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Oooooooh! It is SO on! We had speculated that the snippet of Chris Brown's newest song Blue Roses featured none other than Ariana Grande, but the tiny s… Read more…

24 comments to “It's Happening! Here's Picture Proof That Ariana Grande & Chris Brown Are Up To Something! (Something That Involves Her Leg Wrapped Around Him!)”

  1. 1

    Oh, this little twerp has a problem with people eating meat and milk, but she can dance with a guy who beats his girlfriends? Oh, she's a real winner.

  2. Audrizzo says – reply to this


    I hope Chris beats her up

  3. Lizzy says – reply to this


    Ariana is hyper talented. An extraordinary voice, a talented actress, a beautiful dancer. This girl can do anything!

  4. mike says – reply to this


    Everything? Can she skydive? Can she join the marines or find a cure for cancer? No? She's just like any other teenybopper spawned from the left side of what remains of the "music" industry.

  5. Strangeasitmay says – reply to this


    She did say she wants to make her ass clap, so I'm assuming Chris Brown is going to help her out in that department. He's going to destroy that.

  6. roxy says – reply to this


    She is short, looks like a kid playing grown up, but she acts mature and that is what counts. It seems their collab is going good. I am glad for Chris.

  7. stfu says – reply to this


    Re: stefystef – stfu, you're a real winner for dissing her. grow the fuck up

  8. stfu says – reply to this


    Re: Audrizzo – stfu, I hope God sends you to hell for saying that

  9. Destinie Brown says – reply to this


    Re: stefystef – "Twerp" dafuck?… She does not have a problem with OTHER PEOPLE eating meat and drinking milk (her mother, brother and even her bff's aren't vegans). It is just Ariana's personal choice but your acting like your suppose to take some sort of offence. It's not about you she just doesn't' like it. Get over it and grow up!

  10. 10

    Ariana Grande needs a new manager. Who told her collaborating with Chris Brown would be good for her career? She's going to alienate fans who don't think woman beating is OK. Rubbing up against Chris Brown doesn't clean up his image, his dirt just rubs off on her.

  11. Anon says – reply to this


    Re: Audrizzo – That's fucking messed up. She's done nothing bad to get beat up.

  12. Anon says – reply to this


    Just because Chris Brown beat Rihanna, doesn't mean he's a threat to ALL GIRLS… -.-

  13. 13

    God doesn't exist so we won't have to worry about me being "sent to Hell"

  14. 14

    And yeah. Chris is a threat to all women. You want proof? Look on the side of the page in the latest news. Wow, right? You're welcome, Lol

  15. 15

    Re: Anon – Yep. He is

  16. 16

    Re: stfu – God? What God?

  17. Me says – reply to this


    Re: Audrizzo – What has she ever done to you to say that she deserve to get beaten? Or is just saying it to get attention around here?

  18. burn suckers!! says – reply to this


    Re: Audrizzo – The real question you should ask about God should be: If God exists, why would he want to make themselves known by a blasphemer such as me?

    If you think Chris Brown does not deserve forgiveness for his past mistakes, then why a being perfect as God should worry about an ungrateful as you?

    You give the answers to all these questions without even there have searched for! You are unworthy of the perfect presence of the Eternal God. Eternity, a concept that is beyond your capabilities limited human, weak, capricious, a coward and rotten to the core & soul.

  19. Ariana lover says – reply to this


    I hate these people who are hating on Ariana. She's not like Miley or anything she is a really pretty and nice girl.

  20. 20

    They are up to do a music video don't be f**king thinking wrong guys read closely.

  21. THE GOD says – reply to this


    If Chris beats here up, he is fkn done. imma come straight for u boy

  22. I TRIPLE DARE YOU says – reply to this



  23. john says – reply to this


    he grabbed her boob at wango tango lol

  24. Elhana Kelly says – reply to this


    6 months of ballet training numerous years ago does not make you a dancer. At. All. Super-fans of Ariana wonder why dancers like myself are so upset by this picture, and the reason is because she is obviously not ready to be en pointe. Pointe takes years of training, and cannot be picked up in a matter of weeks It requires tons of toe, ankle, foot, and leg strength that one can not acquire overnight. Nor can you learn the technique in 24 hours. Her foortis sickled, and not pointed. Silly picture or not, this is potentially dangerous, and quite upsetting to dancers who have trained for years to learn the art of ballet.