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